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  1. Same, buddy. But at least the title stands out a bit! And at least it's better than my standard "[interesting title here]"
  2. Me? Seasoned commenter? HA! I mostly just lurked in the discussions. But thanks for the welcome regardless. /) About the picture, it may not be pony, but at least it stands out a bit. And I like it, so it stays.
  3. Of course, I understand. I sometimes forget to buy birthday presents too. Your excuse is much better, though! People tend to not buy that all the stores were strangely closed for repairs whenever I tried to get something.
  4. Hmmm... well the skies I was referring to were more outer-spacey than in the atmosphere, but to answer you questions: Sound doesn't carry well in space. The lack of sound means it's probably not going to be very loud. I dunno, it's kinda the same as saying the Earth has multiple oceans when it's just one continuous body. WHO KNOWS? Neither. I just came up with the name way back when because it combined space with something vaguely pony-sounding. Probably not; it probably won't notice something as small as an individual in the vastness of the cosmos. Mainly just hangs out, holding a bunch of cool stuff and giving a nice backdrop for sweet stellar pictures. Nah, you'd just be another speck below its notice. I have a body. whether it's made of sky or not is probably getting a little philosophical. Fun questions! And thanks for the welcome! /)
  5. One of the main reasons I don't do much forum stuff: I tend to forget about checking back in my spare time. BUT now that I'm back, thanks for the big welcome, everyone! Now about those brohooves...
  6. Clickbait strikes again! (Sorry 'bout that...) Anyway I was popping in to catch the new episode and realized I had never visited the forums. So, why not check it out? I'm not quite a newcomer to the site, but I haven't really participated in the discussions and whatnot for probably at least a year now so... hi everybody! I look forward to seeing some familiar faces (or familiar usernames, anyway) and some new guys too! By the way it's also my birthday so as is tradition I demand tribute from everyone reading this. Acceptable gifts entitle you to one (1) virtual brohoof.