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  1. KyoKusagani1999

    your favrite n 64 game

    Without a doubt, F-Zero X. The adrenaline rush of going 3000 Miles Per Hour, the memorable cast of characters, the heavy metal soundtrack that I still bang my beak to ! AND THE GREATEST CAPTAIN YOU COULD ASK FOR, the mighty CAPTAIN FALCON ! Show me your moves !
  2. KyoKusagani1999

    S6 - Episode 18 - Discussion

    Having been a gamer ever since I picked up an NES controller at the wee age of 3, I can speak for the entire ESports scene in general when it comes to this episode's dilemma. NOT EVERYONE was meant to dig into bags of Doritos and glug down the Mountain Dew in the name of Major League Gaming, let alone up on a podium with some of the all time greats of Starcraft, HOWEVER, as long as you ENJOY playing video games, that's really all that matters in the end ! I enjoy the rush of a ranked Street Fighter match, however, that's not everybody's cup of tea, and I accept that. It should be a good reminder for everyone regardless despite your choice of game. Heck, I enjoy Starcraft and Warcraft, even though I completely suck at strategy games. I play both games I'm good at, such as Call of Duty, AND experiment with genres I'm not too familiar with, and that's the way I like it most ! Pretty decent episode all in all, I look forward to reading the rest of the reactions.
  3. KyoKusagani1999

    Princess Celestia

    Princess Celestia has come a REALLY long way since she was first introduced as the "Picture Perfect Pony" the target demographic was supposed to idolize strictly for being pretty.. but as soon as "The Best Night Ever" aired, we STARTED to realize she wasn't all that was cracked up to be.... It would take a while for her character to develop further, but starting from Season 4 onward ON TOP of her developments in the IDW comics, Celestia isn't even CLOSE to being as boring as we made her out to be in the past ! She's a kind and reasonable ruler that nurtures her subjects and protects her kingdom NOT with war, but with diplomacy. I'd say that's a positive role model that goes way beyond being "Lawlz, Trollestia" or heaven forbid an old-school Disney Princess.
  4. KyoKusagani1999

    I'm new and confused! (HALP)

    Your Post count is what determines your rank on most forums, and this one is no exception. HOWEVER, don't go ahead and get the idea that low quality posts will give you a reputation around here. Good, well-thought out and informative posts are what gets you liked around here. WELCOME to the forums, I hope you enjoy your stay, and make lots of new friends along the way !
  5. KyoKusagani1999

    Cancelled games you wished happened

    Dinosaur Planet for Nintendo 64 would have been quite the escapade from Rareware as another strong title in their lineup of legendary games from the 64-bit era... What we got in its place on the Nintendo Gamecube, Starfox Adventures, was a good game in its own right, a lot of fans feel otherwise about the journey, and for good reason... It wasn't even supposed to be a Star Fox game at all, and it shows by being drastically different from anything else the series had to offer. Aside from few promotional materials floating around and magazine scans from gaming magazines detailing Krystal was going to have a much bigger role in the original game, I can only imagine how the game would have turned out had the game stuck to its own setting instead of becoming a hybrid of two entirely different beasts. It's a shame it gets as much flak as it does, I bet Adventures wouldn't have an eyebrow bat at it if it weren't a Star Fox game.
  6. KyoKusagani1999

    Hi guys!

    Solid choice of name, Wolves are clever little creatures that were more than capable of outfoxing their rivals with their speed and cunning ! May the power of the Timberwolves be with you as you browse this forum with pride and joy, Aurora Wolf ! We're welcome to have you on board !
  7. KyoKusagani1999


    ALWAYS nice to see fellow site-mates I've known for a while scoots on over to the forums to branch out their horizons.. Hope you have a wonderful time here as much as I am already !
  8. KyoKusagani1999

    The Birdman has landed in the nest !!!

    Always great to see another Giddy Gilda fanboy ready to take flight at the drop of one of her fancy feathers ! Gilda and I go ALL THE WAY back to the VERY BEGINNING when she was but a party pooping Buttmunch.... and I was TOTALLY COOL with her wicked attitude ! I knew from the MOMENT she laid down the law on the likes of Stinkin' Pie that this wasn't just your average throwaway kids cartoon. I went in expecting to mock the little ponies for being oh-so pretty and precious, BUT GILDA DID IT FOR ME ! From that moment fourth, I knew it was gonna be lovey-dovey till' the end.
  9. KyoKusagani1999

    The Birdman has landed in the nest !!!

    Hehe, I wouldn't have it ANY OTHER WAY, if something really digs deep into the fur and REALLY ruffles those feathers good, you bet I'm gonna be squawking my beak off about it tighter than garble could squeeze when he hugs another dragon ! Hope you have room in your fabulous estates for several years to come, because I'll be here as long as the fandom's still alive and kicking ! Thank you very much !
  10. "BEHOLD, The power of DARKNESS ! " You CONSTANTLY see me faffing off praise for the MERCILESS dragon spiting Centaurian Overlord, and for good reason too... I'd say UNINTENTIONALLY he's one of the greatest creations to come out of My Little Pony ! ANYONE that had ANY DOUBTS prior to watching the show for the first time would be convinced it's much more than meets the eye the moment they lay their eyes on this MUSCULAR, MURDEROUS BARON OF DESTRUCTION and drop their jaws in awe that such a thing exists in a show called "My Little Pony!" If it weren't for Gilda's sassy attitude, it would have been Lord Tirek. I was STOKED when they brought him back, and age hasn't slowed him down in the slightest, NOW he can be brimming with strength one moment AND con his "allies" as a master manipulator when he needs to. He outplayed DISCORD at his own game! Need I say more?
  11. KyoKusagani1999

    Thoughts on Spike's Love of Rarity?

    It's been well established since Season 2 at the very least that Dragon Years and Pony Years differ by quite a significant margin ! Even though the Crystal Empire's little purple hero might still just be a dragon boy and not a dragon MAN yet, but for all we know, Spike could very well still be young by the time Rarity hits middle age! Taking that into account, it's never bothered me in the slightest since cartoony crushes are exactly that... A little affection from one that cares about you can go a long way in keeping Spikey-Wikey's confidence up, so I'd say it's beneficial more than anything else! When that fails or falls flat, Spike always has Princess Ember to fall back to to commute with a member of his own species if things with Rarity go a little sour or not as intended. If the show staff ever push this relationship further, I'd be interested in seeing how the hookup would play out.
  12. KyoKusagani1999

    The Birdman has landed in the nest !!!

    Figured now would be a good a time as any, as a new episode and the weekend mean there's gonna be a swarm of activity following the show ! I'll do my best to be active around here since I peek at what's going on every now and again. Thank you for your warm welcome, dude !
  13. Ahoy there, ladies and Gentlegriffs ! Tis' I, the high-flying Griffon fanboy that's been posting comments on the site for a whopping FIVE YEARS THUS FAR. FIVE YEARS! Can you believe how fast time flies? Ever since Gilda made a name for herself early on when I was still a wee lurker, The My Little Pony community has accomplished tremendous feats over the years, pushing the boundaries of what's considered "Girly" and "Unmanly." Pushing the boundaries of free speech and making marketers re-think their approach to traditional gender pandering ! Now, Equestria Daily's opening up a new avenue for fans to connect from anywhere in the world.... With that, I think it's neigh time for a second introduction ! I couldn't thank you all enough for making this ride one of the greatest undertakings of my life, and with this new account, I hope to continue to please you all with my witty remarks for many years to come ! I hope to make many new friends and memories here on the forum as I did on the site itself ! Cheers to the rest of Season 6 !