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    Today, I shall do my season seven review where I offer my thoughts on the season for what it did, what it showed, and the rankings I have for the mane 6 and episodes and ultimately how I feel season seven impacted the show both negative and bad. 1. Season seven would be essentially ‘part two’ to Starlight Glimmer’s reformation arc and this time it worked splendidly. Season 6 may have been the start of Starlight Glimmer’s redemption and reformation arc to where she becomes a better pony, but it would be Season seven I feel that does this job well enough for folks to like her. Throughout the season, Starlight Glimmer would be given and shown much better roles than her Season six self, starting where in the Season seven premiere, Celestial Advice where it would touch upon the possibility of sending Starlight Glimmer away to spread the magic of friendship as Twilight feels she’ll have to do with her, gave her a spot of weakness where she had to learn of how to not bottle up her emotions in the oh so cleverly titled ‘All Bottled Up’. Proved to be an effective friend for Maud Pie in Rock Solid Friendship and did a decent enough job to getting the two alicorn sisters to stop fighting each other in A royal problem. Helped more folks and doing it effectively in Fame and Misfortune, Triple Threat, including helping King Thorax with his brother Pharynx in the episode ‘To change a changeling’, and in the rarity episode ‘it isn’t the mane thing about you’. She would receive another episode that would to me highlight her maturity and ability to tackle issues that arises at her own expense in the episode ‘Uncommon Bond’ where she would face a situation where things don’t go as she planned when her best friend Sunburst would decide to have fun with her friends instead which she felt down for but didn’t tried to force the situation that would be at her friends’ expense. I loved that as I felt that was rather very mature for her to handle and helps show her character development in the best light possible, especially when you compare a similar episode from Season 6 in ‘Every little thing she does’. In the season finale, Shadow play, Starlight Glimmer would play a crucial role where she would try to serve as the opposing side to everyone’s opinion as she felt concerned with what they’re doing out of paranoia or even advice Twilight that perhaps she should take into consideration that the villain could be reasoned with and eventually push for it when she realizes that the Pony of Shadows is Stygian, a pony. This would bear fruit when the pillar six and the main six would be able to rescue Stygian from the Pony of Shadow’s influence and would even have the pillar six reconcile with him for what they wrongly did to him. This would earn Starlight a well earn praise from Twilight for being able to see the fault in their actions and for pushing them to not commit to it. Thus, I would have to give commendation to Season seven for not only continuing Starlight’s arc but most importantly improving her character to where she became a likeable and better character for it. This to me highlights the point that perhaps they have figured out what they want with Starlight Glimmer. To add to that note, it also seems that they want to push the view that because Starlight Glimmer hasn’t been part of Equestrian society proper for years, her views on things are different compared to the average pony and thus offer her a unique perspective on things that others would think so such as in A Royal Problem when she was willing to confront the equestrian royals on their problems despite their insistence that there is no issues and in Shadow Play where her time as a villain and lack of idol worship for the Pillar six would offer her as the sole voice of opposition that would go against their ideas and choices. One other notable thing that I do like that Season seven did for her and the main six was how early on we see Starlight try to help the main six’s issues as much as she could. This shows a better bond and relationship with her and the gang than what we have seen in Season six personally. However, not all of Glimmer was good as I want to note a real issue with Starlight Glimmer with Season seven was how it felt like in episodes Fame and Misfortune and It isn’t the mane thing about you that it felt like she usurped Spike’s roles in those episodes as when you consider how similar she speaks like Spike in Fame and Misfortune and notably how absent Spike was in a Rarity focused episode where she needed her friends out the most. Those points however weren’t too bad and didn’t sour my mood for how I felt for Starlight Glimmer in Season seven. Overall, Season 7 corrected the rocky course that Season 6 started with Starlight Glimmer 2. Spike had a good outing in Season 7, though there was the notable issue of his roles getting taken from Starlight Glimmer. Speaking of Spike, the little purple dragon while not as fantastic as his brilliant outing in Season 6 (notably one of the few definite bright spots in the season everyone can agree on), his performance in Season 7 was good in my honest opinion. While he would less roles compared to season 6, especially when one considers that perhaps he had some of his roles stolen by Starlight Glimmer in the episodes Fame and Misfortune and It isn’t the mane thing about you despite how integral he was to the story elements presented in them, he was effective in whatever role he partook in. He was an excellent support character for many folks in episodes like A Flurry of Emotions and Shadow Play as you expect from him. As for his sole episode, Triple Threat, not only was it good to see Spike getting some love from the cutie map to go on a friendship quest but how I appreciate his role in it despite being the one a bit sidelined by Ember and Thorax bonding. One last note, it seems that the writers recognized that Spike was getting his roles stolen or at least understood why was Spike not involved in them so in the episode Once Upon a Zeppelin, we get to see that Spike willingly choose to stay behind and manage the paper work for Twilight for her to go out and have fun with her family, how very considerate of him. 3. As for the Alicorn Royals, I enjoyed all of them and I especially enjoyed seeing Celestia and to a lesser extent Cadance getting some love from the writers at last. Season 7 seems to be the season when the writers have decided to throw Celestia a bone where we start of the season with a much focus and interaction between Celestia and Twilight where Celestia’s pupil goes to her to seek her advice on how to handle a rapidly advancing student where we get to see some character on her where we see her side of the story when she chose to send Twilight off to Ponyville where we see that it was a painful but necessary task for her to do. That would not stop there as while she shared a spotlight with her sister Luna in the episode ‘A Royal Problem’, Celestia was the one who benefited the most as we see not only how difficult as fuck of a job it is for her when Luna suffers a bit of self-loathing for her failure with the children and how difficult it was meeting those delegates and tasks Celestia had planned for the day, but also that we get to see that Celestia not only has an inner darkness in herself that she keeps locked up, but that her evil alter ego ‘Daybreaker’ has earned a resounding positive response from the audience. As for Princess Cadance, while she would receive a lesser focus compared to Princess Celestia, she does get a bit of love and focus that she solely needed. This would start in the episode ‘A Flurry of Emotion’s’ where we see she and her husband, Shining Armor, have chosen to leave their baby Flurry Heart to Twilight’s care while they take a break to highlight how stressful it is of a job to handle a baby, but even so they still have their eye and focus on Flurry Heart that would eventually cause them to miss her while they were at an art gallery show. Cadance would again receive some more love in the episode ‘Once Upon a Zeppelin’ where we see her comforting Twilight by imparting a lesson she learned while tending to her baby Flurry Heart that while it’s good you care and are willing to put the needs of your citizens and friends above your own, don’t push it to where you become unhappy for it. It’s always good to leave enough time for yourself to enjoy so you too can feel happy helping others other than pure altruistic needs. While it’s not the level of character development that Celestia would have, Cadance did managed to score a bit of growth to her character that she needed very much in Season 7. Luna on the other hand would be the one taking a backseat in terms of focus compared to the other two as other than her role in A Royal Problem and a bit in Shadow Play, she wouldn’t be involved in those episodes and to make it even more apparent on this view, she would share the spotlight with her sister in those episodes. Still, she did get a bit of love as well in A Royal Problem where we see how difficult and lonely her job at guarding dreams is and how she would be the one to help her sister to conquer the nightmares that were ravaging Starlight Glimmer’s mind. Overall, season 7 is a good outing for all the equestrian royals and is easily some of the best roles that they’ve received in the show. Fans of Celestia and Cadance would certainly love the focus on them this season. 4. Flurry Heart would receive some interesting spotlights in Season 7 that would earn many fans for her. Despite folks fear of her appearance upstaging the show in her debut in Season 6, not only has that not happened but she proved to be a surprisingly good addition to the show for the impact she has on her parent’s character development but that she herself is a surprising character. Season 7 further solidifies that in the episode A Flurry of Emotion where it’s a story that I hate done well simply cause while Flurry Heart behaves like you expect of a baby ala wants to play with her favorite parents, aunts, and uncles, but a notable scene in the episode, where she goes to not only recognize that the cake twins are arguing over a toy and almost immediately goes to Spike to alert of it, but when he doesn’t do so right away, she decides to try to take it upon herself to resolve the dispute the best way she thought, cutting the toy in half King Solomon style. That scene was great as it compared between Flurry and the cake twins and showed how despite being obviously younger than those two, she’s already showing superior maturity and wisdom over the two as she recognizes a conflict and tries to resolve it right away via adult and if that don’t work, try to resolve it herself as best as she could. This highlights excellent parenting from Shining Armor and Cadance that is far beyond babies her age should be learning and she has picked up on them well so she’s not some dumb baby, though she still is one so she still has poor experience and knowledge as she hasn’t learned enough yet, but you can tell that once she gets older, she’s going to be a very exceptional pony. She would appear again in Once Upon a Zeppelin where she humorously shows an appetite with using her magic to play tower with the other pony babies, showing that she also sees other pony babies as playmates for her to have fun with. Thus, Flurry Heart continues to earn my liking for her and shows even more reason why Flurry Heart’s inception into the show isn’t a bad decision but is in fact a good one. 5. Dragon Lord Ember, Prince Rutherford, and especially King Thorax receive some good attention and character development for their growing and needed roles as leaders of their respective species. One of the most interesting developments from Season 6 was the introduction of Dragon Lord Ember and Thorax becoming King in the S6 finale. These characters would continue their developments in the episode Triple Threat where we see Dragon Lord Ember and King Thorax struggle with their issues of leadership where Ember’s brute and confrontational approach to her subjects has earned enmity from her subjects towards her and Thorax being one who prefers to talk rather than act has left many problems unfixed and his position looking shaky among his subjects. In Triple Threat, both would help each other out by applying their usual approach to their problems for the other to pick up on. As a result, Ember learns to not be so confrontational and physical with problems and instead try to talk and reach a more diplomatic approach while Thorax learns to act to solve an issue rather than talk their ears off. Thorax would also reveal in Triple Threat that he has a rebellion going on in his hive that thanks to Ember’s advice that he would successfully resolve for the most part as told in the following episode, to Change a Changeling. The sole remaining rebel would be his brother, Pharynx would be a target among the new changelings who would demand his brother and king of the new Hive to remove him. While Trixie and Glimmer would be about to agree with this solution until Thorax would reveal a big reason for his refusal to oust him is due to that Pharynx has helped Thorax out in his time of need from the other changelings that would often bully him while making good points to him to toughen up so he wouldn’t be bullied by them. This shows that Thorax and Pharynx are not only caring brothers for each other, how Pharynx despite his tough exterior has a softer and caring side to him for his brother, but that Thorax is willing to even threaten his own position as King to protect him as well. Thus, this helps to develop Thorax to be more likeable in my eyes as it shows of how caring and loyal he can be for those he cherishes, including his own people and allies. At the same time, he is developing a firmer backbone as he and his brother are notable for being one of the few folks in the show who have called out Starlight Glimmer’s actions out as being in the wrong and holding her accountable for it, something that even the royal alicorn sisters did not do with her in A Royal problem. As for Prince Rutherford, while not without issue due to how stubborn he was about refusing help even though he didn’t actually minded, compared to his introduction, his role in Not Asking for Trouble was much better to where it would help make the Yaks more likeable and perhaps help push them to a spot that’s better than the Buffalo and Diamond Dogs currently are residing in (one can say the Yaks effectively replace the Buffalos due to a friendlier and less intimidating culture to expy off of). Most notable is that he and Pinkie Pie hitting it off quite well with each other to where Not asking for Trouble is one of Pinkie Pie’s better characterized appearances in the show. Overall, I hope all three make their return and have more episodes as I certainly wouldn’t mind it. 6. Other characters in the show get developed as well on the sideline in Season 7. While the royals are notable, there are other side characters that are receiving some love too as well. The first would be Thunderlane, a fellow graduate from RD’s wonderbolts class would not only become an official wonderbolt himself as shown in Parental Guidance, but his new role would help the development of his younger brother Rumble who himself would grow jealous and worried of his own flying skills and lack of a cutie mark in the episode Marks and Recreation. Big MacIntosh himself would find love in Sugar Belle from the episode ‘Hard to Say Anything,’ that’s the first serious romance for him. His grandmother herself would show off some minor character developments as she makes amends with her hated nemesis Grand Pear for his and their children’s sake. Sunburst meanwhile would develop in a minor way as he becomes more open to other ponies where he notably befriends Starlight Glimmer’s friends at her chagrin in the episode ‘Uncommon Bond’. This would also extend to Mayor Mare and Mrs. Cake or her maiden name Chiffon Swirl where it was Mayor Mare who served as the person who administered the wedding for Pear Butter and Bright MacIntosh and Chiffon Swirl was a good friend for Pear Butter who served as her best mare for her at the wedding. Even the business pony Filthy Rich was given a minor but notable role in the episode ‘It isn’t the main thing about you’, where we see he’s trying to get something nice for his wife Spoiled Rich for the Mare’s Day. Also, the maligned Wonderbolts after getting crapped on the past three seasons starting from the hated S4 Rainbow Falls finally are getting a fix on their image with their efforts to help Rainbow Dash and general pleasant attitude towards Rainbow Dash’s parents in Parental Glidance. Lord knows how badly they needed it. Most notably however and best was the three recurring characters Daring Do, Discord, and Trixie respectively. Daring Do would receive perhaps her most vulnerable and human characterization in the series in Daring Done? when she starts feeling guilty for causing the mess in Somenambula and was even willing to quit her career as Indy expy adventurer until her biggest fan and her friend Pinkie Pie came to help her out in her hour of need. Discord would receive his best characterization post reformation where he seemed to be pushing to do whatever he can to please his best friend Fluttershy to show his appreciation for all the things she had done for him, even if it kills him literally. That’s also to mention his dream where he was having fun playing with Smooze to show his buddy relationship with the Smooze. Trixie would continue to build up on her supporting role with Starlight Glimmer where she’s the best supporting character along with Spike for Starlight Glimmer as she’s one of the few characters that isn’t bewitched by Glimmer’s abilities and doesn’t treat her with kid gloves when speaking with her. This would be shown and highlighted in All Bottled Up where Trixie would nonchalantly cause a table to disappear and believe they’ll find it soon enough despite Glimmer’s insistence they find it. One of the most notable things they did for Trixie in Season 7 was developing her magical abilities where it seems she’s looking to becoming a stronger mage for herself. That’s good to see happening for Trixie. Season 7 has just been doing splendid with characters. 7. Many new characters shown in the season proved their worth and are effective too. I’ll give special mention to the remaining parents presented in the season and the Pillar six in their own points, for the more minor ones, I will say I liked what I was shown. While they started off on the weakside when they showed Rarity, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie’s friends that tried to help Fluttershy in their way in the episode Fluttershy Leans in that all three-proved unmemorable, mediocre with the three contestant ponies in Honest Apple with Lily Lace, Star Streak, and the better but still mediocre Inky Rose, they would start to hit things off with the new characters in outside of the ones I mentioned would be in Perfect Pear with Bright MacIntosh’s best friend, Burnt Oak where we not only see him tell his best friend’s children abit about their dad, but the way he responded when Big MacIntosh would ask if he would be happy to tell more stories about their dad later where Burnt Oak let out a tearful yes shows how much Bright Mac means to Burnt Oak and how badly he misses him. Continues with Pharynx as I mentioned in point 5 for why I liked him in to change a Changeling. One of my favorite new characters from Season 7 would be the character Cat Tail; introduced in the episode a Health of Information. There, despite his simple appearance and role of essentially helping Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle out to finding the cure for Swamp Fever, when you take note that the place he lives in, Hayseed Swamp, has been abandoned for quite some time it seems with only Cat Tail living in such a destitute place. His reasoning for living in such place is explained that he wants to ensure his great ancestor, Meadowbrook’s work is preserved for others to come and see the many cures and remedies she has found that can help them. Thus, despite his simple appearance, Cat Tail holds a surprising depth to his character where we see that even though he’s able to and perhaps is better off moving away from Hayseed Swamp, he’s willing to stay there to ensure his great ancestor’s work is preserved and her home intact. Thus, he possesses a noble spirit in him and a selfless character to ensure his family’s legacy is preserved. Also helps that Cat Tail is a pretty cool guy himself for folks to like. Also, it appears he’s handling himself better than the other descendant of a pillar as a lone villager in Mist Mane’s old village that is bitter at how overgrown and run down the place is until Rarity came to fix it for her. Star Tracker from the episode Once upon a Zeppelin would serve as a fan expy where we see him being utterly nervous and shy around Twilight Sparkle but at the same time clearly holds respect for her and wishes to make her happy, even standing up to Iron Will for a moment to ensure Twilight would be able to enjoy her time with her family uninterrupted. Overall, while not as strong as the other elements I’ve mentioned above, Season 7 did do a well enough job to be pleased by the batch of new characters they showed, especially when I make mention of the remaining main six parents and the pillar six. 8. I loved the remaining main 6 parents that was previously not shown in the show appear here in Season 7 and the characterization that was given to Twilight and Shining Armor’s parents. One big thing that was going for Season 7 was family. This would start with Rainbow Dash’s parents Windy Whistle and Bow Hothoof whose love but bordering fanatical support for Rainbow Dash would provide plenty of good for her and Scootaloo in one of Season 7’s best ‘Parental Glidance’. The next one up, Applejack’s parents in Pear Butter and Bright MacIntosh would earn the love and hearts of fans and audience everywhere with the fantastic ‘The Perfect Pear’ episode with their story of love. Even though they were previously shown and even had a speaking role in Season 6, Season 7’s episode ‘Once Upon a Zeppelin’ was really Twilight parent’s, Twilight Velvet and Night Light’s first real moments of character to show in the series and it’s great as we see how Velvet loves to do risky stuff to feel adrenaline pump through her for thrills and Night Light seems to be the one his kids are most alike in personality as he prefers quieter stuff, he still has his own bouts of energy and enthusiasms too. These parents are fantastic parents for their kids and I really do appreciate the staff for what they did for them in Season 7. 9. The Pillar Six gave us one of the show’s best written story arcs in the Legends of Equestria arc for the 2nd half of Season 7. One of the things that happened in Season 7 was the story arc, Legends of Equestria. This would start in the episode, Campfire Tales where we hear Applejack, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash tell their younger sisters their favorite Equestrian Legend in Rock Hoof, Mist Mane, and Flash Magnus respectively and the deeds they committed that started off their legendary careers as legends. This would continue in the episode ‘Daring Done?’ where they visit a whole city in Southern Equestria that has dedicated themselves to honoring the heroine the city is named after she inspired with hope and successfully saved the pharaoh’s son and forced a Sphinx out of their lands. Then next up in a Health of Information where it would retcon the previous lore on Meadowbrook for a new one that works great to where she’s an earth pony which doctor who successfully saved her town from a deadly and terrifying disease, swamp fever, that was bringing it to its knees as Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle would go to the abandoned town of Hayseed Swamp to find the cure. These stories and episodes would culminate into the finale, Shadow Play where we see that Starswirl the Bearded is part of it and would seal himself and the other pillars to stop an evil creature, the Shadow Pony from wreaking havoc in Equestria. Before they sealed themselves, we find they had imbued crystal seeds with their elements, Sorcery, Healing, Hope, Strength, Bravery, and Beauty. These seeds would sprout into the Tree of Harmony and would become the more modern elements of Harmony, Magic, Kindness, Laughter, Honesty, Loyalty, and Generosity. So, the Pillar six are shown to be the original and progenitors of the Elements of Harmony. This would all culminate into where they would be able to rescue Stygian from the Pony of Shadow after they realized their folly in casting him out for his actions without letting him explain and especially affect Starswirl when he realized it was his foolishness and pride that caused all of this, causing him to be deeply apologetic and away from his normally egotistical behavior. Thus, after seeing the results of this arc, I will gladly say that the Legends of Equestria arc is one of the show’s best and you can argue it’s the best one. As for the characters themselves, while Starswirl would certainly earn some eyebrows for his behavior, the rest have earned their spots in the fandom and audience as they’re well liked, especially Somnambula. 10. Season 7 had some of the weakest batch of villains the show has seen. Now, one of the few things that Season 7 did wrong was on the villain’s department. When you compare the villains of the past to what was shown in Season 7, the villains aren’t good. The best and most memorable was Daybreaker and even then, that is more due to how she’s an evil alter ego of Celestia and is a force of darkness in her that she keeps locked away. The big evil villain of the finale, the Shadow Pony was so stereotypical for his role and did really nothing of note other than screech and yell at the heroes that while competent at his role, he was really nothing special or even notable other than a separate character in Stygian, whom wasn’t notable other than being an angsty outcast upset at how his friends betrayed him and justifiably so. The rest of the antagonist roles were par for the course and nothing memorable other than of course a good and appreciated return of Iron Will the minotaur in a much more justified antagonist role in Once Upon a Zeppelin. Thus, one thing you will be disappointed in Season 7 is how weak and unmemorable the villains are. On that note, I do will give credit to Shadow Play episode for showing us that EQG is canon to the show with the appearance of the Sirens, the villains from Rainbow Rocks. It says something when the most memorable villain moment in the finale was a cameo appearance by the Sirens to confirm EQG as canon to the show. 11. The Cutie Mark Crusaders expand and refine their roles as Cutie Mark Councilors in Season 7 and have a good time being with their sisters though it was more mixed this time than what S6 had. While I believe the CMC’s were weaker in Season 7 than they were in Season 6, it was still good and effective in my frank opinion. They would start off with some mixed results but very good for Sweetie Belle in Forever Filly that highlighted how Sweetie Belle and the CMCs are growing up into young adults. Giving us another great Scootaloo performance in the episode Parental Glidance (seriously, it’s like she racks up A grade episodes whenever she gets one). The CMCs would get one of their weakest performances since S5’s Trouble in Appleoosa with S7’s Hard to Say Anything where they gave Big Mac bad romance advice that was a poor attempt to poke fun at romance tropes. Bounce back with their sisters in Campfire Tales in the return of another camping trip with them. Then they would finish their best episode together in Marks and Recreation where we would see they would establish a summer camp for those without cutie marks so they may be able to get them for which they would encounter difficulty with the rebellious Rumble. Overall, while I felt Season 7 was less notable than the changes they made for them in Season 7, I felt that was more due to the staff deciding to help further refine their roles as they are transitioning more into careers as Cutie Mark Councilors with their crowning achievement for their goals for them in Season 7 being the CM camp. A notable thing is that it seems that Sweetie Belle is usurping Applebloom’s role as leader as it seems she’s becoming more and more the boss of the group while Applebloom is sort of being relegated to 2nd in command. I wonder if this reflects how much more popular Sweetie Belle is. 12. Ponyville would have one of its worst roles and characterizations in S7’s Fame and Misfortune. Ponies sans the main six and Starlight Glimmer were so bad in that episode that the less said of how bad they were the better. I’ll say what I commented above. 13. The main six as a group were rather fantastic in helping each other out. I will say that as a group, as we see in such examples as ‘Fame and Misfortune’ and ‘It isn’t the mane thing about you’, Season 7 is one of their strongest as not only were they consistently helping each other out whenever they needed it but many other episodes like Fluttershy Leans in and Shadow Play made points about it. To me, in terms of consistently getting the gang involved to helping each other out, this is one of the show’s strongest seasons for it. 14. Main Six in Season 7. A. Twilight Sparkle: This is in my opinion one of the strongest seasons for Twilight Sparkle in the show. Not only did they give a surprising number of main roles for her in a lot of episodes such as Celestial Advice, A Flurry of Emotions, Fame and Misfortune, Once Upon a Zeppelin, and Shadow Play, but even her secondary roles in episodes like All Bottled Up, Fluttershy Leans In, A Royal Problem, Not Asking for Trouble, Triple Threat, it isn’t a mane thing about you, A health of information, Secrets and Pies, and Uncommon Bond were good a plenty. Twilight Sparkle was practically everywhere in Season 7 and to make this heavy focus on her notable, she also didn’t have any bad roles in it. She was good to excellent whatever role she was put in. Season 7 Twilight Sparkle to me is one of her best versions and best one post Magical Mystery Cure and has only Season 2’s Twilight Sparkle to compete for best version of her. B. Pinkie Pie: Pinkie Pie would have a solid but not great time in Season seven. She would start off by being the only real issue in an otherwise excellent Maud Pie episode in Rock Solid Friendship due to well-meaning but over the top behavior in pushing Maud Pie to stay at Ponyville. She would have a good secondary role and be the best main six members in an otherwise bad Honest Apple episode. She would have one of her best characterizations and really help solidify my opinion for the yaks in the returning Yaks episode ‘Not asking for Trouble.’ She would prove to be every effective in her secondary role to Rainbow Dash and Daring Do where she would help cheer them up and provide moral support in ‘Daring Done?’ Also, she would be effective in her other supporting roles of ‘It isn’t the mane thing about you’ when she joins with the rest of the gang sans Spike to help Rarity out when she lost her hair and in Shadow Play when they needed to revive the pillars and help them out defeat the Shadow Pony like everyone else was doing. She would also be an even more annoying problem for her idiocy in Secrets and Pies. In conclusion, I would say that Pinkie Pie had a good outing in Season 7, but not a great one as it’s characterize by good but not great roles and even her worst ones were not bad. C. Applejack: She would start off on the bad end with one of her worst characterizations in the episode Honest Apple that was saved by her efforts to save Rarity’s fashion contest to help mitigate that role she had. But she would bounce back greatly by having the best episode of the season if not the show in the Perfect Pear where she along with her siblings would learn about their parents and she would be the one to push for Grannie Smith and Grand Pear to make up to each other for their possible dead parent’s sake in one of her best roles in the show. She would also have some solid secondary roles such as in Campfire Tales, there isn’t a mane thing about you, and Shadow Play like everyone else. Overall while AJ had one notably bad time in Honest Apple, she was otherwise solid and good in Season 7 and imo was slightly better than Pinkie Pie as AJ had less bad roles and had one great one to make up having an even worse role than what Pinkie even at her worse in S7 had. D. Rainbow Dash: Much like Twilight Sparkle, after suffering easily her worst season version in the show, Rainbow Dash bounced back fantastically in Season 7, starting off greatly in one of her best roles in the Scootaloo episode Parental Glidance, would have a mixed but effective role with her surrogate little sister Scootaloo in the episode Campfire Tales, provide a fantastic support and voice to help Daring Do in her time of need in Daring Done?, and be giving to others for pies she didn’t like and being funny and hilarious in Secrets and Pies as she also tries to make amends to Pinkie Pie for lying to her even at her own expense (thank god that didn’t’ went through). With other effective supporting roles such as F&M, Fluttershy Leans in, There isn’t a mane thing about you, and Shadow Play, Rainbow Dash bounced back to a much better season. Due to a lack of any bad roles in Season 7 and how good some of her heavier focused episodes are on her, she had performed better than AJ and Pinkie Pie in Season 7 imo, but nowhere near as good as Twilight Sparkle due to the insane number of good roles they gave to Twilight in Season 7. E. Rarity: Rarity would have a bit of a rough start with her first specific role for Season 7 in Forever Filly where her idiotic behavior would prove to be an otherwise good episode’s biggest problem. Then she would have her worst role of the season in my opinion in Honest Apple where she would stupidly pick Applejack to be a contestant judge despite AJ’s initial protest and insinuations that she was the worst one for the job. Rarity would state she picked her because ‘her honest and practicality would be needed’ despite how little in knowledge AJ has for fashion and especially how rather low tier practicality is for fashion really. To make her role in Honest Apple to be perhaps worse than AJ’s, the episode never called her out for her stupid choice and especially how she ended up choosing all three contestants despite her early promise to only promote one. She would bounce back greatly in the episode Campfire Tales where she would be the best one out of the bunch due to how the episode highlights how notably willing Rarity is able to camp and how much better she has gotten for it along with giving us the best campfire tale of the bunch. Next, she would have another stronger outing in It isn’t the mane thing about you where she gave us a fun episode for all to enjoy. Coupled with some other good supporting roles from the season finale and we have a much better finish for Rarity. She’s behind on AJ but a small bit ahead of Pinkie Pie due to having a slightly brighter role than Pinkie Pie this season to offset her one slightly worse role than Pinkie while having more bad roles and less brightly shone roles as AJ had. F. Fluttershy: Fluttershy would continue her streak of good seasons, though she would start a bit on the rough side with Fluttershy Leans in for not only inexplicably giving us a dream job for Fluttershy that came out of left field but how the episode avoids chastising her for her own faults for the poor planning on the nature sanctuary she wants. However, she would bounce back greatly in Discordant Harmony where she really shows to be Discord’s best friend when she comes to his aid when he was willing to kill himself to make her happy by telling him to be himself for his and her sake. She would also have possibly her best role in the series in the episode A health of information where she would pull all stops to finding the cure for Swamp Fever that’s afflicting Zecora, even at her own expense that hurts her own performance than she realized. Alongside some good secondary roles with the rest of the girls in group focused episodes such as F&M and Shadow Play, Fluttershy had another good-great season for her. She’s ahead of Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and AJ as while she has one bad role, the good roles she had she shown brightly and was memorable in them. She’s behind Rainbow Dash and certainly Twilight Sparkle because of that one bad role however. My main six rankings for Season 7 are as follows: 1. Twilight Sparkle 2. Rainbow Dash 3. Fluttershy 4. Applejack 5. Rarity 6. Pinkie Pie However, all of them were good in Season 7 and none of them had a bad season so that is certainly pleasing to see. 15. Episode rankings: 1. Perfect Pear: A+ (Best episode of the season, and you can argue it’s the best episode of the show. It’s that good) 2. Parental Glidance: A+ (Another great Scootaloo episode and one of her best. Gave us a much-needed look on Rainbow Dash’s parents and gave us a much-needed great role for Rainbow Dash to have). 3. Once Upon a Zeppelin: A+ (Twilight’s best episode since Amending Fences imo) 4. Marks and Recreation: A+ (Another fantastic Cutie Mark Crusader episode where it develops their careers as councilors while developing Rumble and Thunderlane’s characters meanwhile in the episode to great effect) 5. Uncommon Bond: A+ (Post Reformation Starlight Glimmer’s best episode. Helps to highlight the stark difference between Season 7 Starlight and her S6 version). 6. A Health of Information: A (Only a retcon prevents it from having an A+. This is possibly Fluttershy’s best episode in the show). 7. Discordant Harmony: A (Best Post Discord reformation episode in the series. Really adds tons of fuel for the Discordshy shippers). 8. Flurry of Emotions: A (A much better version of Baby Cakes and another great episode for Twilight to have. Flurry Heart shows her worth in the series too.) 9. All Bottled Up: A (A great follow up to the season premiere to help show off the dynamics between Trixie and Starlight Glimmer in a better light. Trixie receives some hidden character developments here too.) 10. Shadow Play: A (Best two parter finale in the show and the only finale imo that can rival S1’s Best Night Ever for best finale in the show). 11. It isn’t the mane thing about you: B+ (Another excellent outing for Rarity where this episode gave birth to us Raripunk. One of the main 6 and Glimmer’s best supporting roles in the show too. 12. Celestial Advice: B+ (One of the best Season premieres of the show. Gave us much needed development and love for Celestia while hinting at what Twilight has planned for Glimmer in the future). 13. To Change a Changeling: B+ (Gives us a much-needed focus and development on the Changelings post S6 and helps develop Thorax while giving us an interesting brother to boot). 14. A Royal Problem: B+ (Another episode gives a much-needed focus on the day to day jobs of the Alicorn sisters. Also gave us Daybreaker and development for both alicorn sisters too and a hilarious Twilight Sparkle). 15. Not Asking for Trouble: B (A much needed fix on the Yaks and giving us an excellent Pinkie Pie characterization). 16. Triple Threat: B (Gives some good development for both Thorax and Ember as rulers of their respective kingdoms. Helps set up To Change a Changeling. Effective roles for Spike, Twilight, and Glimmer.) 17. Rock Solid Friendship: B (A great Maud Pie episodes that gave us her best characterization in the show. A bit on the stupid side Pinkie Pie characterization however ruins that chance). 18. Campfire Tales: C+ (Some campfire stories are better written and Rainbow Dash could irk some folks. Otherwise, an excellent setup episode for the Legends of Equestria arc and a good sister bond episode between Rarity, Sweetie Belle, Applejack, Applebloom, Rainbow Dash, and Scootaloo respectively.) 19. Forever Filly: C+ (Rarity’s role was on the stupid side as well as Applebloom and Scootaloo being too dependent on Sweetie Belle, but a fantastic Sweetie Belle episode with a relatable tale of older siblings dealing with younger siblings growing up). 20. Daring Done: C+ (A messed up and stupid climax messes up an otherwise great and humanizing character episode for Daring Do. Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie were good in it too). 21. Secrets and Pies: C (A funny episode that is messed up by Pinkie Pie’s idiocy and a mistake with Rainbow Dash throwing out the first pie given in the episode. Otherwise a very good Rainbow Dash characterization.) 22. Hard to Say Anything: D (Helps give us SugarMac as Big Mac’s canon romance partner, but the CMC’s stupidity as well poor attempts at jabbing at romance tropes as well as an unlikeable antagonist hurts this episode a plenty). 23. Fluttershy Leans In: F (Fluttershy’s desire for an animal sanctuary has no setup and she doesn’t get called out for her poor planning of said sanctuary is the only black mark on Fluttershy in Season seven). 24. Honest Apple: F (One of the worst characterizations of Applejack in the show. Rarity is perhaps a bit worse as the episode never calls her out for her poor choice or the fact she ended up picking and supporting all three contestants despite declaring she would only pick on contestant). 25. Fame and Misfortune: F- (One of the show’s worst episodes in a very mean-spirited tone story that gets no proper resolution to what happened). 16. Season seven held another and very important theme going for it. On a note, one of the things that Season 7 did that was rather surprising to see and I liked how it handled it ‘Folks have different views and they should not be hated for it. Sometimes their views are correct and better in fact’. This would be best shown in episodes, Triple Threat where Ember and Thorax apply their usual method to solve their own problems to each other’s problems to be resolved instead of either of them discounting it as they listened and agreed with what to do. To Change a Changeling where it would show the faults and issues of how pacifistic to the point of weakness the new Changeling Hive has gotten and how Pharynx’s views that they should learn to protect and defend themselves proved to be correct. Marks and Recreation where not only did they show Rumble rebelling against the CMCs for reasons that cutie marks suck, but when they did quell the rebellion and he learns to behave better, the episode didn’t throw a cutie mark on him to force him into a path right away but rather let him enjoy cooking while still leaving open that flying is for him. And finally, Shadow Play where it shows the consequences of what happens when you go to demonize and ostracize someone for an action they did instead of giving them a fair chance at what they want or believe. This is a surprisingly mature take on a very important lesson folks should learn, which is that folks will have different views on things and want to do different actions for it. Declaring them bad and not giving them a chance to learn or prove their beliefs correct is not the course of action one should take. Giving folks a fair shake with their views will create happier groups, something we certainly need more on. 17. What can future seasons learn from Season 7 and what can they improve upon it. What future seasons can learn from Season 7 is how that you can incorporate other characters to be involved in even small things and it would still help them out as it would help show that they’re caring friends willing to help them out. It certainly did for Starlight Glimmer and it can work with new characters too. Also, the general execution and setup of storylines and arcs in Season 7 is something many other seasons in the show wished they had and is a good sign as the show heads into the twilight of its life. Also, it’s theme of family and acceptance of other’s beliefs and actions is something that can be expanded upon and done more on in future episodes as they’ve shown to be fun and good ideas to be explored more. I’d love for every parent to spend time with each other or so. The treatment of each character where they’re treated well for the most part is also something to be admired as well. Finally, one thing that I felt the season did wrong that other seasons did better was in the villain’s department as I felt Season 7’s rogue’s gallery was mediocre and rather forgetful. 18. Conclusion: To me, Season 7 is the show’s best season in the series. It does everything you’d hope they should would do well and when it hits it brilliantly, it shines among the brightest I’ve seen in this show. With so few bad things in it, so many good things like good developments on the royals, a well written arc, much better development for Starlight Glimmer, and how well written the main six and other characters that helped them become better characters without anyone feeling disappointed in anyone other than maybe Spike having his roles stolen by Glimmer, Season 7 to me is the show’s best season and I hope that Season 8 can become better.
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    Nuke's FIM Episode review thread

    Paranoia could be a justified enough response to be wary of an action. It's something that I have done myself as there were many times where I do not know about something but felt the need to voice my concern simply cause I assume the worst will happen even if it's not something that will happen at all. At worse, Starlight should've voiced that concern out, but that would be assuming she knew about it which I do not think she did. As for her modification of the time spell, different jobs and contexts show why that's not an issue as Starlight at that point was whacked with a thirst for vengeance so her mind wasn't thinking logically unlike there where she was much better able to and a time spell that allows one to travel back in time to alter something vs. removing someone out of a sealing spell provide different sets of dangers for folks as for the most part one doesn't need to be concerned with unleashing a sealed evil right away with a time travel spell unlike a sealed spell that was known to have banished a great evil. I feel the reason why is because Starlight perhaps saw that since she was a big bad villain once before and how it took some talking to get her out of it, it was perhaps her simply suggesting that maybe banishing someone right away isn't the best option and that perhaps he could be reasoned with like Twilight did with her. Twilight did point and notably affected Starlight Glimmer when she pointed out to her of how if Starswirl was around, Starlight wouldn't have been able to do her time travel shenanigans well. She may not know the pony of shadow as well as the others, but I felt this was Starlight trying to act as an alternate opinion and merely was suggesting that perhaps there's other options available to them that doesn't involve banishing a foe. I don't think she was pushing for it that hard until she realized the map came up and had her thinking that perhaps the Pony of Shadow should be reasoned with.
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    Nuke's FIM Episode review thread

    But the fact that so many more find her more interesting for that reason as she's becoming a better and more likable character to enjoy than what we saw from Season 6. Got to start and improve from somewhere I say. I do not agree as I feel she was better than that. I got a season 7 review I need to type to show that. That's fine, but still folks enjoy that, including me. As for the bad decisions, true on their side of stupidity for not thinking that part, but it's not too bad imo considering how they had to go and fix it and how it ended and they didn't knew of such an option (even glimmer didn't suspected). But without the pillars, there's no story or arc for season 7 and thus leaves open some big hole for folks to fill in as a result. What would you have filled it? True, Pony of Shadows can be considered one of the show's weakest villains simply cause he's stereotypical and he actually does really nothing other than yell and screech in anger. 1. True, it does cause the conflict very much even if it is in character. 2. To be fair, that really wasn't Twilight's fault that spell turned out as it did as she pretty much did the equivalent of turning it on to see what's up until said spell decided to go and specifically target her friends. She may have had an epiphany to solve it but she still managed to correct it and save her friends, and this isn't abnormal for Twilight, heck she pretty much does that a couple of times here in Shadow Play. 3. True on the account that Stygian was fueled by jealousy and pettiness, but not on the stealing artifacts to become the pony of shadows. He only went and became it after he tried to make copies of the artifacts in an attempt to became a pillar himself and they threw him out for it. I do admit that Stygian does need to be addressed for how he took their artifacts without their say so, but the rest the pillars pretty much threw him out and since he was already fueled by out of a need to help the pillars, this would cause a huge negative repercussions for it.
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    My review for Shadow Play is finall up. Happy to be back after that finger injury sidelined me. Please read what I've written and tell me what you think about it.

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    Nuke's FIM Episode review thread

    Today I shall review Friendship is Magic’s episode’s one hundred and sixty eighth and one hundred and sixty ninth episode and its seventh season’s twenty fifth and twenty sixth episode, Shadow Play parts one and two. The story for both parts was written by Josh Haber and Nicole Dubac. The storyboard artists for both parts are Kaylea Chard and Jae Harm. The pony of shadows idea was thought of and brought back by Joanna Lewis and Kristine Songco. According to Josh Haber, the season seven finale was meant to coincide and set up for the release of the My Little Pony Movie. Upon the discovery of Starswirl the Bearded’s journal, the gang sets out to try to bring him and his pillar friends out of their imprisonment however they can despite a few reserved protests from Starlight that perhaps they shouldn’t mess with something that’s not needed to be messed with. Positives: 1. We not only are able to connect the past episodes that helped set up the legends of Equestria to this episode, but we get even more background information on them where we find out what they did to help Equestria together and how they’re connected to the Elements of Harmony. Now one of the big things that Season 7 was setting up was the Legends of Equestria where we see several episodes such as Campfire Tales, Daring Done?, and a Health of Information with showing the characters, Rockhoof, Mistmane, Flash Magnus, Somnambula, Meadowbrooks. There they would help set these characters up and the background information on them and flesh out their characters for fans to be interested in them, but more importantly it would help set them up to be paired up with the legendary Starswirl the Bearded. The picture showing them all together. There in the Shadow play episode, we would discover more background lore information on them where it seems that not only did they all existed at the same time, but they teamed up together to fight evil and bring them down. In their last adventure, it revealed the reason why all of them disappeared as they chose to sacrifice themselves to save Equestria via sealing themselves with the dark evil beast known as Pony of Shadows. Where they all lie when they found them. Fun fact, the runes on one of the stones actually says 'Poni Rules'. But before they would seal themselves away, the pillar six as they were called chose to plant seeds imbued with their respective magical elements, Strength, Bravery, Beauty, Hope, Healing, and Sorcery and planted the crystal seeds at a certain spot as a way that after their sealing that their plan to create a means for Equestria to defend itself would take their place. That means, was the Tree of Harmony and its Elements of Harmony. That’s right, the pillar six was not only the original mane 6, but the Tree of Harmony carries their elements where it is imbued in a new mane 6. One could even say the pillar six are the mane 6’s ancestors or something like that. As for their characterizations, while Starswirl the Bearded would get some mixed responses from his behavior, I would say it was fine as he wanted to banish a great evil and was willing to make sacrifices to do it, even if it’s a difficult decision, he felt there was no choice and when he did realize the error of his ways along with the pillars, he showed great remorse and sought to make amends to Stygian, the reformed villain for what he had done. The other pillars characterizations for the most part fit well with their mane six counterparts and were decent enough to garner likes from the audience with a few moments of likeability from them. Overall, Shadow Play does an excellent job in connecting and finishing up the season seven arcs for the Legends of Equestria, develops their background lore greatly, and does a decent enough job to make the characters likeable with only one possible iffy one out of the group. Also, considering some episode titles we’ve been hearing are coming in Season 8 and their presence in the comics, it’s likely we will see the pillar six’s return sooner than we think and I’m pleased as well that they’re not one off characters. 2. There was a bit of humor going on at poking fun at plot contrivances occurring because of magic in Shadow Play’s part one. One of the things that I noticed is that the humor seemed to have made a gag or so at plot contrivances occurring due to magic where Twilight would get frustrated at how she had hoped that their problems would be resolved via some magic appearing out of nowhere for which it did. Some nice lampshade going on there with pointing out that trope. Which it does happen here! 3. The adventure quests the remane five went on to find the Pillar’s artifacts was not only fun but represented some of the episodes best moments as well. When the gang got to the ancient pony ruins of Ponehenge, one of the things they would eventually find after some research that they would need to find the artifacts needed to begin undoing the spell and getting the pillar six out of limbo. During this trek, we would see the remane five and Spike go on separate quests to find the artifacts which held a lot of fun moments and where each of them get to shine. Here’s AJ not only defending her views from an unbeliever, but we get to see AJ show off that earth pony strength at last. Finally, AJ gets to do something super pony. Note that one of the archeology teacher’s students is the same pony from that appeared and got her cutie mark in paleontology/archeology from S6’s The Fault in our Cutie Marks, Petunia Paleo as she’s called. Rarity would find that the poor ancestral home of Mistmane is not only in heavily vine covered ruins, but the poor descendant there is bitter at how things went. Don’t worry, Rarity will fix that right up for her. Rainbow Dash would bring Spike along to help her out get Flash Magnus’s Netitus Shield from the Dragons in Dragon land where RD would do some standing up for Spike after Garble tries to back out of the deal and trick him for his troubles. Dang that shield is durable to have lasted so long with only wear and tear being the only issue it has. Pinkie Pie would enlist Daring Do and a few folks from the nearby town to help her out find Somnambula’s artifact under that slime pool. Note the vents are gone or so and don’t appear when the pool is drained. It seems someone made a mistake creating those vents in the Daring Done episode. Fluttershy would go to Hayseed Swamp and help Meadowbrook’s descendant Cat Tail to getting the Flash Bees away to let the animals swim in the nearby pool. While Cat Tail points out that Fluttershy merely must ask for Meadowbrook’s healer’s mask and not do that task for him, Flutttershy wanted to as it was the kind thing and to offer a service. Not only do all of them show the remane five and their elements to bear for the crowd of ponies or dragons there, but it gave us some delightful fun and times to see and represent some of Shadow Play’s best moments. 4. The elements of Harmony make their return here and I’m pleased to see their return. I’ll admit, I missed the elements of harmony and one of the things Shadow Play brings back is those six artifacts to help defeat the Pony of Shadows. It’s good to see those necklaces again doing what they do best. On another point, Starswirl does confirm that the cutie map is controlled by the Tree of Harmony and Starlight sees that the map does help the gang out when they need to go and solve a friendship problem so not only is the Tree of Harmony the one leading the mane 6 along with some plan in mind, but it seems to be trying to spread friendship across the lands for Equestria’s benefit. If the tree could talk, if probably berate the pillars for being stupid and telling them how it's been doing their jobs just fine without them. 5. I do like that the episode’s theme seems to be that ‘Hero Worship out of blind faith is bad and even great ones must be questioned’. One of the biggest themes that went on in Shadow Play was that it seems to highlight of how Hero Worship is a terrible thing to do out of blind faith. While the remane five would display some signs of it, none compared to Twilight Sparkle and her idol worship of Starswirl the Bearded. Throughout the episode, it would plague Twilight’s character where she would act out of her need to bring Starswirl, her idol, out to save and have the chance to please him. SENPAI NOTICES ME! I got to say, I do like how the remane five come to Twilight's defense when Starswirl was being dismissive of her. They showed better care for her than Twilight did for Starlight. This would cause an evil beast to be released in the Pony of Shadows that would doom Equestria if left unchecked and of course get off on a very bad footing with Starswirl who is rightfully pissed off at her for it. This would cause Twilight to be motivated throughout the episode and be emotionally compromised and to try to win back Starswirl’s respect for her by doing and agreeing with whatever coincides with what he wants. Though upon research, she did find a spell that would help keep the pillars around, the ones who made the Elements of Harmony so despite Starswirl’s plan sacrificing the Elements of Harmony, Twilight helped made it not such a bad idea when you consider they’re going to keep the makers of said elements and create new ones after the old ones are sacrificed. This would lead to many problems and issues, including having the Elements of Harmony be offered as a sacrifice to stop the Pony of Shadows. Fortunately, Starlight Glimmer who held no such attachment to these heroes would point out and find the flaws in Starswirl’s plan, but even call him out for how he’s only seeing the Pony of Shadows a monster to kill and not to save his friend and reform him, something that Twilight has done before and would probably agree with Starlight if she weren’t so emotionally compromised. To be fair to the pillar six, considering that they viewed Stygian’s actions with a biased view and didn’t know what he intended and none of the ponies besides a haunch from Starlight to even offer a chance at reformation, knew much on him, it would be a hard move to question them on their choice. However, Starlight’s words do reach to Twilight as her belief in Starswirl’s infallibility does weaken a bit to where when she saw that there was a pony in the Pony of Shadows beast, she does snap out of her ineffectiveness and acts to save him. There, she would let Stygian speak who would state that he never intended to bring harm to anyone, he only took the artifacts so he could make copies and hope he could become a pillar himself so he can help his friends out for which they immediately assumed the worst in him and cast him out. There, he would find a friend in the Pony of Shadows and let it possess him to exceed the pillar six. After hearing that, not only do the pillars realize their horrific error in judging Stygian so terribly, but even Starswirl snaps out of his egotistical determination to realize he had messed everything up in his pride. Here’s Starswirl helping Stygian and tearfully state how wrong he was to treat Stygian as he did. There, the ending would not only show the Pillar six apologize and regret with that they had done to Stygian, but even Twilight herself would apologize better to Starlight, admitting that she allowed her blind faith in Starswirl to blind her to situation in front of her that Starlight was able to see through. While her behavior wasn’t perfect, I’ve come to realize that Twilight’s actions had reason for her to act as such. Overall, I rather enjoyed the episode’s seeming theme of how we shouldn’t blindly accept everything a great person or idol says as they’re still very much human like us and that they can be corrupted by pride and refusal to admit they’re wrong just like us. 6. Starlight Glimmer earns kudos for being able to see through the situation logically where everyone else is wrapped up with the hero worship aura going on. Now, I know a lot folks probably will be a bit iffy on how only Starlight Glimmer was the only one to not be blinded by the hero worship everyone else has been infected with in the episode, including her friend Sunburst for Starswirl. But I’ll defend it and state that Starlight has never shown a great interest in any of these Equestrian legends like our heroes have and considering her intellect, she was able to think logically and rationally throughout, even acting as the voice of concern and reason while everyone was overexcited to bring the pillars back and going gaga over them, especially her teacher. She would even make an astute observation where she would find that the Cutie Map only calls the gang for Friendship missions, so the fact it’s helping them out against the Pony of Shadows left her with a haunch that perhaps the Pony of Shadows can be reasoned with. While she would meet great resistance from Starswirl who adamantly believes that there is no chance at redemption for the Pony of Shadows and how Twilight reluctantly wants to go against Starswirl, she would be vindicated at how the ending went and would be thanked by Twilight for being there to challenge them and proving them wrong. Excellent job on Starlight for doing that. All better now. 7. Shadow Play made EQG officially canon in the show. Yes that's Aria, Adagio, and Sonata in their true forms. Let's see EQG haters try to explain this as non canon. Negatives: 1. The gang’s behavior was a bit on the stupid side however when they didn’t think about how messing with the spell could bring back that ancient evil. While I can understand a lot of their behavior in the episode and thus I’m willing to forgive them for it as it was the point, I do say that it did felt a bit on the stupid side when they were trying to get the pillars back without thinking that messing with the spell would free the Pony of Shadows out. Even Starlight Glimmer didn’t think of that so I felt it was incredulous that option never crossed their minds as if they’re trying to mess with a spell that’s put in place, shouldn’t they think of that worst-case scenario. What blind hero worshipping will give ya. 2. The Pony of Shadows is a very cliched ‘for the evulz’ villain that held little to be interested in him for. One thing that I’ll say I’m happy is a one-off character is the Pony of Shadows. While he’s not terrible at his role, I will say that he’s so stereotypically bad with little in him to set him apart from a typical Saturday morning cartoon villain other than the separate character Stygian that honestly, I mocked how stereotypical he is. I’m the villain of darkness fear me! Conclusion: I will say, the Shadow Play maybe the best two parter finale in the show, but it’s also perhaps the first actual real challenger to S1’s finale, Best Night Ever, for best finale in the show. Finishing up the Season 7 arc of the Equestrian Legends in a satisfactory manner and developing backstory on the Tree of Harmony and even bringing them back is a great knot to tie up in the finale. The episode does an excellent job to portray the issues that blind hero worship can cause in a person with the behaviors of everyone sans Starlight Glimmer who deserves kudos for not falling for that. The adventures the remane five went to find the artifacts were tons of fun and I really loved the episode for that alone. The only small but enough issues to prevent the Shadow Play from achieving perfection was the little bit on the too stupid side for them not worrying that messing with the spell to free the pillars would also free the Pony of Shadows which isn’t too bad but most damning was how stereotypical and uninteresting the Pony of Shadows turned up to be. Score: 9.5/10 Grade: A
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    Nuke's FIM Episode review thread

    We should because any improvement and good behavior should be called out as a positive because it's a step in the right direction for their character. The fact she didn't go and use magic to solve her problems and allowed her friends and Sunburst to hang out uninterrupted unlike how in S6 when she encountered a problem she would use magic to solve it right away shows character development in a positive direction. Sure you're right that the flashback spell shows that she still has ways to go, but that's fine because it's alright for a character to not resolve a personality flaw right away, just as long you're progressing them in a positive way that isn't bad. I can see why you would not be impressed with Starlight and I'll agree that requires a certain taste from someone to appreciate her, but the fact she has fans and she's notably progressed to be a much better character in Season seven is something one should call out on.
  13. Nuke87654

    Nuke's FIM Episode review thread

    @WaterPulse Reflecting on that point with the cloned rocks, I'll get rid of it simply cause it's easily countered and I can't really say the counter cannot exist and is more likely to. So I was proven wrong by you and will remove that point from my review. Nice work. @Thrond As for that, I wouldn't say as this is only like their 2nd time we've seen where they were able to act and it seems they've chosen to develop more on Sunburst's character as his interactions with Starlight's friends seem to show his interests outside of magic in the following in antiques and studying ancient pony stuff, doing magic tricks since it's one of the few magics he's good at, and has a good knowledge on rocks that probably impressed Maud Pie. I feel the next time they meet, they probably are going to do better for you in that regard. Also, I actually thought that Starlight cared very much for Sunburst's feelings when you consider how considerate she was being with him and not choosing to force him to do things she wants while he's busy with something else. She's always asked him to do stuff with her while he's not focused on something at the moment as the episode showed. Hence the point to highlight her maturity where if it were the Season 6 Starlight Glimmer, she would likely have been forcing Sunburst to do what she wanted. I do not think it was an issue that they didn't develop Starlight's and Sunbursts relationship as heavily as I rather liked the choices in building up their characters on an individual level and they still touched upon their relationship where they're coming to terms that hey just cause we're not so similar now doesn't mean we can still be friends and the ending does leave open for them to go to do stuff more together. @WaterPulse, I disagree as the point of Uncommon Bond between Starlight and Sunburst was to highlight how they have grown different interests over time and they have to show that just cause of it doesn't mean we still can't be good friends. Had they such a dynamic already, you would need a different episode all together.