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  1. Aiadeva

    Just a few skratches...

    Yeah ^^ Okay so I've done two more comics ^^ I hope you'll enjoy them! Not especially funny as usual, just random facts of my life //o here aaaand here!
  2. Before MLP I was a Pokemon Strategist. I used to put a lot of effort into it, traning them, farm during hours, hatch a thousands of eggs to have the really good one… I remember ^^ I was on a famous Pokemon Website and I visited a blog where a guy posted some MLP reviews and meme. I didn't take much attention at first, but when I finished the Winx (… What?) I needed a "good" (a bad actually) show to follow with one eye while I'm farming. So after a few moments of hesitation I started MLP. At first I was "But… It's is good actually!" (I tought it was as bad as the Winx) and I fall in love with the serie in the Bridle Gossip episode. I litteraly CRY with laughter when I heard the Flutterguy's voice xD And I'm a Brony ever since then ^^
  3. Aiadeva

    Pony art!

    Awww I love that one *w*
  4. I add you (as you can see :3)
  5. Aiadeva

    This topic is about Starlight Glimmer.

    Well… She isn't my favorite but little by little I'm getting to like her. But she's wayyyyyyy behind my top 3 xD even my top 5. And maybe even my top 10... But she's nice
  6. Aiadeva

    2016 Sucked

    Yeah totally!
  7. Aiadeva

    Silly Forum Game: Avatars

    Eheheh everything is going to plan!
  8. Aiadeva

    Yum! or Ewwwww!

    Yup *w* Cheese?
  9. Aiadeva

    Choose A or B

    To drink or to bath? To drink cold water and to bath warm obviously ^^ Blue or Red ?
  10. Aiadeva

    Counting To 5,000 [Game]

    1859 !
  11. Aiadeva

    Let me know if I belong here

    Welcome here @DaBronish ;D I'm not a native and reading your presentation was some kind of a challenge, so you now owe me a muffin (y) Don't worry you totally belong here. We all love different things about the show, but we are all gathered here because we all love Pinkie Pie I mean MLP (The Maud Pie episode just pop-off in my head, I couldn't help myself ^^) I really hope we'll get to know each other more! Let's be friends (y) Enjoy your stay here ;D
  12. Aiadeva

    Hi, this is ChB

    Welcome here @ChB ! ;D
  13. Aiadeva


    Welcome @starlightandmoonbeams ^^ You have a funny nickname may I ask why you choose it ? ^^
  14. Aiadeva

    Hello, I'm new.

    Welcome here @Spasco ! It's nice to meet you ;D Don't worry nopony bite here :3
  15. Welcome @Silent Skies ! It's nice to meet you ;D I hope you'll enjoy your stay here ^^