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  1. Squeaky_Belle

    *Insert Pony Musician Here*

    Oh hey I'm back because I just remembered one more…Mathematic Pony! She writes original MLP music with pretty nice lyrics and all that. Check out her stuff here: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCvzdjaN8HDywpnsFc3RfM3Q
  2. Squeaky_Belle

    Free Art! Help Me Find My Style!

    I technically have an OC, but I usually ask artists to draw this one instead: This is Temmy (aka the nation pony for Singapore). Name comes from the old name for Singapore: Temasek. I'm pretty nationalistic as you can tell. She has exactly five stars and one crescent for hair ornaments...basically the same as my country's flag. She doesn't usually have that scarf around her neck by the way. Original owner is MeloDenesa (http://melodenesa.deviantart.com/) but she kinda belongs to everyone over here now. :V
  3. Squeaky_Belle

    Pony art!

    Seems like we have a fellow South East Asian brony! That art belongs to one of our artists here in Singapore~
  4. Squeaky_Belle

    Gahhh FINALLY.

    Why hello there You know who's later? Me joining this forum.
  5. Squeaky_Belle

    Gahhh FINALLY.

    Of course I will hahaha. It's just a matter of getting through while still having time to do other stuff though.
  6. Squeaky_Belle

    Gahhh FINALLY.

    Oh I just meant it "sounded" as in…uhh. Never mind that hahaha. Knowing the way I work uni's not gonna have mercy on me. :') But it's okay I'll still pull through.
  7. Squeaky_Belle

    Gahhh FINALLY.

    Hello there leeeeraaaaaaaa *shows hands*
  8. Squeaky_Belle

    Gahhh FINALLY.

    "The Family" sounds like a cult! XD But sure. That's cool. Well it's not an issue of getting overworked...it's actually being too far behind and relaxed! Or else I wouldn't have time to chat~ Once uni starts I think that's when I'll have to stop. T.T (And fancy me thinking I'd try doing some music stuff one day :'))
  9. Squeaky_Belle

    Gahhh FINALLY.

    I swear I've seen this somewhere before lol Thanks again though haha
  10. Squeaky_Belle

    Gahhh FINALLY.

    Thank you all! I'll try and check here often.
  11. Squeaky_Belle

    *Insert Pony Musician Here*

    Oh alright alright but I thought the first list was yours…? Ah never mind hahaha. Well there you go I guess. I think I know a few more around my area but I'll have to do a lot of digging through SoundCloud for that.
  12. Squeaky_Belle

    *Insert Pony Musician Here*

    AnimatronicPony. How could you. I have to make a separate post for these two for sure. You missed out XAVI. How. Why. Wut even. https://www.youtube.com/user/XavierXtheace Oh wait, no. You missed out Budzy as well? D: https://www.youtube.com/user/DDJJTropic Why :oooo
  13. Squeaky_Belle

    Gahhh FINALLY.

    Thanks guys :3
  14. Squeaky_Belle

    Gahhh FINALLY.

    Ooh yes. His OC kinda looks like that. Time to introduce one of the most interesting horse musos. I joined the fandom because of the pony music really. SGaP is short for SoGreatandPowerful. His music was quite unique really...so chill and reflective. Riddled with pony samples and a touch of philosophy on the side. He was one of those who took the whole fandom thing pretty seriously. Unfortunately by the time I came to this fandom he already packed up and left. I don't think I've seen so much archiving and documentation for a single brony musician ever...his fans are pretty loyal. Archive for his music has been here for a while: https://www.youtube.com/user/SGAPArchives But you probably should dig through the Reddit for loads of info on him and other space pony musicians https://www.reddit.com/r/SGaP/ (Yes. A whole subreddit dedicated for him and a few others with his style. Those musos also stopped.) As you can see...I love the music here hahaha
  15. Squeaky_Belle


    A generally like Slyphstorm's work, but especially this one: One of the few that actually means a lot to me. Heh. I used to keep ranting about how it had a 1200:1 like to dislike ratio before...and then some people nuked it. T.T Hmm...I actually have a few more, but those ones would be because they're pretty catchy. I'll just include a few: ^^^I think all of these ones give a very good idea of the type of music I like haha And these are just the ones I have on repeat quite often...don't get me started about ALL my favourites...:') EDIT: Yes. I'm one of those that actually like a lot of the EDM stuff. Sorry for all the other folks looking for less electronic stuff. Heh. First one by Slyphstorm is an exception XD