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  1. I know it's about an hour and a half after 3:18 PM EDT, but it's my birthday now, so begin showering me with your adoration!! Praise me!! Share with me your favorite recipes!! Hug your ramen!! Build life-sized statues of Trixie vaporizing Christopher Columbus with a Hadouken made out of dog poo and place them on Toki's lawn, in my honor!! It will amuse me. :smugtrixie:

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    2. Cinder Vel

      Cinder Vel

      Woohoo, happy birthday. Now let's get wasted.

    3. Lord Nanfoodle

      Lord Nanfoodle


      Woohoo, happy birthday. Now let's get wasted.

      Heh heh, you do that. Me? I don't drink. The only alcohol I've ingested in my life has been in cough syrup, and even then I'm not a fan. :ajnope:

    4. Cinder Vel

      Cinder Vel

      Fine....non alcoholic cider it is.