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  1. It's clothes. As long as they're not blue, I don't care what color they are.


    You wake up one day to discover aliens have come to earth, but instead of being technologically advanced, they're wizards. I mean, it's little green men casting spells. They came here to intercept a horde of dragons, but it turns out the dragons are scions of science, and more and more it looks like they plan to use Earth as their battlefield. Wat do?

  2. Pull a Peter Griffin and do what he did to James Woods by stealing THEIR identity and doing in kind.


    You wake up to fight out the Street Fighter tournament has decided to use your car to pummel for their bonus round without telling you, and E. Honda is wailing on it as we speak, racking up some serious points. Wat do?

  3. Dab. :awesomecheer:


    Every time you leave your house and return the locations of all your stuff has been randomized and your internet disabled, you have to collect them to gain access your internet technical support and have them send someone out, whom you must defeat to get your internet turned back on, and it just so happens that person is also Ganondorf. Wat do?

  4. Petty crime spree, because we know how inept the royal guard is, and petty theft and loitering clearly doesn't rise up to threats necessary to get face-nuked by the Elements, so you're in that strange grey area where you're a crime GOD there. :dealwithit:


    You're riding on a train, and all of a sudden the train gets possessed by a demon which starts causing mayhem, and then to make matters worse, some dude steps onto the tracks and suplexes your train. Wat do? 

  5. "Funny story. So, one day I heard two loud pops, everything went dark, and now the doctor says I get to wear these baller glasses all the time. Also something about 'putting drops in the sockets' or something, but I'm too rad to worry about strange pus smells!!" :ohyou:

  6. Wait until everyone at the radio station is asleep and then SHOW NO MERCY. Afterwards stomp on all the flowers outside the offices of the radio station for good measure.


    An alien shows up and for some reason challenges you to a Food War for the fate of the galaxy, with the theme ingredient being soylent green. Wat do?

  7. Demand that if he wants that card that he join you to go looking for beans first. It IS the bean searching hour, after all. :awesomecheer:


    You wake up to find a girl from a fantasy world in your living room who was Isekai'd to this world by the old cliche of dying after being run over by "Wagon-chan." Wat do?

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