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  1. fan club

    I just had one of my favorite SpongeBob quotes stuck in my head: (Poor Squidward.)
  2. "Wherever there are Diamond Dogs." - Rarity. Just Another Day on the Gem Fieldsby Huussii
  3. Rarity found some of these:
  4. fan club

    Princess Twilight Sparkle is missing her horn! Pegasus Twilight Sparkleby hecc95
  5. fan club

    @ChB I say it & it becomes true. Maybe, I can see the future just like Madam Pinkie Pie.
  6. @ChB Another headcanon I have is that MLP ponies aren't like real ponies but, are instead filled with fluff like Winnie the Pooh. Which, explains why they are *so* huggable!
  7. fan club

    @ChB @Bakaarion Pinkie Pie has the most unique way to race, IMO. Once Around the Bend [Req]by LifesHarbinger
  8. fan club

    Fluttershy by the ocean. Oceanby Miokomata
  9. fan club

    Or like "Sponge Out of Water" where they looked like claymation in the "out of water" scenes. Geuss what show i got back intoby Arteses-Canvas
  10. It looks like Rarity's going through "Inspiration Manifestation" again. Inspirarityby K1emm
  11. "Make Rarity cry & you *will*... Apologize!" Stress Sewing!by LennonBlack
  12. cadance

    Princess Cadance parodying Marty McFly from "Back to the Future: II". Hoverboards are awesomeby Bonaxor
  13. fan club

    I think Twilight Sparkle would much rather read about pirates vs actually being a pirate herself. Twilight Sparkle - Somewhere Beyond The Seaby bakumaru01
  14. fan club

    I agree with @Light Blade too many Fan Clubs would go unused thus, making them feel pointless. Meadowby Flarescale