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  1. I'm looking at my watch, and it's just under 5 minutes until the 4th anniversary of the Onigiri Rarity Matsuri. It's a shame we can't a shindig like those of old, but it doesn't mean we cannot celebrate our glorious riceball nonetheless. :onigirirarity:


    For those scratching their heads wondering what the heck this "Onigiri Rarity Matsuri" is, it was a day-long celebration originally started on a lark during a late night session on the old PF2 servers, when the at the time admin Mr. Hooves typed the sentence, "Onigiri Rarity is best Rarity." at 4:26:36 AM on May 20th, 2013. Shortly after, what happened was nothing short of an improvised server-wide giveaway and trading of items, crates, robo-crates, keys, and robo-keys of a large scale.

    The following year, I decided to keep the magic alive with a large raffle event, always starting at 4:26 AM, and the event growing each year, with the last Matsuri we did throwing in a special extra competition using PF2's own Heroes mod known as the "Riceball Hunt," the winner the one that got the quickest kill on me whenever I was Rarity.

    Sadly, the end of PF2 and my own financial limitations put an end to the giveaways, but I hope the spirit of the Onigiri Rarity Matsuri will persist here.

    1. Badshot


      Ah the good old riceball, I still remember the rituals I performed in it's name.

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      Good old times