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    Nintendo Switch coming March 2017

    Nintendo showed off their new console today, showing a fully portable console. Article (theVerge)
  2. Nova S. Aurora

    A counting game...With a twist!

    Think again m8 89.
  3. Nova S. Aurora

    Share Your Screenshots

    Whether it is a strange, but funny glitch in a Bethesda game, or a modded Minecraft with a plethora of shaders, this is the place to brag, show off, and discuss your scenic, interesting, funny, or beautiful screenshots from games. (Using spoiler tags will make the load time for people faster and use less data on mobile due to the large size of screenshots, so for the courtesy of others, use spoiler tags by putting your images between [ spoiler ] and [ /spoiler ]. ) I'll start the trend.
  4. Nova S. Aurora

    The Forbidden Words (Take Two)

    This is a revised and reset version of the game I posted previously. The concept is simple: Carry on a conversation talking about whatever you want using a sentence. However, you must forbid a single word used in your sentence. That word cannot be used in any future sentences. You must add that word to the front of the list of forbidden words. If someone uses a banned word, TWO words from their sentence will be chosen by me to be banned. Stipulations: The word must be an actual word, and must be in English. Contractions of common use are permitted. (They're, ain't, etc.) Try to avoid using ye olde English until the later stages of the game. (One or two pages at least) Ponifications of words are okay. (Everypony, buck, etc.) Names can be banned as well. You must either bold or underline the world that you chose to be banned. If you ban a word, the sentence the ban originates from is exempt from that ban. Don't colorize or reformat the Forbidden Words list, please. I'll start: ------------------------------------------------- Oh dear, why did I start this up again? Like I need the stress. Forbidden Words: Why,
  5. Nova S. Aurora

    Has being a brony affected your sleep patterns?

    I'm nocturnal now, there's that. I am the night!
  6. Testing 123
    Anyone still alive?

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      I'm still here.

    4. TwinkleStars


      i finally got to post when i signed up ! XD

  7. Things I Like More Than Starlight Glimmer, Trixie, and Discord: Discord, Starlight Glimmer, and Trixie. This one is in alphabetical order. So I like it more.
  8. Nova S. Aurora

    Do you wanna have your OC as plushie?

    Currently waiting on my commission for a 16" Nova. I am excited ^^
  9. Nova S. Aurora

    What is your favorite fan made stuff?

    Most of the good ones are already here. Double Rainboom was pretty good, along with the Mentally Advanced Series and particularly The Star in Yellow by Dawn Somewhere. Viva Reverie has some pretty hilarious, yet simple animations. Lullaby for a Princess is amazing, tons of music (like the ones I posted above), there short SFM videos usually parodying stuff. Piemations did a couple of pony videos. And there's plenty more that I'm sure I'm missing. Also these:
  10. Nova S. Aurora

    What is your favorite fan made stuff?

    You're missing out.
  11. Nova S. Aurora

    What is your favorite fan made stuff?

    Fan music, hooves down. See spoiler for examples.
  12. Nova S. Aurora

    Which is the first episode you've watched?

    Episode 1 Season 1. I'm not the kind of pony to start a series with the middle book.
  13. Nova S. Aurora

    The Roleplay Hub (OOC 4th wall breaking casual roleplay)

    *I look at my notebook on the page that you selected* Hmm, I'm not sure what you're pointing at, what exactly are you pointing out to me? This page is rather messy, must've been either a dire situation, or something where I got a lot of new information at once.
  14. Nova S. Aurora

    Post Your Pony Collection

    Update: I commissioned a 16" Nova plushie! I'm so excited! *squee* Edit: Link:
  15. Nova S. Aurora

    The Roleplay Hub (OOC 4th wall breaking casual roleplay)

    @Sylveon "Curious. Combat magic powered by... perhaps adrenaline?" *I write more into my notebook* "Oh, yes, you can see my notebooks, they're a collection of sketches and magical schematics of tons of magical devices, there's hoof-drawn maps, notes, sketches of creatures I've seen, rock formations, cultural notes, scientific schematics, personal notes and logs, some letters mixed in." *I levitate a collection of 20 1000 page 'notebooks' from my tiny saddlebag and put them on the table* "It is my duty as a mare of science to gather and collect all information I find in the event that I may something that may contribute to societal knowledge as a whole. And unfortunately, I don't know any healing magic. Very few unicorns actually have that ability and most of them are automatically drafted into the guard."
  16. Hlep, the Discord is holding me captive, I can't post on the forums anymore.

    1. Skyrazer


      Aww, but Discord is fun, random, crazy and more active. 

      And now it's infinitely better because it includes the cutest purple magic horse. :glomp:

    2. Light Landstrider

      Light Landstrider

      Once in discord, YOU WILL NEVER LEAVE

    3. Nova S. Aurora
  17. Nova S. Aurora

    Do you wanna have a plushie?

  18. Nova S. Aurora

    Give the user above you a new name.

  19. Nova S. Aurora

    Give the user above you a new name.

    Look, it's [InsertApplejackPictureHere]!
  20. Nova S. Aurora

    The Roleplay Hub (OOC 4th wall breaking casual roleplay)

    @Sylveon "Don't worry about me. Things happened in the past that I don't really feel like digging up again, but their memories still haunt me. That can be a consequence of doing what you feel is right, and I'm willing to live with that. -anyhow, That is fascinating. It appears like Keybladestry is it's own type of magic. Curious." *I scribble some notes into my notebook* This expedition has been great for scientific study, I already have about twenty notebooks full of information. That's going to be fun to sift through when I get home.
  21. Nova S. Aurora

    A counting game...With a twist!

    Zehn. I have a lot of Western European ancestors, so I may be German for all I know.
  22. Nova S. Aurora

    Last to Post 2: The Last Postening

    Sehr gut, danke.