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  1. Saw MLP: The Movie today.
    It was an enjoyable time.

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    2. Ribbon


      Not great, but better than I expected.
      Primarily the songs. I went in expecting to dislike/cringe at least one of them, but I ended up liking all of them. That was a nice surprise.

    3. Ribbon


      *Particularly the songs

    4. Captain Clark

      Captain Clark

      I have listened to some of the soundtrack and I have liked what I’ve heard 

  2. Ribbon

    Last to Post 3: Revenge

    Better than the new ones? What makes it better than those?
  3. Ribbon

    Last to Post 3: Revenge

    Yeah, Gamecube was great. So many good games. I never got the original Animal Crossing. How was it?
  4. Ribbon

    Last to Post 3: Revenge

    I'm doing alright. Still lurking.
  5. Ribbon

    Metroid thread

    For me, it's gotta be Prime. Return of Samus I got when I was too young to love it (and it doesn't hold up too well now... I know it was great at the time, but I've played Metroids that did what it tried to do better since then), Fusion was a good reintroduction (probably helped that my only other Samus-related experience back then was with Return of Samus, which is similarly linear, and Super Smash Bros, where I liked stealing her charge beam with Kirby), Prime was awesome , Prime 2 was great, I regret skipping Prime 3 but I have it now and some day I'll get back into it, original Metroid was eh (see Return of Samus above for my thoughts), Zero Mission was great, Super I still have to finish but I really enjoyed what I've played of it, AM2R was a nice time... and now there's Metroid: Samus Returns, which I will discuss in the spoiler: Also, the Metroid amiibo is squishy and weirdly adorable. And regarding that:
  6. Ribbon

    Last to Post 3: Revenge

    Shakespeare, actually. Good luck staying up, mate!
  7. Cool avatar, lurantis?

  8. Ribbon

    Season 7, Episode 17: To Change a Changeling

    Finally caught an episode when it aired! Have a thoughts-dump that took way too long to write out. First off, the post-transformation Changeling hive looks great. And the new Changelings are cute too (I know they've been in other episodes, but this is the first time they've gotten any sort of focus, and they're adorable). I liked Pharynx's design at the start of the episode. Maybe it's because he's got red on him. Although his post-transformation look was nice too. Probably because it kept the red-and-black color scheme he had before and just brightened it up a bit (to more of a red-and-dark-blue). And made him almost as tall as Thorax. And then he started attacking plants and I just found him oddly comical. I dunno why exactly. Overall, I ended up liking Pharynx. The fact that he kinda had a point about the new Changelings being soft to the point that it was starting to be a problem (as shown by their failure to handle the giant mole beyond just leading it away from the hive and hoping it stays away) didn't hurt him, and my general enjoyment of his screen time was pretty much necessary if I was going to like To Change A Changeling. So, glad that worked out. And Thorax wasn't a complete pushover (or at the very least, he can now get annoyed with Starlight and Trixie when the former leads the aforementioned giant mole straight to his hive... dunno about the rest of the hive tho, he still seems fairly passive with them... although, Pharynx is the only Changeling we've seen that hasn't transformed in this episode, so either all the non-new-Changelings left or Thorax managed to assertiveness them into accepting the new way of life off-screen). At least it seems like he's retaining his lesson from Triple Threat. Even if he's still working on it tho, it's good to see him again. Also, glad they had a line saying that Starlight and Trixie were just going for a surprise visit to Thorax and the Changelings. It kinda explains why Spike isn't with them, and the Spikelessness was something that kinda bugged me going into this episode. Speaking of Starlight and Trixie, their not really being able to solve this problem was... not something I expected, but it was good, I think. They largely made things worse, though that's mostly because Pharynx was eavesdropping on them when they wrote him off as unfixable (and Starlight leading the giant mole straight to the Changeling hive was... not that great of an idea, though I can kinda see the logic behind her plan). They said the right things when they were talking to Thorax about his brother problem (even if that's mostly down to not telling Thorax to expel his brother from the hive like they were saying they would earlier), and Starlight's speech worked out pretty well in the end (even if the initial reaction to it was most likely "Well then we CHOOSE to not help Pharynx!"). Also, it was nice to see Starlight worsen a problem without using magic. Has that happened before now? The resolution coming down to Thorax and Pharynx talking out their problems (after making a mole beat itself into submission) was a good thing, I feel. Better than Starlight/Trixie/Thorax doing a speech that solves the problem like I expected (in hindsight, I would've been okay with Thorax speeching his brother into transforming, but I prefer the way the episode went, with the two of them having a brief feelings forum about it). If I had any real problem with this episode, it'd be that Trixie kinda felt unnecessary. She wasn't really detrimental, I just kept wondering what she was doing there. So, overall, I enjoyed this. Pharynx is good, Thorax is good, the new Changelings are good, and Starlight and Trixie are bad at solving Changeling problems. And that's also good.
  9. Not sure if Jet Set Radio is old enough (or forgotten enough), but I'd like to see it come back.
  10. Ribbon

    The Banned Game

    Banned because I can't tell if that's a Yu-Gi-Oh! card in your avatar or not
  11. So, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. First thoughts:
    This game should not be as enjoyable as it is right now.

  12. hey ribbon what are your thoughts?

    1. Ribbon


      Tired. Gonna get to sleep soon.

    2. Dr Ned

      Dr Ned

      ahh sleep well

  13. Ah, good to see you've got Leaf Bracer. And Second Chance too! Forgot Once More was even a thing, but it sounds like a good thing to get now... It'd be nice to see Shibuya in KH3... I doubt it'll happen, since there haven't been any Square Enix worlds up to this point (and if they do have Square Enix world(s) in 3, I'd bet they only do one, that being either Midgar (because Final Fantasy 7) or whatever-FFXIV's-world-is (because it's the newest FF)), but it'd be so nice. Well, that or a TWEWY sequel, but that seems even less likely than suprise Shibuya in KH3 right now (though I'd love to be surprised on this one). Although, to be honest, I'd be cool with Neku just showing up in a Disney world (maybe the Big Hero 6 world? I mean, San Fransokyo's partially based on Tokyo, so it could conceivably have a TWEWY!Shibuya-looking area for the TWEWY cast (or at least Neku) to show up). Also, pretty sure Mouseketeerland is gonna be a breather... at least compared to Fantasia. Where the Spellican awaits. With at least one pure-Flowmotion section. During which you can't heal (or at least I never figured out how to get to my Cure spells during that part). So, uh, yeah. Enjoy the relatively easy world and bosses. And the nice battle music.
  14. Ribbon


    Hello Thrond! Welcome to Equestria Daily! I look forward to reading your reviews, mate!
  15. Well, good luck with Spellican, mate. I would give advice, but honestly I'd managed to mostly forget about Spellican, so here's a bit of general stuff since you're approaching the endgame: Get Leaf Bracer, because you're going to require it, if not for Spellican, than for the endgame (and it's good to have now anyway). Seriously, get this ASAP. Also, procure at least one Curaga. If you can stack more than one healing spell on your command deck (I honestly don't recall if you can), then get either multiple Curagas, or just have at least one of Curaga and Cura, but if not, then get Curaga because it's pretty much mandatory late-game (from what I remember, anyway) so you might as well get it now. Alsoalso, I want to say you should look and see if you can make yourself an Aura Lion for Sora and Riku. It has Second Chance (and also Leaf Bracer, but you should get that off your Meow Wows... you do have those for both Sora and Riku, right?), which I think will be a pretty good thing to have in the endgame. Not sure you can make one yet (you'll need 3 Noble Fantasy and either 3 Intrepid Fantasy or 3 Savage Fantasy), but as soon as you can, consider it. As for grinding areas... you might be best off running around The World That Never Was, though for some reason I want to say the Fantasia-world might be a decent spot too (dunno why, but it's a thought). Also if I'm remembering correctly, that's where the really annoying Spellican is, so you should probably grind for a while there anyway, just to get materials to make the really good Dream Eaters, and to get the good abilities off them. Again, best of luck getting revenge on Spellican.