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  1. Would it be considered "breaking" The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth's "Suicide King" challenge if I get Mom's Knife in my first Devil Deal, then Diplopia a Devil Deal containing Headless Baby, Judas' Shadow, and Abaddon? :awesomecheer:

    1. Toki Zensekai

      Toki Zensekai

      I haven't played enough Binding of Isaac to know how that strategy works. Could you explain?

      Note: I know how Mom's Knife works. I do not know what Diplopia, Headless Baby, Judas' Shadow, and Abaddon work.

    2. Lord Nanfoodle

      Lord Nanfoodle

      First off, in the "Suicide King" challenge, you're Lazarus with Mr. Mega (amplifies explosive radii and damage & +5 bombs), Ipecac (poisonous explosive tears), and My Reflection (boomerang tears). As a result, your exploding shots, which have a larger blast radius thanks to Mr. Mega, if they whiff, will come back at you. Getting Mom's Knife nullifies Ipecac's explosive trait (though according to MissingHUD, it DOES lower your attack by 75%, but still, around 10+ attack a tick is great), making your life a LOT easier in this challenge, as you no longer have to dodge your own missed shots or worry about being too close to foes.


      As for the other items I talked about:

      • Diplopia is a new one-time use active item in the expansion Afterbirth. Think of it like getting a Jera rune (doubles all consumables and chests in the room, unlocked by beating Challenge #2: "High Brow") but better, as it can also double item pedestals, which if used in a shop or Devil Deal room means free duplicates of the offered items. You can only get Diplopia by buying it from a shop. As I used Diplopia on a Devil Deal with Headless Baby, Judas' Shadow, and Abaddon, I created free copies of all three. I then bought all three of the originals (making sure to buy Abaddon last, as I'll explain below), then took all the free copies.
      • Headless Baby is a follower that creates a trail of enemy-damaging blood creep. It costs one heart in Devil Deals, and can also be found in Treasure Rooms.
      • Judas' Shadow (unlocked by beating Boss Rush with Judas) is an extra life item that costs two hearts in Devil Rooms, that when you die, revives you as a special form of Judas known as "Black Judas" with two black hearts, and upon revival doubles your damages and increases your speed by 0.1.
      • Abaddon (unlocked by defeating ??? in the Chest with Azazel) is a two heart Devil Deal item... however, this is irrelevant, as as soon as you buy it, it will take away every single one of your red heart containers, but in exchange it GIVES YOU six black hearts. As a result, this is best bought when you only have 1-2 red hearts to begin with (it's not worth it to get it if you have 6+ red hearts). It also gives you +1.5 damage up, +0.2 speed up, and your tears have a chance to cause fear status (guaranteed with 85 or higher luck). Also, in Afterbirth, it is one of the items you can use to get the "Leviathan" transformation (which I did), which gives you +2 black hearts, flight, and makes you look kinda like Cthulhu.


      Now, the two Headless Babies didn't help too much. Maybe they ensured a slightly better and maybe wider creep trail behind me. Judas' Shadow gave me two extra lives if I needed them (atop Lazarus' default extra life [which also has it's own damage up upon resurrection and procs first] and the Guppy's Collar I had), and a damage multiplier once I resurrected. However, the real draw was Abaddon. As I came into this Devil Deal with 4 Red Hearts & 3 Soul Hearts, I was in the perfect position. First, I cleared out the Demon Turrets (in Afterbirth, sometimes enemies are now in Devil Deal rooms), then Diplopia'd the items. I then bought, in order - Headless Baby (down to 3 red hearts), Judas' Shadow (down to 1 red heart), then finally Abaddon (overpaid red hearts [had only 1 red hart and bough a 2 heart deal {if you have soul/black hearts or the item pays back health doing this will not kill you}]). Then I nabbed the free copies. As a result I maxed my health out on black hearts. This was a deal I did all the way back on Necropolis I, and all that health lasted me till the end with the fight with Isaac in the Cathedral. I never needed my extra lives.


      Would have laughed my ass off if I had gotten Nine Lives as well.