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  1. That 3-day weekend went away too fast. I don't wanna go to sleep.


    But I will. See y'all in the mornin'!

  2. Aurora Wolf

    Thoughts on Spike's Love of Rarity?

    For all we know, Rarity could be as old as Spike's mother, lol. But yeah, I think Spike will eventually lose the crush, but even when or if that happens, I think the two can still be "just friends."
  3. Boy. Next time I catch my fiancée in my sights, I want to give him a titanic bear hug.

  4. (Yawn) Morning,everypony!

  5. I think I'll just call it a night here. See y'all in the morning!

  6. Aurora Wolf

    Twilight Sparkle/Sci-Twi Fan Club

    I wonder if Twilight Sparkle knows how beautiful she is? And why haven't they given her a coltfriend? She's just too beautiful not to have one.
  7. Aurora Wolf

    Hey, Everypony!

    Hi there! Welcome to the forums. I don't mean to be rude, but I think I recall seeing some of your posts while lurking MLP Forums during my spare time, and it seems you and my fiancée get along splendidly. Of course, I don't know everything about what friends he's made over there yet.
  8. Aurora Wolf

    The Bomb

    Ten Seconds Timer: 980
  9. Aurora Wolf

    What's up, docs?

    Welcome to the forums, Ribbon.
  10. Aurora Wolf


    Memes? Oh dear. My fiancée STILL uses CDi Zelda, Hotel Mario, and even some memes like "NO SOUP FOR YOU!" or "That's a paddlin'" from time to time.
  11. Aurora Wolf

    Brony Muscians you don't listen to anymore?

    I'm still subscribed to Black Gryph0n, but I haven't listened to him in months because his channel's been pretty quiet lately. Is he all right?
  12. (Yawn) Mornin' everypony! How are y'all this fine Sunday mornin'?

  13. Aurora Wolf

    New To This Forum

    Welcome aboard, fellow photography enthusiast!
  14. Aurora Wolf

    The Baseball Thread

    Nothing, really. I was just REALLY HOPING that my fiancée would support the Dodgers just for me. Turns out he's pretty stubborn about the American League and their precious Designated Hitters. He's still in my heart though.