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  1. Rave Blitz

    Come join us!

    I don't see how I'm leeching off the site. I'm only inviting people to join the forum, we need members.
  2. Rave Blitz

    Come join us!

    A good friend of mine created a RP forum. Come join us if you're interested. The forum is still under-going development on a few things but it's Open for people to join. Leaders are currently available to claim. Before you join, please be sure to read the Rules and the Plot. Note the title of the RPG is a placeholder, and a different title will be considered. A banner and a few tweaks are currently being developed so keep an eye out. If you have any questions, consult the Admin. Overall, come join and have fun! :D http://cartooncombat.boards.net
  3. Rave Blitz


    I am HYPED WOOT!!! If you've read the Warriors series like me, you should be hyped too!! Have an awesome video by LZRD WZRD!
  4. Rave Blitz

    I'm back!!!

    Hello all! Rave Blitz back again! I'm SOOOO SORRY!!! I've been super busy lately with tons of other stuff, plus I've missed a few Pony episodes and I'm trying to catch up. But with that said, hello again! xD
  5. Rave Blitz

    Final Fantasy XV

    Who else is hyped for this game?! I know I am!!!
  6. Rave Blitz

    S6 - Episode 21 - Discussion

    That episode was friggin hilarious xD
  7. While not my video, it essentially mirrors my thoughts on the Current Canon of Star Wars. However, I disagree on some points in this video (The Prequels sucking, and TCW being terrible, as anyone is free to like any and all aspects of Star Wars.), but for the most part, the rest I agree with. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pH1tw0xBYcg
  8. Rave Blitz

    Star Wars VS: Count Dooku vs Galen Marek/Starkiller

    Actually if you read the Novelizations of the Force Unleashed, Galen Marek isn't as OP as you think he is. The Video Games over-exaggerate his abilities which is why everyone in the Star Wars fandom thinks he's so powerful. But, I must stress..... that Galen Marek isn't a Great Swordmaster, and he only knows how to use his powers more easily and with more effectiveness. He is not a Great Swordmaster, but he is a THREAT to Great Swordmasters. As Jensaarai pointed out in the video, Galen would be no match for a duelist as skilled as Dooku, and Dooku can combat anything that Starkiller is bringing to the table and he employs the same rudimentary tactics as Galen does, this is evident in the Star Wars comics by Dark Horse. The Jedi of the Old days were enslaved to form, and they were very predictable in thier moves and abilities. Predictability is something that Dooku has overcome and he far outclasses Galen in terms of skill and Force Powers. Yes, Galen was trained to be a Powerhouse, a Weapon in the hands of his masters, but he was trained by Vader specifically to exploit predictability and when it comes to Dooku, he is NOT predictable. However, Marek isn't entirely helpless as if Dooku made a single mistake on his part, Galen would most certainly win.
  9. Rave Blitz

    Rave Blitz is now Streaming!

    Come join me as Hilarity insues. Watch me as I battle Uruk's, Sith, Bugs, Supervillians, Use Shouts and the Force as well as Magic, Lightsabers and the whole sha-bang!!! Come watch here: https://www.twitch.tv/raveblitz
  10. Rave Blitz

    Star Wars or Star Trek?

    Fair enough, you can view this site, it has plenty of Official quotes and interviews from Lucasfilm and Lucas himself as well as a detailed blog from a very well-versed and experienced fan: http://swforce4continuity.info/defenders-expanded-universe/
  11. Rave Blitz

    Star Wars or Star Trek?

  12. Rave Blitz

    Star Wars or Star Trek?

    As I stated before..... without the EU, the Films have Contradictions and unanswered questions, as indicated in this video here by Matt Wilkins:
  13. Rave Blitz

    Star Wars or Star Trek?

    The EU filled in the gaps for the films.
  14. Rave Blitz

    Star Wars or Star Trek?

    Hey, it was! The only thing that screwed up Continuity later on was Filoni's Clone Wars.
  15. Rave Blitz

    Star Wars or Star Trek?

    I refer you to this video: