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    Hi ^^

    Hello ^^ So it took some convincing but I finally stepped over to the dark side XD and dammit if I don't love it! I've watched all the episodes except season 6, want to wait until that's complete =) So Please no spoilers for season 6, thanking you ^^ I had No idea about the Massive fanbase this show has, especially with those around my age (23) there's even cons and events! Wow! I'm still really new to all of this, but I've seen the kind of people that make up this fanbase and the lessons they try to live by, and that is just amazing and definitely the kind of people I would want to meet. So now your first opinion of me is a crazed rambler XD Brilliant... So... Hi! Phoenix x
  2. Phoenix Nox

    Hey! New around here.

    Not in the same way lol I have many interests, and things i enjoy, but they're only pretty casually I've never went in search for their fanbase hahaha Phoenix x
  3. Phoenix Nox

    Hey! New around here.

    Hi ^^ Nice to meet you, I'm new too Phoenix x
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    Hi ^^

    Thank you everyone for your responses =) Glad I didn't scare you all away with my random nonsense XD Oooh I heard there were muffins AND cookies!? Best Fanbase Ever! =D I'm hoping to make some friends (those that can handle my weirdness) and possibly meet up, go to events in my area and generally just meet people that don't roll their eyes when I test the waters (Omg, why would you watch that childrens program? Aren't you an adult? You know that's just for little girls right? Are you one of those Bronies? I don't think we can hang out anymore) XD So, I was trying to just respond and Not prove how random I was I have failed. Phoenix x