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  1. I don't really have much to say for an introduction, so I'll just make a pun. What kind of computer can sing?
  2. of this status update fell off.

  3. Vulon Bii

    Make shitposting great again!

    Another version.
  4. Vulon Bii

    /mlp/ Might Be Deleted

    My work as a memelord has come to this...
  5. Such post, wow, many welcoming,
  6. ^ Do not trust the above user, they are a skeleton.

    1. Vulcan


      I seriously spent an hour trying to find out how to post a status update just so I could participate, but I couldn't find the dang update box...It eludes me...

  7. Vulon Bii

    /mlp/ Might Be Deleted

    With all the behind-the-scenes BS going on at MLPF (where a lot of the new people around here are from, myself included), this forum is going to get some traffic real fast.
  8. Vulon Bii

    Post Funny Stuff!

  9. Oh hey, it's you. I wondered where you went...

    1. Koukatsu


      I'm assuming you're from MLPF? Who were you there? :v

  10. Vulon Bii

    Username/Nickname Origin

    When translated from Dovahzul to English, it's "Night Blue". Fitting as it's my favorite shade of blue.
  11. So many people are jumping onboardĀ from somewhere else...

    1. Megas75