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  1. persons who i want to meet always change, time passes and i "fall in love" with new persons.

    at this moment, i would love to meet Ashleigh Ball, Andrea Libman, Michelle Creber & Nicole Oliver. (and i don't need to explain why, if you know who they are).

    before i was into mlp, i would like to meet up with Corey Taylor (of Slipknot), Till Lindemann (of Rammstein) & Amy Lee (of Evanescence). and if i was born a little earlier, i would like to meet Kurt Cobain (of Nirvana).

    *well that's all i can think of right now.


  2. forums are simple. just post to any topics, you find interesting. reply to status updates of complete strangers.. etc.

    there is of course some RolePlays if you interested in that kind of stuff, or just games topics where you can talk to anypony about your favorites. i'm sure you're quick learner..

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  3. i think it's enough as it is. if some folks looking for forum, they sure find it.

    the other question is to make this forum "more popular" by advertise link to it, on main page (not hidden under community scroll pages).

    but i think it's they won't do it. it will messes up with design of eqd main page and there is already a big community that replies to posts. forum is just a bonus place here.. proves that there is not much of ponies here.

    = it's ok the way it is imo.

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