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  1. I love playing Minecraft but every time I join a server the map gets wiped. -w- I wouldn't mind joining for a bit though ^^
  2. Myosotis


    Nuuuuu, I'm here to stay >:3
  3. Myosotis


    Like this? Thanks guys, I appreciate all the help I can get~ @ DublynTea Do you mind if I call you Tea? I couldn't agree more I instantly smiled when looking at the thread, everyone has been so kind and welcoming it really is a wonderful feeling~ >v<
  4. Myosotis


    Thanks, hehe~
  5. Myosotis


    Thank you, I'm really excited to be a part of this wonderful community~
  6. Myosotis

    Morning Stretch! Free Art.

    If you are still offering you can draw my pony~ :>
  7. Myosotis

    Show me your OC!

    This is my Oc Myosotis she has evolved over many years but I'm really happy with how she looks. you can find her original pictures here but be warned.... they are super bad x3 She will be 4 on December 16th :> I do have another Oc but he needs more pictures and I'm still testing/working out his design so I don't want to show him off just yet~ ^^
  8. Myosotis


    Thank you~ I'm doing great, how are you?
  9. Myosotis


    Thank you so much, I'm quite enjoying my self so far~ I actually do have a question should I quote the person I'm talking to or just reply in a new post? :>
  10. Myosotis


    Thank you!
  11. Myosotis


    Awe Thank you so much! of course you can~ *huggles* x3
  12. Myosotis


    Hehe thanks, I wasn't super embarrassed but did do a facepalm :3 I'm always unsure on how to respond to these kind of things xD
  13. Myosotis


  14. Myosotis


    Sorry I don't understand what you mean T-T
  15. Myosotis


    Myosotis? Thats my Oc's name, it's a type of flower that grows in the rocky mountains of Alaska!