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  1. Granted, but Sora, Rikku, and Cloud get jelly that's he trying to upstage their do's and decide to kick his butt, giving the excuse if anyone, especially Mickey, asks that he was a Nameless. They then shave him and throw him off a cliff Mufasa-style. That'll be the entire content of Remind.


    I wish more people here were interested in randomizers like I am...

  2. Banned for referencing stuff Saban did. Saban was pretty much 4Kids before there was 4Kids. Pretty much the only thing they did right was Lord Zedd (who of course was uniquely original to the western iteration of the series and played by Freddy himself, Robert England), until they nerfed him midseason because whiny 90's parents.

  3. Banned for not warning me today that when I binged episodes of Doctor Stone I'd have to watch ads for Doctor Sleep. What's next?! Doctor Paralysis? Doctor Poison? Doctor Confusion? Or even... Doctor Silence? if so, at this rate we'll have a doctor for every common RPG status ailment, and Big Heal Potion's stranglehold on the market will be shattered. :moonjuice: