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  1. I prefer to be able to access my feeds from more than just one device, so I use a cloud-based reader (Feedly). In any case it doesn't seem like the tags are in the posts so I don't believe that would work in this case anyway. Any idea where I can submit a feature request for this? EqD does seem to have a few developers working on it, given all the recent additions they've been making to the site (like these forums, for example). Or better yet: I'm a developer. Is EqD open source? I might be able to make the necessary change myself.
  2. Lately there's been a lot of talk lately on Equestria Daily about the spoiler tag, and how you can use it to avoid spoilery articles while browsing Equestria Daily. While this feature works great on the site itself, I follow Equestria Daily (among many, many other things) primarily through RSS; I almost never visit the site itself to check for new posts. Currently the RSS feed for Equestria Daily shows all posts in my feed regardless of how they're tagged, and regardless of what my preferences are set to regarding spoilers. So as someone who follows EqD through RSS, how do I avoid spoilers? If there's currently no system for filtering spoiler tagged posts out of my RSS feed, could something like that be implemented? Maybe a separate feed which excludes spoiler tagged posts?