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  1. CrashandBurn

    Hello hello ponies of the world

    Hello FirePetalFox welcome to the herd /) or should I say welcome to Equestria Daily Were so glad your here hope to see you around the forms.
  2. CrashandBurn

    Why did you join the fandom?

    I joined the fandom back in July 2011, when a friend who was visiting me from Indiana came over. I notice on his Ipad that he had a pony on it. I laughed and said "dude what is this really a pony". He the stated "dude this show amazing you got to watch just one episode". I thought about how girly it was be but he kept insisting I would like it. I watch the first episode of season one : The Mare In The Moon, then I watch another, and another. The rest was history, I fell in love with this show, fourth wall breaking, beautiful art style, great lore, and the community that went with it. I was with the fandom when were on 4chan, and then were kicked off and forced to make Ponychan. To the watching "A Canterlot Wedding with "gak gak gak" playing every commercial break XD. Until we all argued about Twilight getting wings at the end of season 3. Yes my time with fandom has been a wild an crazy ride, but I am loving each step of the way.
  3. What do you think Princess Celestia,and Princess Luna Backstory is? The intro gives us a vague backstory of them, but we don't know where they come from. They are what we call pure bred Alicorns unlike twilight which was given the Alicorn power. Princess Celestia, and Luna where both born Alicorns. This raises the question is there an Alicorn race of ponys out there somewhere, and if so were are they? Could Princess Celestia, and Princess Luna be the last of there kind? Tell me what you guys think of this, and if you have insight on this topic I love to hear from you.
  4. If there was a season zero, I would like to see twilight actually training with Princess Celestia in Canterlot. Possibly showing us how she became Celestia student in the first place. It would give us a little more character development knowing Twilight backstory.
  5. CrashandBurn


    My favorite music from the fandom, comes from a musician Iv been subscribe to for about 4 years now. JoinedTheHerd makes some really good remixes, here just a couple I think you guys will enjoy.
  6. CrashandBurn

    /) from an original brony (\

    Such a warm welcome from everypony thank you all so much
  7. "Lets get this party started"-Pinkie Pie (season two episode 26) /) hello my fellow bronys my name is Crash and Burn, and I am super excited to meet all of you. As one of the originals to jump on the Pony band wagon back in late 2011. I assure you if you need help with the fandom or something cool to watch, I am your mare. I enjoy talking about the show, and the fandom in general. I been to many convention including ponycon 2013, trotcon 2012, and Pon3con in 2014. In my many years into this fandom I know there is a darker side to it and I general do not discuss or partake in anything of that nature. I joined this fandom for the art, music, and general love of the community, and I plan to stay that way. Now in the royal Canterlot voice i bid <GREETINGS AND LET THE FUN BEGIN>!