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    Brony Rappers

    The Brony fandom used to have well developed rap scene with everything what can be named as a "rap game" like collabs, disses, references, rap battles, cyphers etc. In this thread I want to create the list of all (or at least most of) known Brony rappers and bands with putting them into the categories like active, inactive, active outside the fandom etc. First of all, I'm doing it for the archival purposes. It's much easier to look for deleted songs when you know the names, and secondly - I count that some of you may have songs from guys marked as "inactive" and you will put download links here Active rappers: I Bring Da LULZ FenPony Melody Sky FritzyBeat Versal Rapper Silver Note Vylet Pony Kyunn Kinryoku Wootmaster MC-Arch Staccato Flame Forever Freest N.Hollow Active bands: Perfecta Inactive rappers: Mic The Microphone Yelling At Cats TheGrassSaysMooo / Disjointed Nicis / Nicisflee ImDaManeMan / Da Mane / Da Mane Man / D.Range MAlevolence / DamnLaNeve Biscayne Sickness Sylvir Innate Schism Divine Arkane Syd3r Discorded Assassin Windchill Drowning in Footwear Pogosama Kryptage / MovieMajic Dubious Trance Ty Trance Swagicorn Flutter Bully RLYoshi / Pop Filter Koroshi-Ya Meelz Calamity BronyMike Mr. GuyWithHair DJnickbeta prisonfishy / PRiSON Swagberg (Non-Brony, but made one of the most important pony rap songs - Pony Swag) Maros ProjectFailSing Kushy Kallous FL Brony Chyllin Flows Verbal DaWillstanator Kommander Khaos Blitz Colour Blitz ZDdoesMC Little Philly MC MC Mane / Mane (Official) Steven A.D. 2 Hoovez Aoshi den Big Berd Colt45BronyEmcee DigiBrony F3nning Freewave IAmSwagg007 Temporal Walker Rustage / The Dumplingz / Pipsqueak Lightning Charger MeGustaPony RainbowRapper Evdog Bottler Lorentz IdLike2BeATree / Treestyler Shwabadi Soul Tension Sprocket TehFourteenth Mischief Max Id Obelus Purple Brony Mysterious Bronie Koltunn FIReNVY 3ternal Lava Lectrode Bosko / Dawn Blush Dzyogas Skye Aurianas Level None Nocte Ensis Rhytmic Kiboh Noize Cyril The Wolf / Cyril Rufus Nexgen RealtremilCH2 ΛUTOMΛTIC JΛCK Gryfinz Clavi / ClaviSound / MC Clavi / Equestrian Threat Dash-N Sights Unseen Projekt Equestria (Non-English) Bejeden (Non-English) Rhyme Flow / MC Flowny Ibeabronyrapper / IbeConCept Buffalo Brony / Albatross / Arc of Albatross Inactive bands: Madhouse For Equines Official KOCE KOLT (collective) Think Optimistically Fractured Elements Twenty Ten KPRRadio Rappers active outside the fandom: TheGrassSaysMooo / Disjointed ---> Disjointed ImDaManeMan / Da Mane / D.Range ---> Sin7ven Nicis / Nicisflee ---> The Loon Goon Little Philly MC ---> Mawthra Rustage / The Dumplingz ---> Rustage Drowning in Footwear ---> Endless Jess Shwabadi Dzyogas ---> karnival Sickness ---> as a part of Midwives of Discord Steven A.D. Bands active outside the fandom: Madhouse For Equines ---> Boomslang Crew (with Mawthra instead of MAlevolence)