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  1. Dream Nation

    Dream's art thread of DOOM

    Just want to put a language warning here - it's a starbomb song and I couldn't be bothered to put in censoring "yay"s or "buy some apples" so some swears are just there ><
  2. Dream Nation

    Dream's art thread of DOOM

    My first drawing AS Dream Nation (and not TLF), I think I've improved on the last drawing, yes? Also, Rogue Diamond is definitely a fan comic you should read.
  3. Dream Nation

    Dream's art thread of DOOM

  4. Dream Nation

    Dream's art thread of DOOM

  5. Dream Nation

    Dream's art thread of DOOM

    I know this song has probably been PMV'd to death, but I still find it fun.
  6. Dream Nation

    Dream's art thread of DOOM

    We had to make playing cards for uni. I took a little inspiration from pony. Also made my OC for 3D
  7. Dream Nation

    Dream's art thread of DOOM

    This was the first attempt at semi-realism. It's not quite right, (if you look at the scootaloo one I posted before, I'm getting better with practise) Spitfire, Rainbow Dash and Daring Do. This was a over for a fanfic I was writing, but it got so down voted I didn't feel the need to continue. Bonus Bacon:
  8. Dream Nation

    Dream's art thread of DOOM

    I see what you did there. Thank you <3 Yeah, I should do more minimalist stuff, but I also feel it's a lazy way out. >< Speaking of being lazy, you know you can edit your own art and post it again under a different theme and call it new. Gummy earrings should be a thing. Bonus Sparity:
  9. It's been the age old tale the pets look like their owners, or vice versa. But in making your pony embodiment, did you include characteristics of yourself or make it different? I'm not just talking about physical appearance either, adapting the personality and such, like you could be borderline introvert in real life, but your OC is bordering on Pinkie Pie levels of extroversion. I use that as an example purely because that's one adaption I've done for my own. Otherwise, everything for me is the same, well except for the few obvious things like I don't have purple skin (and at the moment I'm refraining from re-dyeing my hair purple until my brother's wedding is over (cause I'm part of the bridal party)). I created my OC based off a pony result chart from a Myer-Briggs personality test (worth doing if you have the time). I've done the test multiple times and I either get the introvert/extrovert different each time, sometimes if I skip a question it gets tied, but the other traits are fairly solid, so using that chart I merged my two results together (ENFP: Pinkie Pie, INFP: Luna), and tried to make it as ME as I could. I think I'm fairly successful, don't you think? You don't have to post pictures if you don't want to (I just did cause I like to use pictures to make a point)
  10. Dream Nation

    What makes a PMV good or bad?

    I like ones that are fun and full of energy. Also those that are a bit random, something to laugh at. It doesn't have to have special effects or perfectly synced lip movement.One of the first PMVs that I came across when I was relatively new to the fandom was entitled "That's not Illegal", and I suppose that has influenced what I enjoy PMV-wise.
  11. Dream Nation

    Dream's art thread of DOOM

    Speaking of which. I feel like I'm posting these images for myself. I'm serious, come talk to me. I'm all for discussion.
  12. Dream Nation

    Dream's art thread of DOOM

    Doing some nightmare night stuff, cause it's the month for it.
  13. Dream Nation

    Dream's art thread of DOOM

    CMC dump (obviously still a wip, I should probably try and finish it sometime)