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  1. Obviously I'm going to burn the world, whether I like it or not, dammit!! :applejargh:


    Human Sonata and pony Pinkamena are duking it out for control of the Dragonballs, the winner most likely getting their wish. The fight is totally epic. Wat do?

  2. Seeing as everyone ignored me after barging into the hill earlier, then Skyrazor and his army oddly ignoring me standing in the hill's living room eating chips, I sat there, snacking away as Error and some other entity engaged in some chicanery while Skyrazor tried to have them committed... Upon determining I've been here for more than six posts, I then file a petition with the courts, seizing the hill through squatter's rights. Ah, the value of being ignored.


    "It's always the quiet ones."

  3. I think I would... Of course there comes the issue of making sure you don't eat so much you become emaciated.


    If you could teleport anywhere you wanted any time you wanted but you got explosive diarrhea every time you did, would you use this power?


    5 minutes ago, Decoy Octopus said:

    Lord Nanfoodle, you liar. Sb h a F. Try figuring this one out ;D.

    Something about antimony, hydrogen..., and fluorine? Honestly I have no clue as to the "a." Aluminum? Arsenic? Gold? ...Astatine? :rariwhat: