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  1. As a amateur writer myself I am currently writing a Fan fiction, I am using Notepad which is horrible for formatting the actual product. What do other people use?, Is anyone using anything different?, Or should I stick with notepad?
  2. Hello everypony! Through vigorous writing, My internet being shut off, A brand new full-time job and an accidental concussion. I with the help of editors and pre-readers, I have remade and improved my story. If anyone would like to read there are currently five whole chapters to indulge in also if you would leave a comment good or bad I would appreciate it thoroughly As I set out to improve my writing forward to new chapters, New mistakes, and better stories. The Legend of Lee Roy Please have a nice day, EternalPony
  3. I'm stuck in my Writing corner and can't get out, help!

  4. Shameless plug! Hope you like it.
  5. EternalPony

    Which type of pony would you be?

    Earth pony, Who needs to fly if you can run just as fast, Who needs that fancy magic when the earth provides all the magic you need (alchemy) While you guys are Flying around and doing your fancy magic ill be here on the ground being lonely
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    Im back !

    Welcome back!
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    Tips for writing fanfic?

    Violence I do fine, but Gore makes me feel sick and have been known to toss my lunch time to time, a little blood here and there I'm good, but very descriptive guts'n stuff don't sit well with me, it's wierd I know. Wait I can have people Edit for me! AND pre-read it. where can I sign up, how can I get one of these magic people that you speak of?
  8. EternalPony

    Tips for writing fanfic?

    Hey! I just wanted to put in my two cents here -First: This is a Safe, Free to download Writing thing. Spellcheck, Formatting it has everything you need. I use this as it was recommended to me by others here, you can use whatever just wanted to spread the good word. -Second: MLP Fanfiction Writing Guide This is a life saver for me, its long read though. -Third: Write whatever you want, just do it! -Forth: Take Criticism as a gran of salt, just know that Criticism isn't bad but there is bad Criticism. -Fifth: Take Notes, Really open up notepad and jot down notes, ideas, future lines whatever just write them down. -Sixth: If you need someone to read your Fanfiction, I will, I draw the line at Gore but anything else ill read and give you feed back, just send me a Message.
  9. Happy 11:34pm everyone.

    I can't sleep

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    Dream's art thread of DOOM

    Your art style (of the hoomans) reminds me of something, can't put a hoof on it hmmmm Anywho! I love what you do keep practicing. Memes/10
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    Welcome to the forums! please talk to us we need more things to chat about.
  12. I think it would be obvious that I, Lee Roy would take there place.
  13. Something Something Pony.

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    Chopsticks Arts

    I love them, I love your style my favorite:
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    Something about High Noon

    when its me its more like - Its High Noo-AGH
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    Sky stinger and Vapor trail

    I really must thank you, today I had that itch to watch some MLP and I looked over that episode twice. I feel silly now because well my original statement about there relationship being one sided was true. Because that was kind of the reason for the episode in the first place, balancing out the imbalance of there relationship. Eventually Vapor wanted to become a Wonderbolt found a handy video.( around 4:40) Tldr: there relationship was imbalanced the mane Two fixed it now it all better and looking over it again Sky was a jerk that's probably why you don't like him (he's fixed now you can like him now)
  17. EternalPony

    Sky stinger and Vapor trail

    My headcanon is Vapor is going to be there for Sky through thick and thin, where ever he will walk Vapor's going to be there by his side. Does she really need a explanation? she was being nice, she saw a pony that lacked something she always had and in turn he gave her something that she wanted. What she wants is what Sky wants. BUT I do think there Friendship maybe a little one sided Sky being so... thick Will we ever get an explanation? Nope. what we saw is what we get its frustrating to me as I LOVE story in MLP but as a Writer I can explore how characters make me feel or make headcanon to explain things that the show doesn't tell me up front.
  18. Don't make bets you cant win. you'll have to change your profile pic

    1. EternalPony


      ill give you all time to point and laugh hysterically

    2. Sylveon


      That's nothing compared to me. I once lost a bet,x and I had to post IRL on a reddit roast me

    3. Light Landstrider

      Light Landstrider

      That avatar is glorious XD

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    I LIVE IN MICHIGAN! Talk to me, I like to talk, i LOVE to talk, I talk all the time! I'M NOT CRAZY
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    Sky stinger and Vapor trail

    Me personally I felt that these two where really good characters, there good foils for each other. I feel why you feel this way is because the story telling is Made to make you feel this way (me included) it feels wrong right? Also in media in other works itself tells you to hate this type of character (unless in a comedic way). no one likes that guy/girl that thinks he is better then anyone else. Especially then he's a fake but the we learned that Sky stinger just wanted to be noticed, just to have the spotlight just once in his life while Vapor didn't want it or was sick of the spotlight. what I'm trying to say is that Vapor wouldn't leave because she was happy making Sky stinger feel awesome and in turn Vapor got what she wanted, To get out of the spotlight stop feeling noticed as a bonus they where friends. I don't feel that Sky stinger was bad to Vapor (as we don't know there back story) no I feel he would be very nice to her. how he never found out she was helping him ill never know (did He never look down!?) and of course Sky stinger would feel betrayed Imagine doing something you love and then found out your friend was pulling the strings and of course Vapor would feel like her efforts were in vain and resent him. to answer the Question more fully, Vapor wouldn't leave because she gets everything she wants out of this relationship making Sky stinger happy is all she wanted even if Sky stinger was a little short sighted (or a lot) he got a sidekick to tell him he's cool. Together there Yin-Yang two half's existing co-dependently but that's just my thoughts. best ship sense lyra and Bon bon but what do I know abronyaccountant probably has something better to say (notice me senpai)
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    I Joined Because I Read

    Yay! Another writer! WELCOME, send me all the books ill read them (may be I wont be so lonely in the fan-fiction section anymore)
  22. Wondering if anyone would be uninterested in making a cover for a Fan-fiction I'm writing, maybe an OC ill ask around later.

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    welcome, I was here too! I am part of this thread!