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  1. A fellow Rara lover, hello. :o 

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    2. Lit Lamp

      Lit Lamp

      :o Oooh! Huehue, she is a lovable one - I'll have to add you on MLP Forums, I actually changed my name there, used to be "That Guy with the Fries" and then I was uh...something like "Don't Spy on Me". c: But anyhow, it's nice to meet you, I'll have to look on MLP Forums. ;o

    3. RaraLover


      Autumn Blaze is an adorable and fluffy kirin, isn't she? :kirin:

      It's nice to meet you too! ^_^ Hopefully we'll eventually meet up on MLPF. :BrightMacContent:

    4. Lit Lamp

      Lit Lamp

      She is wonderful, and heheh, I did find yous there, as you already know o3o Huehue

  2. Man, I thought the forums shut down or somethin', I tried visiting yesterday and I couldn't get through. Was maintenance happening or something?

  3. I sure am going to miss Friendship is Magic when it's over. We only have about three episodes to go until the end?

    I mean, I know it had a good run, and sure you could argue that eventually it would get very stale or crummy like any show that runs long enough, but I guess this is one of those things I'd never really be ready to see go. 


    1. Leonbrony17


      True words, friend.

  4. Sorry I've been gone forever, work is really keeping me from checking forums and such.

    1. Leonbrony17


      It's okay, man. ;)


      As long as you don't leave forever, everything is fine.

  5. Hooray for Pony Town and awesome OCs!

    Just to share best ship with this forum, DUSK X AURORA! ;o

  6. Lit Lamp

    So I Guess I'm a Brony Now...

    Welcome to the horse forum! o3o
  7. Hey all, please go support this amazing artist! Look at this gorgeous speedpaint they did for a picture of my OC! >//u//<

    Be sure to throw a subscription their way!


  8. Because of my current sleep schedule, I haven't seen the new episode as of posting this. So now, I gotta deal with seeing all the new posts about it on pone forums... ;u; Ugh.

    1. Cinder Vel

      Cinder Vel

      Well sounds easy to fix. Just watch it online. 

    2. Lit Lamp
  9. Here's a video of people cosplaying as me in Legends of Equestria!


  10. Heeeey, I know that pone! @ThunderGust Yes, happy early birthday, Monsieur Pone!
  11. Ooof, sad thoughts. ;n;' Mehhh...

    1. Dr Ned

      Dr Ned

      hey lit lamp if you need to talk i'm here Gaia bless

  12. Hello potential new friend! o3o Welcome to the forums! Have a lovely time! >u<
  13. Lit Lamp

    Birthday! :3

    Happy Birthday, pone! o3o
  14. Lit Lamp

    How do i deal with two psychopaths???

    Nah, no worries friend. You have to do it, these what-ifs are natural questions, but you have to do it for your freedom. I believe in you. I have a good feeling about it. Don't let these fears of unlikely events stop you from freeing yourself from evil. Edit: Also, of course, if you can somehow record it, that'd be great.
  15. Lit Lamp

    How do i deal with two psychopaths???

    As hard as it might be and as scared as you might be, I think you need to tell everyone you can. Tell all the adults, and of course, tell the police. Try to record their abuse if possible. Hide a camera or small microphone or something. Even if you don't, the police will take it seriously. If there's any way, try going to a police station or something, or call them while you're away from home and explain how you're scared these "parents" will lie and try to have you locked up. You can do it. It's a big step, but you have to do it - to be free, and to take these people away.
  16. Lit Lamp

    Advice Needed.

    I believe making new friends here and in other places would be a wonderful thing for you, and feel free to open up to me about things. Don't be afraid!
  17. Vance Joy is criminally underrated...he's SO GOOD! UNGH...

  18. Lit Lamp

    What shape is trixie's blue gem ?

    From what I remember, when you talk about hexagons, octagons, and other shapes of the sort, it doesn't quite matter how they're shaped. As long as it has eight sides, it's an octagon. Think about triangles. You know there's scalene, isosceles, equilateral...they're different shapes, but they're still triangles, right? Because they have three sides. If I remember correctly, the roots of the word "octagon" can just mean "eight-sided shape", just like how hexagon can be interpreted as "six-sided shape" and pentagon "five-sided shape" and other "gons" of which I am too lazy and short on time to look up if I have the correct prefixes on. Essentially, all octagons do not have to be the particular shape you cited - that shape is only the recognized image of an octagon because it is the most efficient and simple design and it is now widely used. ...I'm...probably going way too far into this. But yeah. Trixie's gem is an octagon.
  19. Prayers for Net Neutrality...ugh, I'm a liiiiiiittle nervous...

    1. Leonbrony17


      Net neutrality lost. :(

    2. Lit Lamp

      Lit Lamp

      Yeah... :( Money hungry government wins again...

  20. Happy Thanksgiving! :D

  21. There's always people who need some support here but by the time I notice, I have to go to bed... :c I only check later...


    For those suffering, think of noble and good things and do what is right. It has rewards. :) Refuse to back down!

    1. Leonbrony17


      Thanks for your kind words.