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  1. Oh yeah, I almost forgot there's an MLP:FIM holiday special coming up... a Christmas special that's going to air days before Halloween.

    Okay, who put Jack Skellington in charge of scheduling that special?

  2. When it showed what happened when Luna became Nightmare Moon at the start of Season 4, many viewers thought that the presentation was anti-climatic, with it appearing that NMM was only banished about an hour or so later. Now that I think about it, it was probably the execution itself rather than the attempt. I'm sorry, I'm just probably rambling about nothing.
  3. I think the first half started off well, but was kind of rushed in the second half, though, looking back, it wasn't as bad here as it was in the Season 7 finale. I liked Tirek showing off his ego when he realizes that The Mane Six and Spike are trapped in Tartarus with seemingly no way out. Also, I really wish this season had more with the Student Six and Neighsay before Cozy Glow put her plan into action. @Thrond Interesting point about the Tree Of Harmony. I think if they explained too much, it might go the way of Luna going all Nightmare Moon.
  4. Up the airy mountain... Down the rushy glen... we dare not go a-hunting... for fear of little men...

    Well, in this case, I have no choice, since I need a Mimikyu.

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      Nah, I managed to get one not ten minutes after posting that. :grin:

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      Though usually, yeah, they are kind of tricky to find.

    4. Spider
  5. Goodnight, y'all! :D

  6. Goodnight, y'all! :-D

  7. Hey, Infinite!

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      Wait, I'm sorry, I'm kind of tired. If your referring to Dark Law and Anki, they're good. It's the things surrounding them that's a different story.

      I'm sorry, I'm kind of babbling at this point.

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  8. Goodnight, y'all! :-D