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  1. mrx1983 - A Bronies Information Page

    yes it is still on my to do list. if i have some free time left i will continue working on it. it is still planned to go online. i already coded a site for it and also i will use as an domain for the infopage. but i still need to fill it with informations and stuff.
  2. yes i can add other languages too, as soon as i implemented this.
  3. i will look if its possible. i think i even could write my own function to display srt subtitles. would be a nice feature.
  4. you mean why there are youtube pony videos in between the episodes? i thought it would be nice to have some pony clips in between each episode. this clips are my personal favorites, i added around 400 clips that are mixed together with the episodes. so you not just have episodes but also some small cool clips in between, so it is not just a plain episode stream, but more a mixed stream. every episode is preceded by 2 of this clips. i think it enhances and complements it. it also gives a bit time between each episode. maybe i will add an option to just add the episodes thought. and thx, great that you like it
  5. is a Site where you can create your own Pony Streams and easily share it with others. One can choose their favorite Episodes and an release Time and the Site combines it to a nice Stream. It uses Peertube for the Episodes and the Canternet IRC for the Chat. Similar to Synchtube the Videos will be synchronized for all participants (still work in progress thought). I hope you enjoy it
  6. A Countdown for Equestria Girls related Dates. It is similar to the ponyclock countdown, but Equestria Girls themed. At the moment it shows the remaining time until the special "Rollercoaster of Friendship" airs.
  7. mrx1983

    is this mail adress legit?

    good news, my download is back. its the first mega link here: so it worked. but it looks like the domain still exists, so be careful. i written again to hasbro and the russian domain owner and hope that they will do something about this fake domain.
  8. mrx1983

    is this mail adress legit?

    i would, but the c&d was send to mega, and they just told me they removed my download because of them. they make no background checks apparently. i even asked hasbro if this domain belongs to them and they denied and confirmed it don't belong to hasbro. its indeed completely fake. i think i have to make a counterthingy and explain mega that this is a fake site.
  9. mrx1983

    is this mail adress legit?

    one of my mega uploads got a strike, by the strange thing is, that no one written eqd yet to take something down, and all the other downloads on this music video posts also still works. but my download got a strike. and if i check it , it tells me it is a site in russia. it doesn't looks like the domains that hasbro normally have. so i have the feeling that this mail adress is not legit, and someone try to trick people.
  10. mrx1983 - A Bronies Information Page

    eeyup history and all the important infos about the brony fandom will be included.
  11. mrx1983 - A Bronies Information Page

    i changed it to a more modern look.
  12. mrx1983 - A Bronies Information Page

    this is how it looks like at the moment. it is no cms, i completely coded it myself. i have a javascript file where i can setup the pages with the titles, buttonname, html file location, and it build this ajax site. it also works with mobile, the banner will then be reduced in size, and the buttons will be changed to a select dropdown (maybe i will change that to a pure css menu). of course it has not that much features like wordpress or other cms, but it can easily be cached and is very hack safe. it is very small in size and traffic. and very easy for me to manage.
  13. i got the domain some years ago from someone, and i wanted to build a site now on this domain. it should have informations about the fandom, bronies and the series. like a starting page to the fandom. it will be in german and english for now, but can be enhanced to other languages too, if people want to translate. and i'm now thinking what i should include. i think: - a short description about the series - how the series started - where it is aired at the moment - the creative site of the fandom, like fan content, fan merch - what the mane 6 are - what are bronies? - l&t - hasbro and show staff - link-list to other brony sites (like derpibooru, eqd etc.) - values of us bronies - maybe critics and what could be made better in the fandom? i think it could be nice to have such a startpage for bronies, which explains the fandom to newcomers, a site which also could be better found by search engines and in the end helps other brony sites with the link-list. maybe some of you also have ideas what should be included in such a startpage to the fandom.
  14. back then i reconstructed the dh xmas card creator, hasbro changed it to the valentine thingy, but left everything from the derpy hooves creator in it. even the files from the christmas card creator were still there. so i fixed and reconstructed it. here it is: download:!URE1ES4T!RdcslIanW6E9BIh4Kc3U7S4ZemOlsikROCrU-7ykGN4 online: P.S. feel free to share your best pictures ^^
  15. mrx1983

    [Spoilers] MLP Movie. i had collected some of the informations that where removed. subbed video, summary, drwolf opinion etc. i don't get it either. mermaid ponies are cute ^^