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  1. Ruhisu

    Ruhisu's ART corner

    Posting something I was working on for a loooong time but its finally finished. Enjoy
  2. Ruhisu

    Ruhisu's ART corner

    A small evolution of my latest picture January 6 First idea Background project January 7 Proper line art & starting up on crystals Foreground ready Background ready January 8 Character's are done and some minor details were added
  3. Ruhisu

    Ruhisu's ART corner

    This one is really... XD Got some Christmas picture and 2 about Sweet Apple Acres. One with characters and second with just a view
  4. Ruhisu

    Ruhisu's ART corner

    Long time no see everybody While I am waiting for my WACOM Cintiq 13HD, I'm playing with pony design so I would like to show you a couple of OCs I made for one of my customers lately. Enjoy
  5. Ruhisu

    Allyster Black - EqD Artist

    Great stuff Loving the details on the clothes and great pilot pony
  6. Ruhisu

    Ruhisu's ART corner

    30 minutes challenge Forgetmenot & Hazel Heart
  7. Ruhisu

    Ruhisu's ART corner

    WIP. Apple ranger
  8. Ruhisu

    Ruhisu's ART corner

    Thanks Background always served a great role in my art since it's telling the half of the story of your picture. One of my most favourite art is the one I made for Bronies of Las Vegas where background is the main character.
  9. Ruhisu

    Ruhisu's ART corner

    yeah Kind off
  10. Ruhisu

    Ruhisu's ART corner

    Sorry for the delay. Sure, it wouldn't be a problem. You need only to tell me what particularly would you like to receive. And a picture for the day is "Mechanic"
  11. Ruhisu

    Ruhisu's ART corner

    XD Check my DA then if you would like to request anything. Here's some more military stuff. Equestrian Air Force and NAVY paint schemes for divisions inspired and based on authentic ones. + Little Brave Wing playing with his friend Pliszka at Manehattan's Central Park while their mums Forgetmenot and Hazel Heart are having a nice chit chat + To be digitalized sketch of Forgetmenot in her 20's
  12. Ruhisu

    Ruhisu's ART corner

    Hmmm... I'm not sure. Do i?
  13. Ruhisu

    Ruhisu's ART corner

    A piece I made some time ago which is a head canon of the "Crystal Siege" fanfic written by SPIDIvonMARDER. The fanfic itself is a trilogy and one book is printed and the second one is coming real soon. The sad fact is that due to the large number of pages per each book, it is very hard to translate it without hiring a professional translator making it impossible for the moment to be published on EQD or fimfiction. The picture presents Equestrian Post War Canterlot II type super-battleship BB-88 Song of Evening entering Manehattan Bay. BB-88 Song of Evening
  14. Ruhisu

    Ruhisu's ART corner

    Thanks I was quite surprised too when I thought that this forums exist for a while and I still haven't registered here You shouldn't give up. It's all about passion and strong will. I am improving basing on my mistakes. Also remember what Lauren Faust once said. "Before you make that one good drawing, you'll do 90 bad ones". When I started drawing ponies back in April 2013 when I entered this fandom, they were looking like this: Brave wing 2013 Brave Wing 2014 This reminds me I need to finish the 2016 version
  15. Ruhisu

    Show me your OC!

    Meet Brave Wing everypony I need to make a good 2016 version