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  1. BasementPony16

    [Spoilers] New Characters/Designs Revealed

    I'm starting to hate mlp. Someone serves you the best dinner ever, made you addictive and after three bites from it he starts to urinate on it. That's mlp for me. I'm eating a meal full of urine.
  2. BasementPony16

    What do you want to see happen in the movie?

    Luna dies, because i can't stand her fans.
  3. BasementPony16

    [Spoilers] New Characters/Designs Revealed

    Seriously, i'm out. Is Yogi Bear with eye patch the next? I wanted to see an mlp movie and i get Sea Ponies, pirates and weird, partly artistic unfitting creatures.
  4. BasementPony16

    [Spoilers] New Characters/Designs Revealed

    Looks like Celestia somehow. Does that mean she will be worfed in 10 seconds flat and that Nightmare Muffin sees her as satan? Questions, questions. Only Tirek II. looks good. The others...