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  1. 1 hour ago, Toki Zensekai said:

    You're asking us to prove certain things, yet you yourself have not been doing that either. This statement is very subjective. You think they're doing this to you, but this really is only an opinion and you cannot expect us to believe this and take it at face value. Plus you've been repeating yourself every time we make an argument, which is only further sinking your arguments.

    Plus the whole Starlight redeeming herself? Look up every episode where she makes mention of her past sin of taking over an entire village. She brings this up over several episodes, even into Season 7! And she brings this up because she knows the guilt still lingers, and she honestly feels like people like Twilight may never fully forgive her for what she did. I mean, if you look at the beginning of Episode 25 of Season 6, her own fear and guilt get the best of her that she ends up running away from the town because she can't handle the anxiety of everyone accepting her so easily like they did. Sure, you're going to say "you don't forgive someone for mind control. You just don't." And I could see that, having a dictator rule over you for so long is not something that could be easily forgiven, if at all. But remember, THIS IS A F**KING CHILDRENS CARTOON FOR YOUNG CHILDREN!!!!!!!

    If you actually had children of your own, are you going to tell them, "Hey, if you're ever ruled over by a nasty dictator who wants to make your life miserable, you should hate them for the rest of your life!"? Believe it or not, there have been plenty of people who were done wrong by some of the most terrible people in the world, but somehow they managed to actually forgive them. Shocking, ain't it? This cartoon show is not about showing animosity towards other, the title of the show is "Friendship is Magic" for pete sake!

    If you're seriously going to hold a grudge against characters who have been forgiven by fictional characters in a fictional cartoon, then you really need to seek some therapy, because this is not doing well for your mental health. Trust me, I've been down that road. I got so angry one day I was literally sick for 2 days straight and had to seek some consoling and therapy to calm my anger issues down. I'd suggest you do the same.

    You know, i used to tolerate his nonsense, but even for a downright double backer like me, im willing to say in this thread, hes just gone full on hypocrisy, and thats coming from me, of all people.

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