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  1. Fraki3635

    Who has the most influence on EQD?

    Aside from Sethisto and Calpain, which 2 people have the most influence on Equestria Daily? I'm talking about the staff, and only the EQD staff, so not like "User" and Light Landstrider. This is for a video I'm making, it's a secret.
  2. Fraki3635

    The end is neigh

    Wait, you guys seriously didn't know that the Note 7 explodes? Uhhh...
  3. Fraki3635

    The end is neigh

    It has come. The end of Equestria Daily. Why, you ask? Well, you either don't know Sethisto, or didn't watch the Season 6 finale. Or both. EQD will soon explode, maybe like the Note 7. Actually, it's probably going to be only filled with Trixie. What to do then? Don't ask me. Create a new similar website with a non-biased owner. Hail AJ. Whatever. But first, get ready for the explosion/Trixieplosion. GL.
  4. Fraki3635

    The Vending Machine

    You get a potato to power the machine. I put in Harambe.
  5. My theory is that the Parasprites came in and someone used the same spell that Twilight used (they eat everything) and no one could stop them. DONE.
  6. Fraki3635

    Bug Reporting

    Cannot sign in to steam (not through) on mobile. After confirming it on Steam, it does not update it in the EDF profile, it just goes back to the page with the button to sign in to Steam.