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  1. Basically it just made things even worse.
  2. Fame and misfortune was a wakeup call, and the only thing that resulted was people complaining about Hasbro complaining about people complaining.
  3. Guess this fandom isn't has love and tolerant as they makes it out tone, I guess.
  4. So, my friend is going through some stuff, and I decided I throw myself headfirst into the fame and misfortune controversy.
  5. I loved this episode. The jab at the drama in the fandom was pretty much the writers giving u a slap to the face and saying "look at yourself, look at what you have done. Whatever this is, this needs to end, pronto."
  6. I come back after a long day to find that shadow plans on cooking raichu. Come on,they aren't even part of a balanced diet.
  7. Sevens a bat pony, now.


    1. Shadow Dash

      Shadow Dash

      That's cool!!!!!

    2. Libra



  8. Welcome to the forums, Asmo!
  9. Im a brony who watches anime, likes metal, and has his own opinion. I am sure half of the internet wants my head on a platter.
  10. all fandom's have that "eugh" factor. Thankfully, they usually hang out on deviantart, which I made a really poor decision to "hey,there might be good pictures I can use as avatars!" lets just say that is the second worst thing I've seen.
  11. Dumb idea I'll probably end up doing when I'm bored: Turn a character that was originally meant for a post apoc. Roleplay into a mlp character.

    1. Infinite
    2. Libra


      Like I said, its a "in case of bordom break glass" idea.

  12. So, I just got done with some roleplay stuff at an old game, and let me tell you, that was good.