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  1. MissVasNormandy

    How to encourage an artist?

    Anti-Villan: So you think if I spam this video enough times FlimFlamFilosophy starts making Mentally Advanced series again?
  2. MissVasNormandy

    How to encourage an artist?

    Hi everypony, I would like to ask both creators and fans what are the good ways to write an appreciative and supportive message to a content creator. Pony videos, fanfictions, animation etc. bring me much joy. I often find myself wishing to share my enthusiasm with the people who create such content, but sadly I'm not sure how. Of course a "like" or comment "this is a cool video" is the easy option but I repeatedly feel this is not enough. I'm worried that creators might dismiss these as not genuine, as if the writer didn't bother to write something more. I was hoping to get some tips, which phrases could carry more meaning and feeling. If you are a content creator what do you want to hear from your fans? What encourages you to make more art? Also, when a creator stops making content how do I express that I wish them to start making pony stuff again without being pushy or rude? Thanks for submissions (I understand this topic might look silly but for me it is something that really bothers me. I am no writer, I have problem to express myself in written language and English is not my first language. Gosh, I've been writing this short paragraph for 45 minutes)
  3. MissVasNormandy

    How many plushies do you own?

    Just one - Princess Luna, but I am planning to get more in time. Only problem is I cannot decide, which one to get first. Bon Bon? Chrissalis? Maud Pie? Zecora? Bat Pony? It's just so hard and I cannot buy them very often, more like once in a year at max.
  4. I'm meeting so many new people during my semester abroad and making so many new friends. It is great, but I'm a bit afraid, what they say when they find out I'm a pegasister. It is quite obvious from my facebook and my stuff is decorated with pony stickers, badges etc.  At home I wouldn't be so worried but here I'm in a foreign country and have no idea what to expect. 

  5. MissVasNormandy

    What Item(s) You Wish to Have in Your Collection?

    @Light Blade Her name is Eva Rybářová. If she has any sort of website where she sells her plushies I didn't find it. I've found about her when she posted her plushies in czech brony/pegasister group on Fb.
  6. MissVasNormandy

    What Item(s) You Wish to Have in Your Collection?

    I would love to have more plushies. I don't like those, that are sold in the stores and luckily I've found a lady, who can sow really pretty ones and is taking commissions. I just need to put together enough money to buy them. I already have a Luna one, so in future, I want to get Bon Bon, Maud Pie, Bat pony, Thorax, Coco Pommel, Aloe, Lotus, Cherry Jubilee and Zecora. It will take quite some time to get them all but I like having something to look forward to. I also collect figures from blindbags and I have a list of those I would like to have. When it comes to merch and stuff that are usually seen in the stores I often go looking for some things with my favorite of the Mane Six. Sadly, I am almost every time disappointed, because I'm an Applejack fan and people who make mlp stuff just keep forgetting her. I can't be the only one, who noticed this, right?
  7. Well, it's official, next month I'm going to Bremen for my ERASMUS stay. I hope I'll meet some nice bronies there ^_^

  8. MissVasNormandy

    Least Favorite MLP: FiM Episode

    28 pranks later. Usually, when I don't like a MLP episode I think "Well, at least my seven-year-old niece can enjoy this." But 28 pranks later is not the case. It is too stupid for bronies and too creepy for kids. It just fails on all levels.
  9. Hi everypony, maybe you like audiobooks, dramatic readings and audio dramas of MLP fanfics just like me. There are many people on youtube, who create such things but after you listen to readings posted on the most famous channels it can get quite hard do find more content. So, I thought, I could put together a list of youtubers I ‘ve discovered so far, share it and save others the trouble of searching the endless space of youtube. The other reason I post this is I would like to ask you, if you could share any dramatic reader channels I missed. No clop please. · Scribbler Production · TheLostNarrator · Magpiepony · Thornquill Audiofics · Astro-brony · Chaotic · Crafty Reads · Creepypastasalad · DRWolf001 · Emogak · Forest Rain · Goomba Guy Videos · GutiuSerenade · Jonty Jig · Keyframe Production · Luvlessi · Nimbus Production · Solar Pony · ShadowofCygnus · Silver Pony Players · The Brony Chronicler · Wuten (yes, yes, I said no clop, but the Noodle pony did also The Last Son of Dublin, which is one of my favourite dramatic readings) · Visualpony thenarrator · Deftfunk · Neighrator Pony · Iliya Leonov AKA Morgan Freepony · BogyleBronies
  10. MissVasNormandy

    First My Little Pony Merch

    I actually like Diamond Rose, because her color scheme reminds me of Fausticorn. Anyway, my first MLP merch was a small tin box from Tesco with all of the main six except for Applejack. I guess they forgot her. I bought it for my little niece and realized, I actually like it, so I gave her some other pony stuff and kept the box.
  11. I've decided to face my fears and finish Dead Space. Half of the playtime I'm terrified, while the other half I'm laughing like crazy at broken ragdoll physic  

    1. Skyrazer


      Welcome to Dead Space, where there's gore in spades, the physics is broken and the jump scares are around every corner! :tada:

    2. Light Landstrider

      Light Landstrider

      In space no one can hear you squee

  12. The Upheaval series is so unbelievably epic!:awesomedash: 

  13. I recently started to help out in local cat shelter as a volunteer. It is the best job ever! I am being paid in cuddles with kitties :sweetieyes:

    1. Ebon Scar

      Ebon Scar

      Ohmergosh, a Tali'Zorah fan and a kitty shelter worker that cuddles kitties! That is...does awesome apply to cute things? ^ ^"

  14. Usually I stay far away from MLP fanfics with humans in them and even farther from Wunten's channel.However t today I've discovered The Last Son of Dublin and it quite surprised me. The production of this fanfic reading is very good, it has skilled voice actors and it's really funny. Funny fact: when I saved this reading to my audio library I wasn't able to leave the folder's name to just "Wuten" but I had to add "It's not clop, I swear"