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  1. I am honestly not sure.

    I suspect the film will most likely hit between the $200 and $400 million mark.
    The Peanuts Movie made $246 million, The Angry Birds Movie made $346 million, Ice Age: Collision Course made $403 million.
    I have a feeling this could be the ballpark and that would be a good result.

    Here's the thing, I don't think MLP is popular enough to get anything over that, heck a sad part of me doesn't even think it can reach it.
    Keep in mind that Warcraft, as massive budget film with a huge marketing campaign only achieved $433 million, which wasn't enough to make back their marketing budget.

    So the big question will be, how much does the film cost to make and how much will be spent on the marketing? Spend too much on the marketing and you might risk losing out big time on profit, not spend enough and you'll risk not reaching out.

  2. I loved Starlight Glimmer when she was the villain at the start and end of Season 5, she was the perfect type of insane.

    However her "good guy" portrayal in season 6 is horrible, she just isn't strong enough of a character to support being a "friend" or sidekick or whatever you want to label her as.
    She was clearly designed of being bad, so when the choice was made to put her in as not evil, she just had nothing new to bring to the table.

    It was a horrible mistake, I am not sure if it was because Hasbro wanted to sell toys of her or what, but I really hope she leaves at the end of this season and doesn't come back.