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  1. hows your evening been nuke?

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      been playing xenoverse 2 today bout ready to do my shamanic dance

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  2. review

    @Cinder Vel, sure I can agree that Starlight had a better moment to become a good guy even if I don't think her intentions were as innocent as I felt she just wanted to live in a utopia of her dream and didn't cared how many lies and deceit she had to pull to get it, but in terms of character post reformation, I'm in the camp that Sunset was handled better than Starlight was. A noted issue with Starlight in S6 is that she never felt like she was comfortable around the mane 6 besides Spike, who seemed to be the only who was trying to bond with her as the others were just like 'meh' to 'I'll help, but I don't exactly trust you'. To make that lack of chemistry between them worse, Starlight never had a moment in S6 where she felt like she was liking friendship and wanted to learn. She essentially had to be told by Twilight to do it as on her own Starlight was deliberately avoiding it. Sunset in comparison, you do feel from RR that she was making a deliberate attempt to learn and better herself. Sure she's ashamed what she had done like Starlight was in S6, but the primary difference between the two post reformation in at least S6 is that Starlight never seemed like she wanted to better herself with friendship and tried anyway she could to avoid it showing how uncomfortable she is around there and thus shows no real chemistry or care with them besides Spike. Sunset on the other hand not only does feel like she's trying to better herself and learn friendship, but she feels like she's trying to befriend the humane group. Hell, post the third movie, she's essentially taking on a mentor role with Sci Twilight and seems to be essentially becoming what Twilight is to the humane gang in EQG land, that is something we have yet to see from Starlight yet though she's getting there. Another point, just to emphasize of how poorly handled Starlight was in S6, in one short, Sunset and Starlight showed friendlier chemistry between each other in much less time than Twilight and Starlight did in S6. You do make a good point that perhaps a reason for that is because they'd probably only thought of making her part of the mane group late in production but it was too late to alter the montage at the end. Perhaps originally she wasn't supposed to be added in but they decided to change that probably in response to how tired and overused the mane 6 are and they needed to shake the formula up to remedy it if they're going to continue. As for the comic, the primary reason why it wasn't good is that for the most part, it pretty much didn't showed anything to show Sunset as being anything other than a power hungry brat who didn't gave a damn about anything but power and control as she pretty much demanded and yelled at Celestia for alicorn ascension and was angry she was holding this out from her. Thus if you wanted to see if there was an innocent side to Sunset that could've showed something good in her, the comic did her no favors.
  3. review

    Ty Sparklefan. I enjoy these points you give for what you liked and don't like about these topics. Aye, I do plan on doing the EQG shorts before the RR soon. We'll see, but that doesn't speak well if she's the 2nd best one. I agree that Sunset's 180 reformation was bad, but when one considers how she has done afterwards to where I personally feel her redemption arc is done better than Starlight Glimmer's in comparison, I believe that it's not entirely bad as it does make good use of her after, but I need to watch the rest of the EQG series to get a better gauge on it. Hmm, interesting on that point they forgot about her ties with Celestia though. Waterpulse does make a point on how creepy and rather frightening her sudden transformation is when one considers how the element of magic essentially brainwashed her to be somebody else, but yea, such implications doesn't help the 180 reversal in character for her.
  4. review

    I agree, I feel Flash Sentry really got undeserved hate and it's really hurt the poor guy in the long run. As for Sunset, that's a good point about her villainy. Compared to other villains that got redeemed, she didn't had some sob story that even Tirek had with his brother's betrayal, she's just a power hungry asshole. And no worries about the evilness
  5. Good game Saints. Hope they do well the rest of the way.

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      Image result for legendary dragon decks

      this is it i'll probably before hand sell some of my cards to make room I don't know which decks to sell but I know i'll be helping people who cant afford a structure deck or starter deck


    Review for Equestria Girls movie is up. Please read what I've written and tell me how I can add and improve the review. Thank you very much.

  8. review

    Yes, I will try and do that if I can get the chance to watch it in person.
  9. review

    Equestria Girls is the first movie in the My Little Pony Equestria Girls series. The director is Jayson Thiessen. The producers were Sarah Wall and Devon Cody. The writer for the movie is Meghan McCarthy. Jim Miller's LinkedIN profile page would list his work experince as being a storyboard supervisor between November 2011 to September 2012 where it would list he worked on MLP's Season 3 and Equestria Girls. FIM's music song writer Danny Ingram would confirmed alongside Will Anderson that he and him were working on Equestria Girls. On May 2013, Meghan McCarthy would confirm that Jayson Thiessen was working as director, the va cast for FIM would appear to reprise their roles and their EQG counterparts in it. On May 20th, she confirmed the script was locked on March 2012. Daniel Ingram would confirm that many of the FIM's music cast would help work with him such David Corman, Trevor Hoffman, and Sam Ryan as they worked alongside Meghan McCarthy for the song lyrics. IDW comic book artist, Andy Price would confirm that a partial reason why Equestria Girls was made due to Hasbro wanting to compete with Mattel's Monster High Doll lineup but also to respond to the growing humanized art in the brony fandom with their own human characters for the fandom to have and use. Due to Sunset Shimmer stealing the crown and making off with it to a new dimension, Twilight Sparkle and Spike must find the element of magic crown inside this strange new world before Sunset is able to harness it's magic for her own nefarious end. Positives: 1. The movie does a pretty good job to explain and set up Twilight's plight with becoming Equestria's newest princess and showing off why she deserves such an honor for forgiving and giving Sunset Shimmer a chance. A noted narrative it had going on for Twilight Sparkle throughout this movie was that because she became Equestria's newest princess, she struggled a bit trying to get the hang of being a new princess. At the start, we would see that Twilight is unsure of herself if she's worthy of being a princess because she doesn't believe she's a worthy leader despite Spike's insistence that she is. Also, she would struggle sleeping with her wings. Thus when she would be given the task to go after the crown since it's her possession and cause she's a princess, she had to go in there as a literal fish in a new ocean never explored before. Which was scary for her. Other than her trying to figure out what Equestria Girl land is, one major part that would be played here is how Twilight would have to find the means to unite the school under her banner to help her win against Sunset Shimmer in a contest for whom is the fall formal princess. There, she would find out several important figures in school that used to be friends with each other but are separated by Sunset Shimmer likely as a means to eliminate a major threat to her control over the school considering their influence in it. Who happened to look like her friends as well. There, Twilight would take the step to not only unite them by pointing out to the gang of how Sunset could be behind the false messages sent to them but actually have them speak to each other about it where before none of them would come to terms to speak with each other for how hurt they were and thus have them join her team. Thanks to their help, this would allow Twilight the folks needed to unite the school under banner and provide the school with someone to unite them through unity and kindness instead of fear and intimidation like Sunset Shimmer. Thanks to these gals. There, Twilight would win the title of the princess by a landslide, but Sunset in an act of spite would steal Spike away and threaten to break the mirror to Equestria. There, Twilight would stand firm as she would demand her dog back and does, but refuse to hand her crown over and accept the mirror's destruction as she would rather not hand the crown over to her who would misuse it in this world to her own ends. This stand by Twilight to risk her own happiness to ensure relative new friends aren't going to suffer under Sunset shows of how caring she is and would show the vision she sees as a princess of friendship to ensure other folks are not going to suffer while she can lay a hand and spread her teachings too. This would come to fruition after she defeated Sunset Shimmer when instead of having her imprisoned or punished, she chooses instead to have Sunset, now grieving for her attacks on her, to learn the value of friendship from the humane five as Twilight had a very limited time and must return to Equestria with the crown. This is in my opinion one of Twilight's best displays as a princess and leader as she managed to not only find the vision to help a group out in need, help the school upstage Sunset Shimmer, refuse to hand her crown back because she worries of Equestria Girls land from Sunset Shimmer, but especially show the mercy she's known for to Sunset by having her learn the value of friendship before she left. Seems she's off on the root hand to becoming a princess eh. 2. Spike is awesome here. A thing you can count on Meghan McCarthy to do in her writing is making Spike awesome for folks to love. Spike had one of his best performances in the series in the first Equestria Girls movie where he would serve fantastic as Twilight's support for when she needed to screw in some thoughts about her being a princess, help her out in Equestria Girls with advice and support against Sunset Shimmer, and would make some snarky observations too. Such as this gem when someone thought a talking dog was weird considering all the shit that went down. Dog or Dragon, Spike under Meghan continues to be a fantastic support character. 3. I do like the designs of the most of the EQG cast. While I do have many reservations with the choices they made in the design of this setting, but I will give credit on how the high school students were designed. Most of them were actually pretty cute and interesting to look at to the point that I can see merit for many folks wanting to adopt to drawing them for their own leisure. Course I do have reservations for a couple of designs, but overall, I thought they did a pretty good job at the designs for each of the mane 6, the background students, and especially sunset shimmer here. I do admit, I think they're cute. 4. I liked the callback to S1's first meeting between Twilight Sparkle, Spike, and Fluttershy now in EQG edition. I loved this call back they did from that series pilot here where we see Fluttershy greeting Twilight all awkwardly while going nuts for her companion, Spike. Same poses and dialogue practically. 5. I enjoyed Pinkie Pie's character in this movie. You can say plenty of good things for how the humane cast was in EQG, but I believed out of them all, Pinkie Pie was the best one of the bunch. My reasoning for that is that Pinkie was not funny and helpful to Twilight throughout the whole thing, but she even showed off a bit of good insight to other folks such as recognizing something is up with Twilight and even guessed correctly that Twilight was from another dimension with stunning accuracy. Are you sure you're not psychic Pinkie? 6. I did enjoyed a couple of songs in it. While the songs in the movie weren't my cup of tea, I didn't dislike them and I can't say how good they are considering my inexperience still at judging music. However, I will say that I did particularly enjoyed the song 'Helping Twilight win the crown' considering how it was set up, how it showed off the gang reuniting the school under Twilight, and it was catchy too. I'm certain many folks can find other songs they enjoyed in it. ahhhhh 7. Yes I liked Trixie's peanut butter crackers joke. Certainly won't become a meme. 8. I like that bit of expression Cheerilee showed at the library. How many folks in the audience can relate to these expressions from Cheerilee? Thought it was cute. 9. Say what you want about Flash Sentry here, he's not bad and he does prove key to helping Twilight be proven of her innocence. Here's the thing that I will say, I'm not a fan of Flash Sentry as I think his character is a streotypical high school boy romance type for teens to fall over and his romance with Twilight is forced, but I will say in defense, he's not bad. He really doesn't do anything wrong or anything to hate him, in fact he does prove he's a pretty cool guy as he helped Twilight out of a jam by proving her innocence for her. I don't mind the ship, even if I have issues with it. 10. I enjoyed seeing the school body going out and helping the humane five and Twilight out to rebuilding the auditorium in time for the fall formal. In a good display of students coming together to helping each out, when they saw how the gang was trying their hardest to rebuild the school time, they didn't had to be involved, but several at first, then tons from the student body would come in to the auditorium to help set up and repair whatever damage had been caused from Sunset Shimmer and her goons from wrecking the auditorium. Good on them for helping out. Negatives: 1. Twilight Sparkle got struck with Plot induced stupidity when she chose to get enthralled for a fall formal dance instead of trying to get the crown back. The first real problem I noticed in this movie is that when Twilight tried to ask Principal Celestia for the crown, instead of trying to make up a lie to ask for the crown back to her since it's hers indeed, she instead got enraptured by the fall formal and decided to try her luck there instead. While Spike would ask why she did that to which Twilight explained Celestia would view her as crazy for telling her she came from an AU, I don't buy it. She could've easily have said these lines, 'Hello, I've heard from Fluttershy that you received a crown this morning. I lost a crown I needed so I was wondering if I could see it please?' There, she doesn't need to try to say anything about her pony origins, she just merely has to ask if she found the crown. Considering how little of a reason Principal Celestia has to holding it, I'm sure that's probably what it would take to get it back. Even if that crown is similar to the one that they were going to use, which they don't mentioned, it just shows another plot problem of plot contrivance. 2. Why is Twilight Sparkle able to sleep at the library and nobody came to search for anyone that remained back there? This is another moment I didn't liked as despite Spike explaining of how folks rarely visited this part of the library and thus can sleep there, it doesn't make sense when the librarian has to make sure that no student remains in the library to ensure that none of the books get stolen, property damage, and even a lost child. Really, what more likely would happen is that the librarian would be doing a sweep around the library to ensure that nobody is in there before they close it. There's no way that plan of Spike's should've worked. This also highlights another problem in this movie. 3. The Equestria Girls world is under developed. The fact Twilight had to sleep in the library instead of at least outside only showcases another problem with the movie, the Equestria Girls world is underdeveloped. What I mean is, that the only locales we see how the Canterlot High School and it's many rooms such as the cafeteria, the soccer field, library, and auditorium, the sugar cube corner ice cream parlor, and a clothing store. This only shows that outside of Canterlot High, there wasn't really much to explore and show off here. As a result, the sleeping at the library scene was probably done out of convenience to mask at how they really had no outside area for Twilight to sleep on conceivably or so. Yea, nobody would come and wonder why did they allowed a student to sleep in the library. 4. I didn't liked the special consideration Twilight's crown had gotten over the other Elements of Harmony in the story. An issue I had here is that one reason why they needed the crown back was that the other elements of harmony couldn't work without all of them together. But yet, Sunset and Twilight can tap and make use of the crown of magic without issues and tap into a piece of the elements of harmony and make use of it. My issue with that is that it ignores how in S2's premiere that the elements of harmony, including the crown cannot use magic without being in-tuned with each other. In the Equestria Girls movie however, it is able to not only work via turning Sunset into a demon princess, but even gives Twilight and the humane five a weaker variant of the mane 6 with the elements of harmony. This to me was done out of plot convenience because other wise we wouldn't even need a finale where Sunset turns bad when she can't make the artifact work for her because it needs the other elements. Better known as this scene shouldn't happen if the crown acted like it did from S2's premiere. 5. I didn't like the adult designs for EQG. With the exception of Cheerilee, I wasn't a fan of the adult designs in EQG. My reasoning for that is of how ugly Grannie Smith and how samey in design Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna were. For those two, it's clear they just made one model, the Principal Celestia one, and merely just shrunk it down and changed color and clothing to fit a Vice Principal Luna. This stands in stark contrast to the actually different models both of them have in the show. Evidence. 6. Vice Principal Luna was an idiot to fall for doctored photographs and not sought to ban Sunset Shimmer from the thing when it became apparent she lied to her to set Twilight up to fall. Perhaps one of my least favorites of Luna is the scene where she would interrogate Twilight and use the photos she received from Sunset Shimmer as proof to prohibit her from attending the fall formal till Flash Sentry came to Twilight's rescue by showing the photos were a cut and paste job. Now, this annoyed me because no cut and paste job should be that seamless as to fool someone to not suspect something is amiss with the photograph. Even if Sunset, Snips and Snails do know how to do it, why doesn't Vice Principal Luna cast her suspicions on Sunset Shimmer as it's proven she lied to her to get Twilight in trouble? So, you're going to ban Sunset Shimmer from the fall festival or what? No wonder Sunset has such control. 7. I'm not a fan of the forced romance between Twilight and Flash Sentry. While I don't mind it and it really wasn't an issue, I do however see no point for it existing or even how. Considering all Twilight did was bumped into him, look awkwardly at him and suddenly developed a crush for him that really shouldn't happen save for maybe when Flash saved her from getting into trouble but nothing substantial as there was no real chemistry there between them. To make this point more notable, there's no need for a romance angle even in this story. It was done purely for the sake of filling in the romance quota needed for their story. As I said, I don't mind it, but I do notice it's problem here. 8. Sunset Shimmer is one of the worst villains in the whole series. One major issue I had with this episode and perhaps my biggest beef with it is Sunset Shimmer. Her personality and character in Equestria Girls can be best surmised as 'High School Queen bully'. Her character outside of her connections with Equestria would show little deviance from this stereotype and while it work sure, but it's not something to like from her. This perhaps wouldn't be so bad if not for how at the climax, she would transform into a demon princess and mind control student body to where she blurted out her plan to take over equestria was essentially use mind controlled teenagers to attack it. Considering how she had bragged how stupid Twilight was compared to her, this only had me laughing that she actually thought some normal teenagers could stand a chance against magical ponies that are certainly better than them in ever way, they're nothing but dead weight for her. Just the crown is all she needed and even then, considering all the magic heavy hitters, that may not work as well. Finally, as insult, when Sunset Shimmer was defeated and depowered, her character would do a full 180 in personality to where she's now more remorseful and upset for what she had done as she would blame her not knowing friendship would cause this. Sorry but no, the reason why you didn't understood friendship was cause Sunset was a power hungry moron who wanted to be a princess at any cost. She pretty much viewed friendship as a frivolous waste of time for what she thought should be the goal in mind, power and control. Good thing that she got better as the series progressed and that this does show of how forgiving Twilight Sparkle is to her defeated foes. Conclusion: Equestria Girls is a decent but problematic start for the series. I did enjoyed it showing Twilight's conflict with grasping the mantle of leader and princess after the events of the S3 finale, how great Spike and Pinkie Pie were and some good characterizations in it to be passable, some funny jokes, some enjoyable songs, Flash's one moment of good, Twilight reuniting the humane five together, reuniting the school, student body helping the humane five and Twilight out to fix the auditorium, Twilight showing good to forgive Sunset Shimmer for her actions, and I do like alot of the character designs here. However, I didn't like the plot favoritism the crown received in order to cause the climax to happen via giving it's magic to Sunset Shimmer and Twilight and the humane five despite the premiere showing it show not work. the PIS Twilight exhibited at the start with Principal Celestia, Luna's own stupidity at the interrogation scene, the adult designs not to my liking, the forced romance, and how poor Sunset Shimmer was as a villain show the movie's many problems. Equestria Girls does help start the series off quite okay, but nothing really great due to the good share of problems it had. Score: 6.5/10 Grade: D

    here's my new review thread for stuff relating to Equestria Girls here. 

  11. Well, now that I've finished enough of my Friendship is Magic Review to where I'm taking a break from it till at least Season 7 is finished, I'm going to do an Equestria girl review thread here of my own where I relay my thoughts for the movies, shorts, and other televised media that is related to Equestria Girls. I hope that I will have alot of fun watching these Equestria Girls stuff as many of you guys have done so. Now for the quick rundown of my reviews and how I grade em: 10/10 A+=All Time Great: This in my opinion represents the series at it's absolute finest and is one that should be watched by just about anyone. Don't question if you should, watch it and you won't be disappointed. Reserved for stuff that is at least almost perfect in every way and exhibits no flaws or flaws so minute it can be easily explained away. 9.5/10 A=Great: Another fantastic grade for anything to have. This one is where save for one small flaw that prevents it from achieving that A+, it's an excellent episode that is among the series finest. If you have even an inkling of interest, watch it. 9.0/10 B+=Very Good: This grade is for those that does most of what it wants really well and save for one notable problem or a couple of small ones, this grade represents some of the series's better works it has done. 8.5/10 B=Good: This as the title says, it's a good showcase of the series and is one that is definitely recommended for folks save for select picky ones. With a notable problem that does plague and hurt the episode or a few smaller ones, this is about as bare minimum in my opinion that I consider for top episodes in the series. 8.0/10 C+=Above Average: As it says, this is for movies and shorts that does many things right, but it has a few problems that you can't really ignore and would hurt folk's interest in the episode. Still, if you have interest in watching it, you won't be disappointed you would but you'll definitely see some issues in it. 7.5/10 C= Average: Reserved for stuff that does it's story decently enough to make it work well and does have some good things, but it has plenty of things wrong with it that it would annoy some folks. Again, reserved for those who are willing to accept it's flaws and are able to enjoy what it has provided. 7.0/10 D+= Below Average: This one will start drawing it's circle of haters from the amount of flaws it showed in the episode as it's problematic enough to turn folks off from watching it. However, there's still enough good in the episode and it does execute it well enough to make the story work. Should be watched if you're a fan and you're willing to accept what flaws it has but still enjoy the good it has. Perhaps the bare minimum to allow newcomers to see. 6.5/10 D= Mediocre: The bare minimum for a passing grade in review. The story still works, but it has many things wrong with it that many folks will not like and will be turned off by it. Still it does hold some good things to enjoy. Recommended for dedicated fans who are alright with it's flaws but still find enjoyment in it. 6.0/10 F+= Failure: This grade is for those whose story would ultimately fail to push for what it wanted to show for the audience to like due to the amount of flaws in it that would detract from it's intended story. Still has some good things to enjoy but overall it's not something but dedicated fans should be wanting to watch. 5.5-5.0/10 F = Bad: A set of F grades that is to showcase of how the story is pretty bad here and is one that I would recommend folks not to watch due to the amount of bad stuff that would dilute any person's enjoyment in it. Only watch if you're a dedicated fan but even this would test your limits for it. 4.5-4.0/10 F = Terrible: A second set of F grades that are to highlight of how even worse these episodes are. The bare minimum for an animated atrocity grade from Mr. Enter if I were to make a comparison. Only die hards may stomach to watch these as it would piss too many folks off for it's bad quality. 3.5-0/10 F- = Atrocity: The worst grade I can give to anything in my reviews. This stuff is so bad and atrocious that it would piss off even die hards from watching it. Should be mocked and scorned for how it represents the worst the series can get in my honest opinion. Now today, I will push out my EQG movie review today to stat off this thread, hopefully you guys and gals can like it.
  12. @Dark Qiviut is that what you view my post as and what you view me now as? Either way, I concede the points to you as I don't want to bother arguing with something that I don't have the interest in viewing again when I'm in favor of something else altogether but thank you for typing all that up. On politics however, the real reason why I came here as I read and saw how politically motivated you are in this review, I will critique and point out the reasons why I have such issues with your politicization with your reviews. The fact you refuse to acknowledge of how problematic you are lacing your politics with your reviews is shows several things to me, most notably is that you do not see how problematic that is. You can claim of whatever points of how the episode is laced with politics however you wish, but tell me do the folks in the audience come to watch MLP FIM for politics and do the targeted audience come to watch a show for politics? No, the intention of the show is not to talk about poisonous politics because that doesn't correlate to what the true vision and message of the show is, to be a good girls cartoon show that girls and their parents can enjoy. The brony fandom was a major bonus for them. Just because a few episodes have these messages you see and exist doesn't mean that the show is like that as ultimately it is a slice of life cartoon. In fact, the fact out of a current total of a current of 161 episodes that you are only able to find 16 episodes in the show only indicates of how the show is not meant to be a show about irl politics. Just because the show is a good cartoon show for girls does not mean it is a show that is promoting irl politics. Btw, your insistence on viewing things through a political lens is what has and many others turned off from your reviews. Examples of this starts with the episode Brotherhooves Social. You had spoken before of these apparent transphobic tones that exist simply because of a cross dressing gag that was center in the episode. Not only is that untrue because many transgenders like Purpletinker saw no issues or even called it an episode on trans, but you mistakenly believe a gag that is based on how silly a guy looks in a dress for something that is else entirely shows not only of ill-informed you are but how your political lens can harm your reviewing style to view things worse than it is. The next is your review for Hard to say Anything where you viewed a simple attempt at a kiss form Big Mac onto Sugar Belle in a scene meant to parody and poke fun the trope of kissing a sleeping beauty would mean something far more nefarious as sexual harassment when Sugar Belle clearly showed at the end that she has no issues with Big Mac and even ended up dating him, showing that said scene wasn't meant to convey sexual harassment or even rape as you suggested but for a more silly parody of kissing a sleeping beauty trope. Another is your views on Equestria Girls where because you didn't like how similar in design each of the girls are, an issue that FIM also has that you never bothered with, that was made so out of time and budget because trying to make everyone have their own unique shapes and designs is time consuming and costs a lot of money in flash animation and how a lot of them wear skirts for the sake of meeting their toy marketing quota, you called EQG sexist. I do not consider it as such because it's apparent why they would have such similar designs and no your other point explaining of them being in a high school setting and filling up those quotas like romance isn't sexist either as it's just filling up whatever points they needed to hit nothing more. In your Fame and Misfortune review, you believed that the pony with the glasses was not only meant to attack a brony reviewer who happens to be trans just cause her voice sounded masculine, but that you would believe that a woman cannot have a more masculine voice and that it must be an attack on a transgender person indicates issues with how you view things. Finally, the fact you're continuing to allude to irl politics in your response and of how you continued to claim that your talk of politics in your reviews is coincidental shows of how false your declaration is. This isn't the first or even the first dozen of times that you have talked about politics in your reviews. When a pattern exists, it is not done out of coincidence but it is intentional. Due to the small number of episodes that hold any allusions to irl politics that you yourself admit, such political motivations in your reviews indicates to me that your political lens in your reviewing style is done because you yourself are politically motivated and wish to insert as many of your beliefs into the show as you can. Thus, it is why folks are attacking you for it as it's clear that it is not coincidental as you claim but it is intentional. These are but the most notable examples of how I view your political lens has done more harm to your reviewing style than good. Here's another thing, all of this is merely to help improve what I believe to be issues with your reviewing style, which is how heavily politicized it is. Sure, there may be stuff that correlate to real life politics the show does such as bullying psa and Dragon Quests’ sexism, but typically such ventures are rare, terrible, and often should be avoided in the show as it doesn't hit it well. The audience itself does not like to be reminded of real world crap, especially ones that isn't done well. It is not an attack on you but merely me trying to help you out because I've noticed of how many folks are having issues with such motivations to add politics in your reviews. Instead of recognizing how that could be problematic and trying to tone it down, you don't view it as such. You view it as an attack on your character and instead try to stick firm to adding politics to your reviews while continuing to lie about how not politically laced your episode reviews are. This will only lead to folks to turning off from your views as folks are not going to bother with someone who is clearly politically motivated in his reviews and thus will poison a lot of folks’ moods towards your reviews. That's another thing, the fact you're calling my critique on your viewing style to be an attack on you, that you are so willing to brush aside my complaints as a none issue when you've had multiple folks here pointing out of how problematic that is but instead treat me as if I'm attacking you, when you've known me as a person who wishes to help others and improve others only shows of how you view me now. As a result, I will not bother with you anymore as it's apparent that I mean little to nothing to you now so thus I will not bother with you in turn as I do not wish to consort with someone who clearly does not think of me as a friend if you're so willing to accuse me of attacking you when I've clearly shown I've wanted to help improve your reviewing style so you can be better cause I have seen many folks have issues with how politicized your reviews are. Thus, I will cease from this thread as I do not wish to bother you anymore.
  13. reviews

    Thank you very much. Missed ya. Maybe. I'm not sold yet, but I will definitely not do a season 7 episode review till it's completed. Probably, though it's also the season where the mane characters sucked save for a few and the side characters are much better written. I can see why she has such a haterdom considering this seasons and how favored she was in it so yea it's understandable.