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  1. Anti-Villain

    The Great and Powerful Trixie Fan Club

    M. Night Shyamalan: "What a Twix!"
  2. Anti-Villain

    Princess Twilight Sparkle Fan Club

    As a singer >>>>>>>>> as a dancer:
  3. Anti-Villain


  4. Just Cause 4 looks enticing AF.

  5. Behold the glory that is Ozzy Osbourne singing Take Me Out To The Ball Game:


  6. "'Punk' is nothing but death...and crime...and the rage of a beast." -- Batman (Batman: Fortunate Son)

  7. For no reason, a bunch of Yoshis:


  8. "From my point of view, you have the lava ground!" -- Anakin Skywalker (How It Should Have Ended)

  9. Anti-Villain


  10. R.I.P., Burt Reynolds. :sadface:

  11. Crap -- would you look at the time.

    It's almost the end of Zecora's Day, and I still haven't made a single rhyme.


    (Shutting up now.)

  12. Basically, you could see them as more like actresses just portraying highschoolers, not actual ones. (E.g., none of HuMane 7's VAs are underage.) P.S.: The age-of-consent in most states is actually 16, believe it or not. However, since California's AOC is 18 -- and that's where Hollywood is -- people often see 18 as some universal standard.