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    My review for Gauntlet of Fire is up. Please read what I have to say about it and please tell me what I can add to improve it.

  4. reviews

    Today, I'm going to review Friendship is Magic's One Hundred and twenty second episode and it's sixth season's fifth episode, Gauntlet of Fire. The storyboard artists are Michelle Ku and Tim Maltby and the writers are Joanna Lewis and Kristina Songco. Two weeks prior to the official premiere, the My Little Pony facebook page showed a picture of the Dragon Lands. The new dragons featured in the episode were designed by Kora Kosicka, Charmaine Verhagen, Fernanda Ribeiro, Matt Herring, and Kristen Lobb.[2]Backgrounds were designed by Laura Bifano. Due to being under a glowing spell, Spike wonders what is causing it, which the Alicorn sisters explain that it is the call of the Dragon Lord which he must heed to to resolve it. Positives: 1. Spike is fantastic in this episode. To further show off of how much better Spike is in Season 6, in his first episode of Season 6, he is fantastically characterized with how he would show off spades of some of his best character attributes such as being a steadfast helper to Rarity by agreeing to tag along with her for the trip to the gem caves. Which seems that Rarity now has her own personal gem cave to mine for gems she needs. And of how he is steadfast and firm with his beliefs and care with ponies as he would not only openly show it to the likes of Garble to see, but he wouldn't back down from showing it as this time he knows Garble is not someone to try to reconciliate for. Which Garble likewise doesn't want either. He initially wanted to leave the dragon lands as he wanted no part with them and only came to resolve his own issues, but he would show off a bit of selfless and altruism for ponies when he finds out that not only would a new dragon lord would be chosen, but upon hearing how other ponies wish to cause mayhem and harm to ponies, he was willing to not only compete for the challenge but even if need be stay in dragon lands in order to ensure that Equestria doesn't get harmed by dragons. That's rather teary eyed to see Spike willing to sacrifice his own happiness to ensure ponies are content and not at war with the dragons. He would compete in the gauntlet for which along the way, he would see a fellow competitor nearly drown until he came to save the competitor. Seriously, Spike is willing to impede his own progress and potentially risk himself from the competitor just cause he didn't wanted to see someone die while he can help them out. There, he would find the competitor is none other than Ember, the daughter to the Dragon Lord who had specifically forbidden her to compete. There, after the two would hit off with each other immediately by Ember covering for Spike and his pony friends in Rarity and Twilight from Garble, and Spike in turn by hiding Ember's disguise as her being his cousin. Cause of their actions, the two, though Ember would be pragmatic and cautious about accepting help from a pony influenced dragon, she does accept his plea to help her out for which both of them managed to be able to bypass obstacles the other dragons are having difficulty to pass through. Ships ahoy Along the way, Spike would show off of how his pony taught mannerisms and behavior is a positive strength and that it was through that allowed Spike and Ember to succeed so far much to Ember's reluctance to change her views on things that aren't dragon ways. Course, his faith in Ember would be tested when Ember wouldn't continue on with him as she wanted to get the scepter herself. There, Rarity and Twilight who had cast doubts on Ember's sincerity to Spike would highlight Spike's own faith in Ember where he refused to believe that she would leave him out for long and that she'll be back. Which his faith would be rewarded when Ember does come to his rescue to help him out with Garble and even lets Spike to take the scepter without a challenge to highlight of how Spike's pony shaped behavior has rubbed on her. There, Spike would likewise return the favor by giving the scepter to Ember, pointing out that so long as she brings it to her dad, he'll accept and that as Dragon Lord he can do as he pleases. And here's Ember putting on her tsundere face. This is easily one of Spike's finest performances in the series period as this episode showed off some of Spike's best characterizations where he stands up to Garble without a hint of hesitation for how he was taught by ponies despite Garble harrassing him for it, is willing to sacrifice is his own happiness to ensure Equestria is alright even if he has to stay as dragon lord, helps a fellow dragon competitor out and even further covers Ember to ensure she's alright, teaches Ember of how magical friendship is, remains faithful to Ember when Ember leaves, and offers the sceptor to Ember as he had no real desire to rule, just only stop the dragons from attacking Equestria which he sees that Ember is that candidate to do it and a more worthy Dragon Lord than him. Swell job done, Spike. 2. We learn a bit on dragons here. Like how Twilight was overexcited to be able to learn more about Dragons, we get to see a bit on dragons a bit where it seems they have a supreme leader called the Dragon lord who is able to command and tell other dragons what he or she wants them to do, even if it's simply agreeing or laughing with them through a magical ruby scepter that has the ability to force dragons into compliance even if they don't want to. Here Garble is forced to bow to Dragon Lord Spike despite his clear distaste to do so. We also learn that there is a rite of succession here for when a certain amount of time time has passed, the current Dragon Lord must give up their rulership and pass it on to the next generation by enacting a set of challenges to weed out the weak and give the scepter to the most worthy one. And as for the glow, it apparently seems to have a planet wide effect as when a Dragon Lord makes a call for Dragons to come to them it affects everyone they want to come and it seems that if they don't heed it, not only will it glow but it will provide a powerful itch they can't remove. One can only imagine of what happens to a dragon if they refuse the call or even directly disobey the dragon lord. This small but effective portrayal of developing lore for dragons helps to flesh their society out as despite their apparent anarchic type way of life, they are under command by a single powerful ruler who is able to force them to comply to his/her rule or else. Thus this dragon society is more structured than one would think. 3. Garble is an effective antagonist here. Now of course, the reason why Spike's characterization was so good was because he had a good foil in Garble who would represent to the traditional dragon shaped mindset where he is rude, selfish, and brutal. He would openly mock Spike at every turn for his pony like mannerisms and behavior, but he would also mock him for his turn of friendship too, especially when he sees that Ember is helping Spike out and are proving so effective at passing through the challenges and frustrate him in turn of how Spike's pony shaped lessons are winning him the competition. For every great hero performance, one needs a good villain too in order to show off their beliefs and show which one is the superior one in the end. Also, it was very satisfying to get his just rewards for it. 4. Torch shows that he's a pretty cool guy and father. Now let us talk about the big guy himself, the former Dragon Lord, Torch. During the episode, despite his huge stature and his strong beliefs in might makes right of dragons, despite that, he does show that he's a pretty cool guy as when the others were busy mocking Spike for wanting to compete in the competition for the Scepter, he does put a muzzle over it as he pretty much states that any dragon is allowed to compete as the fact they're risking themselves for it is worthy enough in his eyes. Also it's hilarious of how he commands the dragons like a WH40k warboss to his ork waagh. What's more impressive is his relationship to his daughter ember. There, he would forbid Ember from competing the gauntlet as he views her as not strong enough to make it through the challenges despite her protest. This indicates that despite his tough exterior, he does have a soft spot for his daughter and is perhaps a tad bit overprotective of her. But when she does return and explain to him that she's proven that she is able and ready to take the Dragon Lord mantle from him, he does admit that he was wrong and does show genuine pride in her success. Also, he's huge, perhaps the largest dragon in the show. 5. Rarity and Twilight show great support for Spike in the episode. In a rare circumstance (seriously, we need a dedicated rarilight episode), we see Rarity and Twilight actually team up together where they go to help Spike out in his adventure in the Dragon Lands. There, they would don a much better disguise than the one that Rarity had for them to wear the last time they were there. Much better than that dragon costume despite what Rarity says that it's not as fashionable. There, they would provide great moral support for Spike throughout the episode and when he helps Ember out, they do initially show concern for her, notably in Rarity who seems to play off as the dissenting pony voice against Spike's actions here while Twilight meanwhile is busy soaking up all the information they can and does seem more willing to support Spikes actions. And Ember too. There, they would essentially act as glorified cheerleaders for Spike throughout the challenge, but they do provide a dissenting voice to Spike when Ember left them for her own, which Spike would stand by his conviction that Ember will return to help them out as he felt that Ember was just refusing to admit that Spike's behavior and beliefs are rubbing off on her. Thus while I wouldn't call it great, especially on Rarity as I'll get to below, but I will say they were effective here and it was especially good of them to support and advice Spike throughout this episode to show their care for him. 6. Ember had an awesome introduction here. Now let me explain of how great Ember was in this episode. Staring off, we see reason to warm up to her as she goes and helps Spike out to excuse himself from the race when her father questioned why he was leaving without his say so. First of many pats for him. Also, we see her having her own problems right away as she too desires for the title of Dragon Lord herself, but her father forbids it so she dons herself a disguise in order to compete without her Father Torch knowing her entry. Ember is the one in the gold armor, note her color being a different one from her normal blue color. But she would encounter trouble as Garble accidentally knocks into her and causes her to fall. She would be saved by Spike out of concern for a fellow being. Note the paint trail in the water from the paint coming off from her. That's a good level of keen eye and attention to detail one would appreciate in artists and writers having. There, once Spike, Rarity, and Twilight would realize that it's Ember, Ember despite her clear dislike that ponies are in Dragon Lands, shows off her pragmatic side and appreciation for Spike saving her by covering for him when Garble questioned the smell of ponies where she remarks that it was simply her after recently raiding a pony settlement. Spike would likewise return the favor when Garble wondered who the armored figure was by claiming it was his cousin. Good gal Ember. Ember and Spike would hit it off further as Spike would suggest they work together to succeed in the challenge as he wanted to build a friendship with her. Despite her hesitation and concern, she does show an open mind to accepting help showing that while she's pragmatic, she's not stubborn enough to refuse aid that can help her out. Throughout their journey into the deeper part of the gauntlet of fire island, we do see how Spike is trying to show of how being kind and helpful to others is a strength and that having friends is good. We see that Ember despite showing leeriness to the idea out of a case of 'beliefs are hard to remove', does seem to be warming up to Spike's ways. Course, we would get a rather cheap way to add drama by Ember leaving Spike as she tries to reaffirm her beliefs. Don't worry, Ember comes back as you would expect. There, she admits that Spike has rubbed on her and apologizes for leaving him. There she would successfully hold off Garble and allow Spike to grab the Dragon Scepter without an issue. There, Ember would be awarded by Spike for her help and learning to accept Spike's lessons by getting the coveted Dragon Lord title. There, Ember would greatly appreciate the generosity from Spike and would form not only a great attachment and chemistry between the two, but Equestria now has a powerful ally in the dragons that would keep the peace between the two and perhaps forge better relations with them too. Finally, Twilight also has a dragon to speak to who can reliably offer information on her about Dragon Culture. Ember is easily the 2nd best dragon in this show with this episode alone and really helped greatly to build a better view on Equestrian dragons with her not so typical dragon behavior. Negatives: 1. Rarity blurts and gives away their cover to a dragon just to force ember and spike to tag along. This was another annoying moment of Rarity being struck by PIS with loose lips as she would reveal their presence to a Dragon Lady who could've easily have told and warned folks of pony presence here in Dragon Lands and screw Spike over. If it weren't for the fact they got really lucky that Ember is a pragmatic person and doesn't hate ponies like Garble, Rarity would've screwed Spike over big time there. This was clearly done in order to get Spike and Ember to tag along as quickly as possible via defending each other from Garble probing the two. Perhaps we should not give Rarity anything that would require utmost secrecy as this is the 2nd time she's screwed up in keeping it hidden. 2. Ember would have a moment of unnecessary drama where she would leave the gang as she wanted to reaffirm her dragon beliefs, but quickly come back almost as soon as she left. We had a really needless plot point of Ember going away from Spike and gang in order to add a flair of drama in Gauntlet of Fire. The reason I dislike it is considering how Ember was warming up to Spike and was going on the path to accepting Spike's ways no matter what happens, her leaving just to me screams it was done purely to add drama in the episode when it was doing fine without it. It's not as if I came back because I liked you or anything...baka. Conclusion: Gauntlet of Fire is not only the best episode I've seen in Season 6 by far, but it's also Spike's best episode since Secret of my Excess from Season 2. A fantastic potrayal of Spike and Ember with the strong chemistry they showed, Garble being an effective antagonist and foil to those two, Rarity and Twilight offering effective support to Spike, Torch's own interesting characterization and portrayal and more info on Dragons help to make Dragons much more likeable in the series after their disastrous outing from S2's Dragon Quest and further show off of how great Spike is being in Season 6. Sure there's a forced moment of Rarity getting Spike and Ember to tag along by blurting out their presence and forcing Spike and Ember to defend each other from Garble, but this is still an impressive episode and easily Season 6's best so far. Score: 9.0/10 Grade: B+
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  6. reviews

    That is different in context as this one here in negative point four was caused by the need to force Applebloom to tag along with Tender Taps so she pushed her to join with him despite only having several hours of actual dancing experience at best to aid her. In Royal problem, that was more a focal point for Luna to not do Celestia's job and that Celestia in general just needs something more interesting to her duties to make her job seem interesting in comparison.
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    My review for On your Marks is up. Please read what I've written and input your thoughts for how I can improve it. Also, I'll be going to edit my past S6 reviews to better reflect on new found information on them soon. 

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      Sorry man, but I strongly disagree with this review.

  9. reviews

    Today, I'm going to review Friendship is Magic's one hundred and twenty first episode and it's sixth season's fourth episode, On your Marks. The storyboard artists are Ward Jenkins and Hanna Lee and the story was created by Dave Polsky who would recieve Josh Haber in helping him write the episode out together. Sweetie Belle's costume is loosely based on Dolly Parton's. The episode's "art nerd references" were by Charmaine Verhagen and Kora Kosicka. The "Tree Hugger masterpieces" during the art class scene in Out On My Own were designed by Verhagen, Kosicka, Fernanda Ribeiro, Kristen Lobb, and Matt Herring. This is the first episode in the show where none of the mane 6 cast and Spike were shown in the episode at all as none of them made a physical appearance outside of the song intro. They were depicted in drawings and Rarity was only mentioned. Applebloom struggles to find new purpose to her after her cutie mark is found and her friends are doing other activities on their own without her. Positives: 1. Plenty of innuendos, art references, and even a shining reference in the episode. On your mark's humor I liked for some of the risque stuff they showed in the episode such as this scene: Next to Twilight's ballerina leotard in S7's Royal problem, this is probably the closest the show will get to a deliberate panty shot. Good thing they normally don't wear clothes or else this would probably have censors go nuts. Yes, Tree Hugger is in fact posing for artists to draw while she's in the nude. Also, there are actual pony reference to famed artists here such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, (thanks @King Clark) and many others that I welcome for others to fill in for who was referenced here. And yes, we did get a shining reference here too. No having fun times with mah friends makes Applebloom go Crazy. Thus I will give a positive credit to the humor in this episode for these jokes. 2. This episode helps establish and explain of what the Cutie Mark Crusaders can do after the fact they got their cutie marks. This episode will start off right away at showing the audience an obvious thing in the CMC's development, because they have cutie marks, they really can't do things simply to find a cutie mark anymore as they've already completed that. Instead let's spend time staring at our flanks. They would try to go out to other ponies to find if there is any cutie mark problems to be resolved. The issue with that is due to how few and far between such problems are, and with how easily resolved it seems to be for them, they really can't afford to solely rely on that to carry them for their daily lives. So they decide how about they try activities they want to do together, only to see how their interests varies for each of them to not really work out well. Helps if Apple Bloom remembers that she can sing. Course it could be that she's a soloist. So against Applebloom's wish but she does accept, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle decide if perhaps they can try to do the activities they want to do on their own for a bit and spend the day having fun their own way. Now Applebloom would go emo from this route, but I will have to say that I do approve of that idea as it does open up ideas for what they can do and more importantly it's part of a show case of what the CMCs can do now that they have cutie marks. For the most part, this episode does a good job to explain and show the audience of what the possible choices the CMCs can do post Crusaders of the Lost Mark with helping other ponies finding their cutie marks and purpose with them while doing other activities they want to do and sometimes even away from each other. 3. We also see the Cutie Mark Crusaders show their interest outside of their cutie marks they want to do. On a separate note, the episode does show off a bit of the CMCs in their interests outside of their talents at resolving cutie mark problems, potion, singing, and daredevil antics by showing Scootaloo with Bungee jumping, Sweetie Belle with crochet, and Applebloom with Tap Dancing. While a minor thing, this does at least highlight of the CMCs growing interest outside of their cutie mark talents. And we have a russian ballerina pony. 4. I liked Tender Taps in the episode. We have a new possible one shot colt in the episode by the name of Tender Taps, who was a nervous tap dancing pony that is extremely skilled at his craft, but due to his huge stage fright, he's afraid of performing in front of a live audience despite his skill. There, after snapping out of her emo phase, Apple Bloom would realize that there's a cutie mark problem to be resolved so Applebloom would go and do a great thing for the guy by not only dancing with him but even failing badly on purpose so she can encourage the guy to go out and dance like he should be doing. This would succeed and would reward him with his own cutie mark. Which he would proudly show it off. Also, Applebloom got herself a new shipping pair that day. For what he served in the episode, Tender Taps did a great job in the episode to show case his struggles in showing off his great talent for tap dancing and to highlight the skills of the cutie mark crusaders in getting someone to get their cutie marks and find what their cutie mark means. 5. The lesson of this episode does show that one mustn't need to be good at something to enjoy it and that just focusing solely on what you're good at is not going to be fun for you to have. One excellent point that @King Clark, the lesson of the episode being that you don't have to be good at something to enjoy it as how many folks enjoy games but we aren't breaking world records any time soon. And it also makes the other point about how one should also not be so dependent on one thing to make them happy as it would otherwise make them boring and not be as excited for them and more importantly leaves you out on doing other things you can do to enjoy yourself. This is a lesson that I should've paid more heed to. Applebloom isn't good at dancing yet, but she'll get there. Negatives: 1. I found the moment of the Cutie Mark Crusaders trying to tell the Cake babies about their cutie marks rather stupid of them. When you consider they're speaking to babies who can't even speak, this seems to be just a gag moment really. Nothing major but just something that I felt made the CMCs look a bit dumb there. Yea, they're just babies, kids. 2. The song was rather anemic. The first song of Season 6, Out on my Own, was a pretty weak song in my honest opinion. Not only did I not feel really saddened by the lyrics since they were exactly striking or memorable, but when one considers of how Applebloom is literally saying she believes that her friends are leaving her when it was clear they weren't, it only highlights the episode's biggest problem. Of how Applebloom is so sad, that she's not giving a damn she's falling down a short waterfall. 3. Applebloom's emo ridden PIS moment in the episode would feel like it exists just so she can not hear Tender Taps plight of his cutie mark problem and to show of how Applebloom is sad her friends are not with her despite how it was made clear that they'll be back. This was On your Mark's biggest problem as I felt Applebloom's plight was forced due to how this required her to essentially ignore what her friends said so she can angst of not being with her friends, but when she does meet something she likes, she would continue to pout after not being met immediatly with warm open arms as the ballerina teacher, Hoofer Steps, would judge her that she's better as a soloist. This would come to head when she completely brushes aside Tender Tap's wish to show off his dancing to other ponies, but is too scared of the crowd to do so. Considering of how she wanted to resolve cutie mark problems to the point of travelling across Equestria was an option she suggested she and her friends do, this should've flared her mind up that there's a cutie mark problem to be resolved. Yea lets ignore someone who needs advice to help get his cutie mark to angst some more. Then to finalize of how stupid Applebloom was behaving, Scootaloo would point out to Applebloom that they never said they were going to leave her for good, just they're going to spend the day doing something they want to do on their own which she does. After that, Applebloom snaps out of her idiocy and realizes that Tender Taps has a cutie mark problem. Yea, good going AB. 4. I didn't like of how Applebloom was thrust to do a dance recital with only hours of preparation to do it. This was another issue I had was that since preparing for dance recitals often involve weeks of preperation, I felt it was incredibly reckless if not dangerous of the teacher Hoofer Steps to offer a recital part that is done under her name with her reputation on the line to somebody that just showed up to their dance studio and showed that she clearly needed practice. This to me felt like it was forced in order to get Applebloom to be involved with Tender Taps in the episode. To further compound this problem, the fact that they had to hurry to make a costume for them that Tender Taps admits that he doesn't have and the backdrop is wrong that the CMCs went and fixed, this speaks volumes on how ill prepared this dance recital is for Hoofer Steps students. Conclusion: While On your Marks does a good job to explain to the audience on what the future holds for the Cutie Mark Crusaders post Crusaders of the Lost Mark with them finding interests in other things to do and help other ponies out with a cutie mark problem whenever they're hit with it, a good Tender Taps, the lessons, and some funny if even risque humor, but the episode's narrative with Applebloom in the 2nd half wasn't good. The reason for that is due to how forced her plight of being away from her friends is as it would require her to have selective memory for what her friends said and even ignores of Tender Taps telling her of how he's having issues with facing his fears on stage despite his talent, and especially of rather incredulous it was to give a neophyte a recital to do with only hours to prepare for among other logistical problems for the stage. While the best of the bunch I've seen so far, this is another episode to add in a start that I'm not so impressed with Season 6 so far. Score: 7.5/10 Grade: C
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  11. reviews

    Thank you very much for that link, Cinder Vel.
  12. reviews

    I will, I'll need to look over S6 reviews as I'm contemplating to lower them. Just cause you have a map of a location doesn't mean you know the location itself all that well, let alone the spells needed to fix a crystal heart that you've only really bothered with it once before. The Crystal Empire wasn't directly interfaced by princesses and considering the 1000 year time lapse difference and how it seems nothing of the Crystal Empire save for a map survived, I don't think we can necessarily assume they would know alot about the place as it seems they don't.
  13. reviews

    Ah, alright. As for point two, I'll need to ponder this more and honestly I need to dedicate a day to go back and fix some of these points. You do raise some good points, notably how Celestia and Luna don't know how to apply a spell to stunt the magic outburst of a baby but Sunburst did. You can't explain that away when one of them has 1000 years of experience of studying magic or so. I could buy them not knowing the crystal empire as I'd imagine that alot of the info on the place was lost when the kingdom went and vanished. Like I said, I got some work to do. To be fair, it was sentient weather clouds that were powerful enough to envelop a whole area of Equestria in snow. I mean, RD who like any pegasus pony who can manipulate and control weather clouds got her flanks handed to her by them. I need to read that fanfic if you mind.
  14. Out of the mane 6, Fluttershy as for the most part the only thing that she's really done as a character is her love for animals (which I don't think gets played enough as I feel this can open up possible episodes for her), knowledge in stitching (which again almost never gets played up despite the immense amount of flarity potential it has), being socially anxious (which is being resolved as the seasons progress to where it's all but done now), and her relationship with Discord (the only reason to be invested in her episodes now). Other than that, compared to her friends, she's easily the least interesting character wise of the bunch. For secondary characters, other than Celestia (one of the biggest waste of potential in the show), I would have to say Starlight Glimmer as she suffers alot of rushed and plot armor narrative to her story where she feels rather undeserving of the praise and rewards she's getting imo. Course Season 7 is helping on that a bit, but to me it's catching up on what Season 6 should've already done for her.