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  1. Magnus

    2016 Sucked

    For me personally this year was neither good nor bad, it actually feels like this year went by really fast without leaving all that many impressions.
  2. Magnus

    Username/Nickname Origin

    I can't come up with a good name and I never had any nicknames that stuck, so I'm just using my real name everywhere.
  3. Magnus

    Star Wars or Star Trek?

    I'm a Star Wars fan since my early childhood. I love the movies and almost all of the video games. Star Trek never really interested me, I can't even say why.
  4. Magnus

    Hi everyone

    Thanks guys!
  5. Magnus

    Hi everyone

    Hello, my name is Magnus and I'm new here. I don't know, I'm bad at introducing myself. I'm a student. I don't really have any specific hobbies but I'm kind of brony for about 2 years now. Yeah that was it, I guess.
  6. Magnus

    SpaceX Interplanetary Transport System

    I don't know. I think this is just one of those cool ideas, which come up all of the time but never reach any state where they can be carried out. And just being able to land a booster on a barge is nothing compared to this kind of thing. Especially because of recent events, I think they should first try and build a reliable rocket, that doesn't randomly explode during fueling, before they try more advanced stuff.