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  1. Zubric

    i am angry at equestria daily.

    Well i don't know bout that but Fanfiction section is highly biast with it moderators. from what i heard. only putting up ones from people they already know.
  2. Zubric

    Did you buy anything recently?

    Well I bought a new pair of outdoor glasses for 200 bucks. well worth every penny
  3. Some writers have issues writing certain plots or character and at times the original drafts of scripts get changed so much that hte oringal writers vison is hardly involved. There been bad episode **honest apple** for example but a lot of good ones Not every show is perfect.
  4. I watched it and foudn it fun, althoug yeah the pace is relaly rapid. Wish Spike got chance to really pep talk Twlight befor hse got caught. Twilight was desperate for anyting ot use so the stealing the peral thing is justified. Her outburst was her stress coming out. The storm king was like akid playing with fire. I mean how is this guy scary. all his minons are stronger then he is. plus magic obsorbing metal which is never expalined by need someway to subdue magic users. No royaal guards lolz For anyone going int the movie without having mlp experince, yeah they be lost. this movie isn't meant for a fresh audiance it assumes you seen some o the show at least. Which is probably why the reviews were so mixed
  5. Zubric

    what was your first MLP fanfic

    Honestly have no clue what my first Fanfic I ever read was. I know what my first fanfic I WROTE was but eh
  6. Zubric

    What's you favorite crossover fic?

    I still need to catch up on that story now that you mention it. I just wish I had more skill. I keep trying.
  7. I write using Google Docs, it simple and imports nicely.WEll unless you import to fanfiction which doesn't' save the itilics.
  8. Zubric

    S6 - Episode 23 - Discussion

    I still find the episode just "okay" wasn't anything special really. Also they cencor cider yet we see plenty of pony butt.."i like big butts ect ect ect"
  9. Let's not forget the very subtle reference to BioShock Infite during Trade Ya. That one took me a while to understand
  10. Zubric

    What's you favorite crossover fic?

    Well I got a few favourites but one i like is Starburst which is a mlp/X-com crossover. it's pretty epic.
  11. Zubric

    Fallout: Equestria!

    You mean fallout 3 with mlp crammed in no matter how illogical? Yeah i'm not the biggest fan of Fallout Equestria. The legnth is what killed me mostly. Most published authors don't make chapters so long they require hours upon hours to finish. Well and other stuff i'm not a fan of but i'm not really an anylist. Sure there are good things in it but..Not equivant to it over blown hype by fallout fanboys. Main character a lesbain..yeah cause Celestia forbid you have a striaght protegist in the mlp fandom
  12. Zubric

    Any episodes that seemed real bad to you?

    Well can't be as bad as Squidward vs Spoungebob *shiver* Bats - never liked that one much. I'm still on AJ side here considering it her propertly and Fluttershy cared more about the dang gum animals then her own freind well being. (see the beginining of Keep calm and flutter on) Where Fluttershy literally berates AJ for something the beaver did..on purpose I might add. yest Fluttershy like "nope aj you appligize even if the beaver flooded yoru farm it your fault" ugh! Carts before the ponies yeah that one just cringy Applejacks day off..feels very very very season 1 ish and boring What about discord - Yeah him purposely leaving Twlight out of his fun and trying to westle his way out with "oh but it was for lession" not buying it, nope he just likes to watch Twilight squrim. kind of a Packard vs Q thing going on eh
  13. Probably been said but still rather annoying how she ONLY in an episode if Twlight invovled. Yeah she had the finale all to herself with Spike probably and other but still kind of miffed me how she not just put in the background. She doesn't need to talk or anything just have her there. What is she a shut in like post FIM twilight?