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  1. Telsa


    Very nice. I shall be watched.
  2. Telsa

    Ruhisu's ART corner

    Apart from your ponies being great, it's your backgrounds (not even the vehicles, I mean like buildings and stuff) that really grab my attention. And of course the vehicles too. Really fantastic stuff.
  3. Telsa

    Kiri's Artwork

    Love the fur details in the ears. Also I wish I could make eyes pop like that.
  4. Telsa

    Aquila's Bad Art Collection

    Those are some sweet arts. I particularly love the pony with mechanical aptitude and mechanical wings - that's a REALLY cool concept. Also the tattoos on that "tribal" pony - there's a LOT of characterization in a single picture in each one of these, it's really quite stunning.
  5. Telsa

    Aaron's Drawthread

    You know what's really crazy? That pone+human picture - all I think when I look at it is "man that is some sweet perspective work".
  6. Telsa

    Just a Twilight drawing

    Fluffiness = bestiness. Keep up the great work, this looks fantastic - you ever shade drawings? I feel like shading would add a lot to your art style. Soft shading definitely brings out the fluffiness
  7. Telsa


    Hello all. My name is Telsa and I'm an artist. I've been drawing on the internet on and off for over a decade, although I generally gravitate towards the adult crowd. I've never really gotten into My Little Pony until this last year. I saw the amazing Youtube movie 'Lullaby for a Princess' by WarpOut featuring Ponyphonics. It truly blew me away enough to go and watch the show, and after watching the first few seasons I've been a big fan. I'd like to get into drawing some MLP stuff, and thought I would go looking for communities. This one seems to be the best kept and most thriving so I figured I'd come and say hi. Hope everyone's doing well. -Telsa