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  1. Great Luna... Well, let's just call it official, folks. Looks like Discovery Family is making the rest of this month "The Month of the Rice Ball."

    *flipping through the TV today, noticed even the MLP toy ads have become Rarity-centric* I swear, I'm not manipulating the cosmos in order to bombard the airwaves with best rice ball coincidentally during the peak of fall fashion season. Those corpses out back were for a wholly DIFFERENT blood sacrifice, honest!!



    Calling it. I nominate this face :hurrr2.0:

  2. I come to safe and complete stop on the ground, hitting absolutely nothing awesomecheer_zpskvbeorwi.png.


    I enter your house at night, tranquilize you, and surgically implant explosive charges under your skin that go off if you stop making knockoff designer handbags while singing Vaudeville tunes for my amusement.