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  1. Nova S. Aurora

    A counting game...With a twist!

    Think again m8 89.
  2. You havnt been active in a while, everything alright?

    1. Nova S. Aurora

      Nova S. Aurora

      I've been on the Discord, not much reason to come on here anymore. I hop on every now and then.

    2. Sylveon


      Oh, sounds pretty neat.

  3. hey nova whats up?

  4. hey nova how are you??

    Image result for lyra and bon bon heres something cute for you

    and now I'm a vampire fluttershy

  5. Nova S. Aurora

    Has being a brony affected your sleep patterns?

    I'm nocturnal now, there's that. I am the night!
  6. Testing 123
    Anyone still alive?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. GamerKuma




    3. Havocbyte


      I'm still here.

    4. TwinkleStars


      i finally got to post when i signed up ! XD

  7. Things I Like More Than Starlight Glimmer, Trixie, and Discord: Discord, Starlight Glimmer, and Trixie. This one is in alphabetical order. So I like it more.
  8. Nova S. Aurora

    Do you wanna have your OC as plushie?

    Currently waiting on my commission for a 16" Nova. I am excited ^^
  9. Nova S. Aurora

    What is your favorite fan made stuff?

    Most of the good ones are already here. Double Rainboom was pretty good, along with the Mentally Advanced Series and particularly The Star in Yellow by Dawn Somewhere. Viva Reverie has some pretty hilarious, yet simple animations. Lullaby for a Princess is amazing, tons of music (like the ones I posted above), there short SFM videos usually parodying stuff. Piemations did a couple of pony videos. And there's plenty more that I'm sure I'm missing. Also these:
  10. Nova S. Aurora

    What is your favorite fan made stuff?

    You're missing out.
  11. Nova S. Aurora

    What is your favorite fan made stuff?

    Fan music, hooves down. See spoiler for examples.
  12. Nova S. Aurora

    Which is the first episode you've watched?

    Episode 1 Season 1. I'm not the kind of pony to start a series with the middle book.