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  1. Good night.

    1. King Clark

      King Clark

      Good night, WaterPulse :) 

  2. Hey, I said if. In all seriousness, despite my dislike (and admittedly salty behavior), I mentioned in Dark Quivit's review that this is likely a one time thing and will blow over by the next episode.
  3. I'm not sure, seeing as I haven't seen the manga or anime, but, from what I gathered, a good chunk of Tokyo Ghoul's fanbase prefers the manga over the anime for that very reason. Speaking of which, I think there's some copies of Tokyo Ghoul in my library, and I think I need to read that before some moron accidentally destroys the copies. That, and Attack On Titan.
  4. I don't see any repercussions coming, at least not immediately. Now, if the writers keep attacking the fandom for arbitrary reasons and in as stupid a way as possible, yeah, it will be only a matter of time before the fanbase's patience runs out.
  5. Listening to the soundtrack to Hitman: Blood Money and ended up inadvertently stumbling on a history lesson on one of the types of people Agent 47 deals with.

  6. Hey, Clark. :D

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    2. King Clark

      King Clark

      Well, that's the thing. I have no idea.

    3. WaterPulse


      Well, if you can't think of anything, "Times..." would be a good one.

    4. King Clark

      King Clark

      Ya, that's that I think I'll do :) 


      Ya, that's a long ass episode title. XD

  7. "The Mare Who Sold The World" (from the David Bowie album The Man Who Sold The World). EDIT: Also: "In The Court Of The Griffon King" (from the King Crimson album In The Court Of The Crimson King).
  8. To be fair, even I didn't think about that until I wrote my response to Number?.
  9. You care. In all seriousness, IMO, the fact that they made this a single episode instead of two (including a potential therapy section) severely hampered whatever development they were trying to go for with Luna. Plus the reason for not including Celestia was stupid. "She has no power over the dream world!" Meanwhile everyone in Ponyville was kicking the Tantabus's ass.
  10. reviews

    @Nuke87654 I hate to be the guy to spoil the mood, and I'm getting ahead of myself, but, for some reason, I'm not too fond of this arc. I like Thorax, both in terms of his character and his role in the episodes he's in this season (my only complaint is that I wish the part where Spike and Thorax go about the town lasted longer), plus the overall concept - a shy boy grows up to defeat the evil queen and become king - sounds like something straight out of a fairy tale/Disney movie. The problem is that I think the writers kind of shot themselves in the foot by properly introducing him just over halfway through the season and not bringing him back until the very end of the same season with the rescue operation in "To Where And Back Again". I really wish he had a few more episodes to develop his character. A shame, since I think this episode (which is great, BTW) is a solid start for an arc like this, for the very reasons you mentioned in you review. Also, a bit of headcannon: I can't help but think of Chrysalis presenting herself as a Mother Gothel-esque mentor to Thorax, trying to convince him that they have really do have to feast on the love of others to survive.
  11. reviews

    Actually, Mario Kart did do a course like this, specifically Yoshi's Valley. Though I think even that wouldn't be as chaotic as this one. @Cinder Vel @RK_Striker_JK_5 @King Clark As for the writers not using Diamond, here's a nice comic, courtesy of Silver-Quill. https://derpibooru.org/1223811
  12. episode discussion

    This has to be one of Discord's better outings, and blows the comic's attempt at a similar story (the Accord arc) clear out of the water.
  13. reviews

    @Nuke87654 I think the part where Quibble solved the lock is where I was sold on the character, showing that the guy isn't totally dense. Plus, this has to be one of Rainbow Dash's best outings, and a good episode in a season where she badly needed a good episode.
  14. Well, in the first Natayla level, one way to alleviate this problem is to complete the other missions and kill all the goons in the level. And a similar strategy can be used in Resident Evil 4, (provided you save enough cash for the semi-automatic rifle). Everywhere else, yeah. I'm looking at you Sticky from Fallout 3 (though it only took me two attempts to get him to Big Town, oddly enough).