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  1. According to San Francisco Rush, my name is now "Cgzhijklmnop."

  2. Just killing time:


  3. R.I.P., Roy Horn and Little Richard.


  4. Anti-Villain

    What Are You Playing Right Now and Progress

    Shakedown: Hawaii, and 100%.
  5. Anti-Villain

    Did you buy anything recently?

    Shakedown: Hawaii from the Nintendo eShop.
  6. *Plays Mario Maker 2.*

    *Sees that the Koopalings just got added.*


  7. R.I.P., Howard Finkel.

  8. "Want some candy?"

    - Predator 2

  9. I swear that this Course was designed by Bennett Foddy:


  10. Anti-Villain

    Favorite Musical Instrument(s)?

    My favorite-looking ones are Dash's and AJ's.
  11. Finally got a Switch Lite today. :allofit:

  12. Say what you will about Finn (Star Wars)...

    But John Boyega himself is awesome:


  13. Written and Directed by


  14. Anti-Villain

    Luigi's Mansion

    Given the recent release of Luigi's Mansion 3, what do you think of the series in general?
  15. TFW you lose so badly, the only reason why they even invite you to the awards... is to use you as the podium:


  16. Your daddy is so fat... that when he went to school, he sat next to everybody!

  17. What's that, Plank?

    You legally changed your name to "Bling"?


  18. R.I.P., Neil Peart (Rush drummer).