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  1. Confirmation for new special, link here around 51: 25 seconds
  2. NightRogue

    Kind of having an issue with Waifu's

    On my point, when I turn 19, will it become weird then?
  3. NightRogue

    Kind of having an issue with Waifu's

    I just want to clarify that I do not want to take my 'crush' that far. I want to be able to still have it while being attracted to girls in real life as well
  4. Ok, here it is:
  5. Hey all, this year I've decided to take up writing as a serious hobby and I've done some writing. Currently, I write a crossover series between EQG and Sonic( please don't hate). Recently for this, I am writing an adaptation of the Friendship Games and I would like some feedback if anyone is willing to take a look. I get dislikes on Fim Fiction and I'm not sure why. I want to see any issues I have so I can fix it in the future.
  6. I know this may seem silly to some people but please hear me out. So, we all know that sometimes we feel attached to fictional characters and have ’waifu’s for fun, nothing serious. That’s with me. I had the EQG characters as waifu’s because I thought it was fun to entertain this idea. Nothing too extreme. Of course I still do like real women, but this was something I enjoyed having on the side. I’m 18 and I just started uni and I’ve been kind of feeling a little bothered that I won’t be able to still enjoy this fun as the EQG are 17 and in HS and I’m starting uni and I liked having waifu’s that weren’t creepy. It doesn’t give me angst or depression or anything but i do worry a little that now I’m too old to still have this little fun. I know it seems trivial but what do you guys think? Am I too old being 18 and going into university?