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    Haven't written fanfic for like 2 years now, but I'm eager to get back into it if I find the time.
  2. Hello. I decided to try out MLP:FiM in May 2011, and shortly after finishing the final episode of Season 1 I found Equestria Daily in my search for more pony content to consume. I've more or less visited the site regularly since then, but I've rarely posted comments, with only one or two here or there on topics where I felt the need to express myself. As the years went by, the frequency of my visits fluctuated. Sometimes I would visit daily; others I would visit only a couple times a week. Still, my interest in MLP never waned, and the site has always remained in my top 3 visited sites and always stayed as my browser's home page. I'm not as into the fandom as I used to be, but I still love the show, fanfics, art, and everything the community stands for, and I always make the effort the catch the new episodes every Saturday morning. Maybe one day when I'm not so busy with school and stuff, I can get back into it in a more active way. I do wish to thank Equestria Daily for influencing my life in a specific way, however. After Season 1 ended, I was so engrossed with the show I was desperate to consume more stories about this wonderful world and group of friends. Equestria Daily facilitated this need with their fanfiction posts, which I found beauty in, but also felt dissatisfied with. This was back in the Google Docs days, and there weren't many huge pony epics around; certainly none that contained the type of story I wanted to read. So I decided I'd try writing my own. I'd never written anything before, so I felt hesitant with my decision, but I decided to go with it. I whipped up what I thought was an awesome story and submitted it. I thought my story was perfect and I felt great. Needless to say, my story got shredded by the prereaders. This was back when they gave detailed feedback, and there was no three strike rule. I felt totally crushed, but instead of giving up I decided to fix the issues they listed. So I did, and it became a kind of back-and-forth where I'd submit a better story each time, and each time they'd helpfully review it and point out everything wrong with it. I eventually realized I wasn't skilled enough to pull off the kind of story I was trying to write, so I gave up on that particular project. FiMFiction launched around that time, and I went there to further improve my writing. Anyway, long story short: Equestria Daily influenced me to get into creative writing and helped me become skilled at the craft. I never became a known author in the fandom because of a number of factors, though. Maybe I can still change that. But one of my life's goals now is to become a published and well known novelist, all thanks to Ponies and EqD. Sorry if the post is long; I just wanted to share my appreciation. TL;DR: Thanks for all the fish, EqD.
  3. I thought it was pretty obvious from Sunset's backstory that she was blinded by hunger for power. After Celestia told her she couldn't continue being her student because her thirst for power was dangerous, Twilight's crown became a relatively easy way to gain what she so desired. I don't think Sunset ever wanted to hurt anypony. She just wanted the crown's magic and was oblivious to anything else.