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  1. Ganondorf8

    S6 - Episode 23 - Discussion

    The explanation wasn't handled as good as it could've been, but at least Big Mac still has moments where he does talk a few sentences here and there.
  2. Ganondorf8

    Season 7 Confirmed

    The Sirens were there for some time before Sunset first brought magic into the human world, so your theory does hold a lot of merit.
  3. Ganondorf8

    S6 - Episode 23 - Discussion

    I was both laughing and cringing at how Applejack was doing everything she could to get out of her little white lie, yet she only made the problem worse by talking. I was surprised at how much Big Mac was talking considering he's usually the quiet type. Was what happened to him in this episode responsible for his wanting to be more silent and respond with his usual Eeyups and Nopes?
  4. Ganondorf8

    Anyone starting to like the films more?

    I'm hoping that the three specials answer questions regarding the crack in the portal, the pendants, and that age old question that continues to linger about.
  5. Ganondorf8

    Season 7 Confirmed

    They also need to explain where those magical geodes came from.
  6. Ganondorf8

    Anyone starting to like the films more?

    And the A covers gets some of the more interesting design choices.
  7. Ganondorf8

    Anyone starting to like the films more?

    When it comes to the comics, I usually go for the A cover because I feel it's the proper one. On rare occasions I'll get an alternate cover due to unfortunate circumstances.
  8. Ganondorf8

    S6 - Episode 23 - Discussion

    Turns out it was a dud but for specific reasons according to what Tiny Pop said. It will eventually air in the U.K. but it seems there might be some changes made to remove any references to cider because of how it's viewed as alcoholic. Different countries have their different customs so we must respect that even if cider is appropriate to mention in a show like MLP.
  9. Ganondorf8

    Season 7 Confirmed

    Considering how Legend of Everfree concluded, they just have to make another movie. It would be a travesty if they were to leave it so open-ended like that because I saw it as not the end but only the beginning.
  10. Ganondorf8

    Equestria Girls Specials Coming in 2017

    If these continue on from where Legend of Everfree left off, I'm definitely all for it. I also hope that we get a fifth movie, you know, to continue the trend.
  11. Good idea. I don't want to exhaust myself to death or something.
  12. Ganondorf8

    Anyone starting to like the films more?

    I own that particular comic--the original print and not the reprinted version in the compilation--and have read it quite a few times. It even served as a good dozen chapters for one of my fanfics over on FimFiction.
  13. I guess so. I hope that I can contribute more around here since I'm spreading myself thin here, on the main site, on the MLP Forums, and FimFiction. Wow... that's a lot of places I have to check every day. I like it.
  14. Ganondorf8

    Hey guys!

    Welcome to the forums. I've heard of the MLP Forums you mentioned, but I've never posted there. I'm going to assume that it's gotten worse in recent months due to unfortunate circumstances beyond its control.
  15. Ganondorf8

    Your Caffeine Addict has arrived!!

    I don't drink coffee myself but I do like the aroma of some flavours. Anyway, welcome to the forums. I hope you brought enough coffee for those who want a cup or two.