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    Slap the user above you

    I slap you with Principal Skinner toting a Sega Genesis.
  2. Lord Nanfoodle

    The Banned Game

    Banned for not supporting your local sheriff. James Garner is disappoint.
  3. Lord Nanfoodle

    Silly Forum Game: Avatars

    *horn trying to push down Sonata's skirt to no avail* Darling, you do know you're indecent, right?
  4. Lord Nanfoodle

    Slap the user above you

    I slap you with with a Cape Feather because you like capes too much.
  5. Lord Nanfoodle

    The Banned Game

    Banned because there a robot in disguise.
  6. I'm already certain we aren't alone, but as for if there's intelligent life on Mars, I'd think find a Starbucks on Mars before that happens.
  7. Lord Nanfoodle

    The Banned Game

    Banned because Pearl likes pie.
  8. Lord Nanfoodle

    Equestria Girls: Friendship Games

    Did... Did anyone else want to reach out through the screen and choke that principal? I swear, you know what she me makes me think of? Donald Trump. She's the Equestria Girls version of Donald Trump. Also, the final battle there... I may have never seen the series, but for some reason, some part of my brain was screaming to another part of my brain, "You know, I bet they got some of this from 'Madoka.'"
  9. Lord Nanfoodle

    S5 Episode 16 - Discussion

    I am liking these recent episodes' end credit tracks, and hope they keep this up. While the track at the end of this episode wasn't as good as the jazzy muted trumpets from "Rarity Investigates," this was still a good track to hear at the end of the show.
  10. Lord Nanfoodle

    Slap the user above you

    I slap JexTex with a steel gauntlet filled with oranges, for I challenge thee to a duel!! Card games at dawn. Bring your motorcycle...
  11. Lord Nanfoodle

    If.... (forum game)

    Rubber. If you could replace your blood with C4 and the act of having your blood replaced not kill you, would you cozy up to the idea of being able to tell people, "Gimme stuff or boom?"
  12. Lord Nanfoodle

    Silly Forum Game: Avatars

    Kali-ma!! Kali-ma!! KALI-MA!!!
  13. Lord Nanfoodle

    Silly Forum Game: Avatars

    So THAT'S what a changeling's heart looks like... Wonder what it tastes like?
  14. Lord Nanfoodle

    S5 Episode 16 - Discussion

    I really hope in the Season Finale Twilight finally takes a sledgehammer to that map. "Tell ME where I can and can't go, dammit!! I'll see the Griffin Kingdom if I want to because I'm a strong independent princess that don't need any destiny!!" Then they introduce "Charity," and all became clear. This must be the fifth installment of the "Diamond In The Rough" series!! The map simply didn't want Twilight to have a mindgasm and/or call her lawyers. Of course, this still begs the question of where "Applesack" was.
  15. Today is the first day of autumn, having begun when summer tapped out this morning at 4:20 AM (heh), at least for us lucky people on the northern hemisphere - good luck with your horrible, horrible spring down south!! Today is also commonly known as the Autumnal Equinox, but as I was reading on a local weather website, while equinox is supposed to mean "equal night" in Latin, and denote when the length of day and night is SUPPOSED to be equal, it actually isn't the case for the most part. Turns out that the date when the day and night are equal (or as equal as they will possibly get) is actually known as the "Equilux," and that the equiliux (at least where I live, based on elevation and latitude & longitude) will occur on September 26, when the time between sunrise and sunset is 30 seconds greater than 12 hours. The following night, there will be a supermoon coinciding with a total lunar eclipse. Let's see... Equiliux, derived from the word equal, and lux is a measure of illumination equal to 0.0929 foot-candle, and also derived from the latin for light, on the same day on the premiere of the third movie of a certain Flash-filled franchise, followed by an enlarged moon being blotted out from the sky... I see absolutely nothing ominous here. Move along folks. Anyhow, are you guys looking forward to best season? I am. Days can only get shorter. The air can only get cooler. Bees can only get deader. Holidays can only get closer. I can only get older. It's a win-win-win-win!! Also, has anyone seen their first holiday ad yet? I have. It was a K-Mart layaway commercial that aired before even Labor Day. I was proud of them.
  16. Lord Nanfoodle

    First Day of Fall HYPE!!

    Heh, I wear shorts all year round, even when it gets into the teens around here, but have plenty of thermal shirts and a decent coat. For some reason only my hands and arms have issue with the cold.
  17. Lord Nanfoodle

    supermoon eclipse

    That was yesterday, AKA the first day of fall. However, the night before the big ol' Supermoon/Total Eclipse event will be the Equiliux, the day the lengths of the day and night will be equal or as close to equal as they will get... and all of this I initially posted about in my fall thread to begin with...
  18. Lord Nanfoodle

    The Banned Game

  19. Lord Nanfoodle

    It Appears that the forums are gaining some momentum

    Because it's your fault, Toki. It was always your fault. ...Also, we're fun.
  20. Went to Wal-Mart yesterday to pick up a few things and just as I was about to leave in an end aisle display across from the pharmacy they had a bunch of what looked like soft fold-up MLP lunchboxes. This wasn't what surprised me though. All of them, ALL OF THEM, had Rarity on the front. Not the usual merchandise shill trio you usually see in official MLP swag, but a plethera of onigiri. Hasbro is really promoting best rice ball hard this month.


    I approve of this new marketing direction.

  21. Lord Nanfoodle

    Counting To 5,000 [Game]

  22. Lord Nanfoodle

    Game Theory: Leave PewDiePie ALONE!

    Refuses to click on the basis of encouraging links to Pewds.Video is about not rashly clicking on things made by network outlets designs to elicit ire from people.
  23. Lord Nanfoodle

    Applejack fan club!!

  24. Lord Nanfoodle

    Stronger than you (sim Grentina mix)

    You need to be a little more open-minded in your toonage there. Hell, I think I'm one of the only people on the planet that doesn't immediately scream "BURN IT WITH FIRE!!" at the mere mention of "Teen Titans Go," but that's only because I don't equate that show with the original (If you actually compare it more with "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia," it's actually a C- cartoon and not total dreck). I'm also insane, which also helps, but that's beside the point. Waiting for one show to end before giving another a chance is a fool's errand, especially in this era of divided seasons and 5+ month long hiatuses. You have to have a fallback show or two to go to, and trust me, Steven Universe is one of those shows. Might I point out Garnet there is singing the song DURING a fight. Yes. In fact, when asked whether Ruby and Sapphire's (the two gems that make up Garnet) relationship was romantic or platonic, Steven Universe storyboard artist Joe Johnson stated succinctly, "Romantic, yo."
  25. Lord Nanfoodle

    Azalea's "Random Videos" thread

    Blue Spy fails to cap intel.Red Engie isn't setting up/ guarding intel.Despite red sniper's clutch play, I'll bet Aeth will still take issue with how the red team was playing here. I think they were doing just fine. I mean, no one capped their intel, right ?