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    Mario Cart

    <-- This guy.
  2. Bowsette already has her own Wikipedia entry:

    ...That is all. :puzzled:

  3. How much I've contributed today:



  4. Anti-Villain

    Your thoughts on the Detective Pikachu Movie trailer?

    TFW you realize Deadpool's a Pikachu...
  5. Anti-Villain

    Autumn Blaze Fan Club

    Venom's reaction to ^her^:
  6. Anti-Villain

    What's Your Least Favorite Comic Arc/Issue?

    @Sparity4Ever IKR? At worst, I merely found Siege So Okay, It's Average. FIENDship #1 was still superior, obviously; but Siege nevertheless left me interested in Sombra and Hope's journey to revive Amore, for example.
  7. Anti-Villain

    Michael Jackson Fan Club

    His catchiest quote, IMO:
  8. Anti-Villain

    Michael Jackson Fan Club

    Remember the Angry Video Game Nerd's review of that Moonwalker game?
  9. Anti-Villain

    Michael Jackson Fan Club

  10. Anti-Villain


  11. Anti-Villain

    Alicorn Fan Club

    I just don't know what went right:
  12. Random fact: I have long arms.

  13. Anti-Villain

    flashback gaming dueling roses

    Actually, I'd give it at least 1 -- the epic scene if you complete Exodia:
  14. Anti-Villain

    Best Gift Ever Discussion

    My verdict on it:
  15. "Don't rock it 'til you try it." -- Maud Pie

  16. Anti-Villain

    Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

    My guess for her Nightmare Night costume:
  17. Anti-Villain

    Applejack Fan Club

    Unkempt Beauty is Unkempt Beauty.
  18. Anti-Villain

    Starlight Glimmer fan club :3