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  1. MysticWing

    New User, Classic Original Retro Lover

    Than you all for your comments. You are all so welcoming. Very glad to find this space.
  2. MysticWing

    What was the chronologial order of G1?

    I am so glad to find this fan group! If you want to get to all the original G1 episodes they can be watched on Kabillion TV On Demand which is a free channel on your local cable provider. I have been watching and it brings back so many memories. Hopefully you can find your answers there on Kabillion. Easiest way to watch the episodes.
  3. Hello World! I'm a new user but a huge fan of the classic G1 original series. Does anyone have any links to more about the classic 1984 series? It is where it all began and is currently Kabillion TV On Demand which I can watch all the episodes but I'm looking for more from the G1 series. More images, more fan art, etc. If you are interested in the original series like I am you can check out if your cable provider has Kabillion TV On Demand. Such a classic retro show! Thanks again!