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    Post Funny Stuff!

    I've ogot a flame comin outta mah butt ho!!
  2. More pixel room to work with for our cutie marks.
  3. EMT-Brony

    Star Wars: The Expanded Universe Fan Perspective

    I am completely on par with Jensaarai. I don't watch star wars for the movies. I enjoy Star Wars for the EU. Sure, Disney may have retconned (right word, right?) the EU, but you know what? What matters to me is if the story of the Expanded Universe touches me. I absolutely LOOOOVE the Old Republic EU <3 With all that said, I think think the EU that is post Episode 6 is cheesy as hell. Basically, the Jedi Temple gets destroyed, gets rebuilt, gets destroyed again by the Uzong Vong, rebuilt again, replay this cycle a million times and youll see why the Post Episode 6 EU bores me
  4. EMT-Brony


    I've been binging on my Emergency Medical Technician college textbook lately. It's really interesting
  5. EMT-Brony

    Kind of having an issue with Waifu's

    Relax, dude. I'm in the California Highway Patrol and am working on an EMT certificate and i still have waifus. Sure, other people might think it's creepy, but guess what? OTHER people also don't think it's creepy.