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  1. reviews

    Aye, and thank you for that info.
  2. reviews

    Understood, I respect. I hope it will be soon as I'm sure you'll enjoy the rewatch. Alright, that's fine. On another note, I see you managed to change your title to pony pyromancer, how do you do that?
  3. reviews

    Aye, sorry for if it came cross man.
  4. reviews

    Yes, but don't feel I'm not taking your point seriously as if it's something that I consider impactful and one that needs to be shown, I will write it and give credit to you. Just here, I don't view that point in Bloom and Gloom to be an issue for the episode.
  5. reviews

    I see what you mean, but I feel that each nightmare held it's purpose for the narrative and especially giving us a rather good lesson for folks to hear too about how one should handle the future. The same initial setup was meant to highlight of how Applebloom's nightmares was making her feel worse and worse for her I feel, and is why I don't consider it a flaw personally.
  6. https://forums.equestriadaily.com/index.php?/topic/2077-nukes-fim-episode-review-thread/&do=findComment&comment=69666

    My review for Bloom and Gloom is up. Please read this review and provide any thoughts to improve upon it.

  7. reviews

    Today, I shall review Friendship Is Magic's ninety fifth episode and it's fifth season's fourth episode, Bloom and Gloom. It is written by Josh Haber, and the storyboard artists are Jen Davreaux and Nicole Wang. The forest clearing in the episode was used by both Bloom and Gloom and Equestria Girl's Friendship Games. It was previewed as a background image on November 2014. The Pest Control Pony was previewed in one of the animation images at the 2015 Ponycon, NYC. IMDb named the title of this episode at one point between March 3-5, 2015 'Fall Me Out', that was discredited by Jim Miller. Rebecca Dart, Kora Kosicka, and Fernanda Ribeiro designed the twitter mites. The skeleton gag used when Applebloom was electrocuted by the twitter mites was designed by Kosicka. Applejack's voice actress, Ashleigh Ball, ad libbed the lullaby Applejack sings to Applebloom with William Anderson providing music composition for the scene. Charmaine Verhagen designed and created the pancake props and other breakfast items in that scene. Applebloom undergoes some nightmares in her dreams as she's terrified at what having a cutie mark would give to her in the future. Positives: 1. We get a callback from Season 3 when Babs Seed is first mentioned and talked about here. Ever since Bab's Seed's voice actress, Bryanna Drummond was forced to leave the show due to moving away from the facilities to give DHX her recording sessions, Babs Seed has been put on indefinite hold if not unofficially retired out of respect to her. Still, since making callbacks doesn't require the va to voice the unseen character, they do make mention of Babs Seed here where it was shown that Babs Seed has earned her cutie mark, a scissor. Yay, Babs Seed. This would not be a nice callback from season 3, but it would play a very important role for this episode's story as due to her getting her cutie mark, this would haunt Applebloom as she worries that since technically Babs Seed has her cutie mark, she can't be a Cutie Mark Crusader. A scared Applebloom. After the aftermath of the nightmares and Luna restoring order, this would encourage Applebloom and the Cutie Mark Crusaders to give Babs Seed a chance and to help ease her transition with her cutie mark upon realizing of how scary this must be for Babs Seed. We may not have seen the pony speak since S3, but I do appreciate the callback to he and how she proved effective for the episode's narrative. 2. Applejack's lullaby was absolutely soothing to hear. When you are noted singer from a band and are voice acting a character, singing songs in your character's voice can prove to be a great attribute for you. This was the case for Asleigh Ball as Applejack as she was to ad lib a melody song they gave for her to sing. With AJ's calming mannerisms for a fearful Applebloom to sleep well, the reassuring lyrics, and the tranquilizing backing music makes this scene one of AJ's best moments as a sister to Applebloom. That lullaby voice can mend souls. 3. I loved the narrative spun around the nightmares that Applebloom had and of how they're to represent a real life fear for a person. I will point out that I really really loved the narrative they showed in the episode as they actually hold real life analogies to these nightmares Applebloom is having. The following are: A. The first of these nightmares where Applebloom has a cutie mark she doesn't like, holds a similar story to those who end up working in a career they don't want to for the rest of their life. There are many times when one has to work in a job that they dislike but have little choice on the matter due to how one needs to work for money and it can go on long enough where you're stuck on that career path with little ways to move out of. This is especially trouble some if you hate the job as you won't find joy at all doing it but have little choice but to accept due to your circumstances pretty much locking you out from other fields. You will be miserable for it. B. The second one where Applebloom sees her friends leave her due to having and not having a cutie mark real life analogue of how due to having a new careers, friendships can be splintered off due to how the friend or friends would have to immerse themselves with the career to better acclimatize there and would often leave old friends behind as a result. Friendships have ended as a result of the actions to better themselves in their new found life. C. The third and final nightmare for Applebloom is where her family turns on her and kicks her out of their home due to not having an apple cutie mark. The real life analogue is where due to having chosen a career path none of the family approves or even a lifestyle, your own family would turn on you and would even kick you out for it. All three of these nightmares not only adequately explain to us each of Applebloom's fear with a cutie mark with these scenarios, but also when one ties them down to the real world, the parallel is there and holds strongly. This is quite perhaps the best take on such a real world view in the show's way I have seen yet and really catapaults this episode to great heights. 4. Another CMC dream episode, another set of great animations. One major reason for anyone to love this arc is due to how it seems that whenever there's a dream or dreamscape in the episode, the animation staff goes out and has alot of fun being creative. In this case, we have them altering and changing the scenes and pieces used each time Applebloom wakes up. First Nightmare Second Nightmare Also in the second nightmare too Third nightmare Pinkie Pie returns as a chicken here in the fourth nightmare. To note, the 4th one is largely Applebloom deciding to confront these nightmares and to end it. All of these scenes and subtle differences each time you watch a different nightmare to show of how more and more unhinged it's getting in the episode is rather ingenious of them. Also I'd like to make mention of this one in particular. This part of her nightmares is some entity that would be there to talk to her that her cutie marks are causing her pain and anguish and would give a monkey pay like granting of her wish that would leave her with unintended consequences for her such as the destruction of Ponyville in the first nightmare due to twitter mites and her friends leaving her as they got their own cutie mark. This malevolent force was rather unsettling to see and of how it seemed to be some external threat has left some interesting chances that this thing comes back. Also, on a more light hearted note: Sweetie Belle tries and fails to sing through a broom. Scootaloo's scooter got turned into an eggbeater and a chef. Despite these two facing nightmare scenarios, this was strangely more lighthearted in comparison. All of this shows another great example of how dream scapes in an episode equals that the DHX staff will go and have tons of fun making it. 5. Princess Luna again comes to the Cutie Mark Crusader's rescue in this dream arc and is effective once again. This remains the best role that they have given to Princess Luna in the series and it has been nothing but splendid. With her help, we see her not only helping to ease the Cutie Mark Crusader's fears in their nightmares and in this case, Applebloom's nightmares about what the cutie marks would give to her in the future, but she would take it a step further by helping the other CMCs suffering their own nightmares about it and provide the lesson for them that 'Don't fear about what may happen in the future and instead be concerned with the now.' While her role here is not as memorable as say her first introduction in Scootaloo's Sleepless in Ponyville and Sweetie Belle's For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils, she was still great for Applebloom in Bloom and Gloom and further reason to appreciate DHX for this decision with Luna. One of the best character arcs in the whole series here. Negatives: 1. N/A Conclusion: Bloom and Gloom is one of the series's best episodes and one can argue to be even the dream arc's best episode. In Applebloom's best episode in the series, we see have a fantastic narrative spun around her fears for getting her cutie mark that holds some real world analogues for the audience to chew on, some great animations in the episode, Princess Luna to the rescue, Bab's Seed gets a mention and used for effect in the story, and finally a soothing AJ lullaby leaves this episode with the highest grade I can give to this thrilling conclusion to the Dream Arc for the cutie mark crusaders. Score:10/10 Grade:A+
  8. reviews

    ^ I'd say. I'm pleased it's one of your favorites, Celli.
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  11. Turns out you were right as this saturday they're not airing Perfect Pear (AJ's parents episode) and Discordant Harmony (Discoshy episode) as instead it will be a reairing of the first two episodes of season 7 in Celestial Advice and All Bottled Up.
  12. reviews

    ^ That's actually an apt comparison between the two series and it does put this one into a better light itself. Good point there, Rk.
  13. Yea as interesting of a premise the windigoes are, when one takes into account of their abilities, it makes you wonder why they haven't appeared since I'm sure having Discord around, or other warring races would've spurned them to life or so. Also yea, I agree the flag design was lazy considering that this was before the time of the alicorn sisters so why use the modern equestria flag instead of one that would most likely have been use to represent the three pony races. Good job on the review, @Number?
  14. Happy birthday to you, @ChB May it be a great one for you.
  15. https://forums.equestriadaily.com/index.php?/topic/2077-nukes-fim-episode-review-thread/&do=findComment&comment=69340

    Castle Sweet Castle review is up. Please come and read what I've written and offer your thoughts and critiques to help improve this post.