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    Make shitposting great again!

    You called?
  2. hiigaran

    If you had the chance to meet someone...

    Yves Rossy, aka. JetMan, hands down. For those who don't know who he is, this is the madman:
  3. hiigaran

    Opinions on VR

    I myself am not particularly interested in VR. I'm old fashioned like that. However, VR has the potential to be what 3D couldn't be, and that's being more than just a novelty. At the moment though, it hasn't elevated itself beyond that stage. Time will tell though...
  4. hiigaran

    Post Funny Stuff!

    The idiots are at it again!
  5. I think they will have to change the show rating for that. Otherwise you'll have countless parents trying to explain to their children what a 'crotch god' is...
  6. Because I'm bored. Pink horse is oddly fitting for preparing meals for full flights.
  7. Howdy fellas, figured I might as well check this place out and waste some free time. Used to be really active on a few forums on the net, but somehow I drifted away from it all and spend most of my time on IRC instead. Maybe I might be able to get back into forums once again. I'm from Australia originally, but live in Dubai for work, slinging chicken and beef at people in pressurised winged cylinders. I like to use my job as a way to meet people in the different places I fly to, so hey, who knows, I might buy a few rounds of drinks for a few of you!
  8. If the username doesn't give it away, I was (and obviously still am) an absolute fanatic of the Homeworld series. So basically, before MLP, and after MLP. And I suppose a whole bunch of other games. TF2, Skyrim are notable examples.
  9. Both of those features are only available when you are in the specific forum looking at the list of threads. In the activity stream page, neither are available.
  10. Self explanatory title. Currently the links on this page will take you to the first post. Link should direct to the newest post to avoid having to navigate to the appropriate thread page.
  11. I see. Not particularly obvious, since the star looks like it might be part of the same link, but thanks for pointing that out. I don't see anything to the right of the title though. Do you have a screenshot by any chance?
  12. hiigaran

    Describe your job with an episode image

    It's not too far from the truth. Colleagues come in, tell me what they need, and I make it. Meals, cocktails, hot drinks, whatever. Hmm...How about...
  13. Why acknowledge their pointless opinions? People with no life complaining about a show they don't like...makes no sense for them to watch something they don't like, and it makes no sense to care about these sorts of people. Ignore and move on. That advice applies to both parties. Now, since I have mentioned the 'p' word, I am obligated to post the following:
  14. hiigaran

    Post Funny Stuff!

    I seriously love these guys. They helped me discover that you can get a hernia from laughter!
  15. hiigaran

    What kind of Pony stuff do you do?

    ^ Do international meetups count? I suppose there was also that one time I was ridiculously bored for several months with excessive free time that I made a fic
  16. As a forum veteran, I've grown accustomed to seeing my markup when creating or editing posts. Is there an option to use it for stubborn people like me who aren't particularly fond of the simplified editors? (also makes fixing posts that get messed up by the simpler editor easier)
  17. hiigaran

    Kind of having an issue with Waifu's

    Why do you care? I'm pretty sure I do a lot of things considered weird to others, and I'm simply referring to things I do in every day life, like what I eat, or my style of humour. Who cares what you do in your personal time? Just enjoy whatever you do. Put it this way. I find the whole idea of waifus to be weird, ridiculous, absurd, stupid, and a whole bunch of other negative adjectives (exaggerating for effect). There, now that I've made this statement, do you feel any different for reading it? You shouldn't, because who is this random internet stranger telling you something you like is bad? What value is my opinion to you? Logically speaking, if you still watch this show, despite countless others on the internet making worse statements about the show and its adult audience, what anyone else says should be irrelevant. My opinion? Weird is good. It is a change from the normal and boring. That's all it is. Hakuna Matata!
  18. hiigaran

    S6 - Episode 21 - Discussion

    It probably could have worked. Just add a complication whereby the clones have no memory of what they've done, then when their tasks are done and they combine back into the original, Starlight would have learned nothing from her experiences when Twilight asks. Of course, then we would have seen all those comical disasters, so I think the writers went in the right direction. Perhaps that spell was seen as a set up for a future episode?
  19. hiigaran

    Can WYSIWYG editors be disabled?

    I do, but if I try to edit a post, there's no way for me to make certain changes without redoing the whole thing. Earlier on, I had tried to make several different separate spoilers, and for some reason, they all got nested in the original. Had to redo the post to fix it. Anyway, from your reply, I assume there's no option to toggle between editors, so never mind. My issue isn't significant enough to warrant any admin action. Thanks anyway.
  20. hiigaran

    S6 - Episode 21 - Discussion

    Seems like the complete opposite of a punishment to me.
  21. hiigaran

    Would you drop everything and be a pony?!

    If I ever agreed to such a thing, I could see the future going down in only one way: Like one of the common themes in a crappy HiE fic. Dude goes to Equestria. Dude has knowledge of lots of tech that doesn't exist. Equestria advances to the iron age. Seriously, be unicorn, build plane, don't need to be pegasus. I could make a whole heap of improvements on Pinkie's flying thingy. (What? I like planes) As for the actual question, at this particular time, no I would not. Maybe when I get into my middle ages and develop back problems, or become bored with or bitter towards everything in life or something, I dunno.
  22. hiigaran

    S6 - Episode 21 - Discussion

    *Insert 'In Soviet Equestria' joke here*
  23. hiigaran

    Star Wars or Star Trek?

    Firefly is great of course, but you'd be completely fahrbot to not kick back with some raslak and watch Farscape instead!
  24. hiigaran

    Who are the best ponies?

    Twist, obviously!
  25. hiigaran

    S6 - Episode 21 - Discussion

    Dammit, Glimmy! Don't you know that when using a spell like that, you are required to input your instructions like a programmer developing their code? You might have averted that disaster! Oh who am I kidding, RD's reaction in the aftermath was definitely fitting. There are some serious moral implications to such a spell. I wouldn't be surprised if it would be used in some dark fics in the near future. Good episode. I see Pinkie is still Pinkie when under the influence!