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  1. Goldiefox

    Goldie's Artworks ^^

    I kinda don't have a table to draw sooo,I have to draw on my lap using the back of the paperpad or on my bed Here's another drawing I finished just now tho!
  2. Goldiefox

    Goldie's Artworks ^^

    Just wanted to share some of my arts here >~> yep....nothing special here >~< Here's a drawing of a pony from a mlp gameloft's game And here's Derpy wearing a twilight costume
  3. Goldiefox

    How do I get better fast

    Drinking some chicken soup might work
  4. Goldiefox

    A Silly Sunset Shimmers Drawing ^^;

    I used pen and pencils to draw her ^^;
  5. I sorta got bored today,so I drew her x3
  6. Goldiefox

    More forums to conquer

    Is like people coming from planet Taris to the planet Coruscant right now! D: Anyway,Welcome to Equestria Daily! ^w^
  7. Goldiefox

    Hi Everypony im new.

    Hmm o-o you seem....familiar >.>
  8. Welcome to the EquestriaDaily Forums =)=)=)
  9. hehe x3 Is a old drawing of fluttershy with you know what
  10. Goldiefox

    /mlp/ Might Be Deleted

    Here comes the 2nd 4chan pony wars O-o
  11. Hello there ^^ 

    1. Jeric


      Heya! Also, NIGHTMARE RARITY!

    2. Goldiefox
  12. Goldiefox

    What kind of Pony stuff do you do?

    I mostly draw ponies....and that's about it :/
  13. Goldiefox

    Who do you want to see as a human?

    I want to see Holly Dash in equestria girls owo
  14. I have like 3 decks of them,and no one to play them with ._.